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Frost 2 Final - frost2_final.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: frost2_final.pk3

Map name: frost2_final.bsp


This is the latest Frost edition (18/06/2010)


beta5 changes:

- Name Change from "fr_summer" to "frost2"

- Snow Theme

- Axis Spawn instantly in the Village again when the Allies secure the second Radar Prototype.

- No more extra Time for the Allies when the Truck has passed the Bridge.

- The Truck Barrier is now at the End of the Bridge.

- Nearly the whole Village has been rebuild!

- Allies have to Destroy the village Door first.

- Another way for the Allies to get to the Radar Parts. The side Gate. It can be rebuild by the Axis.

- More Cover in the open Space at the Bridge.

- Command Map Markers for the Radar Prototypes now Appear and Disappear when they are stolen or returned. (fix)

- Allies dont Spawn in the Castle when they destroy two Towers even if the Truck has passed the Bridge. (fix)

- Clipped several Buildings so you cant get out of the Map with Doublejump. (fix)

- Small fixes in the Script that may have caused some errors.


Objective (Allies)

-Destroy the village Door for better access to the Castle and its Towers.

-Destroy both Castle Towers to enable the forward Spawn Locations in the Towers.

-Destroy the Generator to open the Yard Doors

-Destroy the side Gate for better Access to the Radar Prototypes

-Steal the Radar Prototypes and secure them on the Truck

-Open the Castle Gate with the Switch in the South Tower

-Destroy the Truck Barrier

-Escort the Truck back to Village

-Build the Command Post