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1944 Nordwind Final - 1944_nordwind.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: 1944_nordwind.pk3

Map name: 1944_nordwind.bsp


Map Story


The Axis have launched their counter offensive to the allied advance. The Axis Operation Nordwind seeks to capture a gold deposit located in the village. They plan on repairing a Jagdpanther and escort it to the deposit, steal the Gold, and escort the Gold-Truck to their base.


Allied Objectives:

  • The Jagdpanther, prevent the Axis from repairing it.
  • The Gold, prevent the Axis from stealing it.
  • The Truck, prevent the Axis from stealing it.
  • The Command post.
  • The Warehouse door, prevent the Axis from dynomiting it.
  • The Allied Truck Blockade, construct it to prevent the truck from passing.

Axis Objectives:

  • The Jagdpanther, escort it to the truckyard to blow up the wall.
  • The Gold, steal it and get it to the truck.
  • The Truck, once both gold crates are loaded escort it to the Axis base.
  • The Command post.
  • The Warehouse door, dynamite it to access the Axis forward spawn.
  • The Allied Truck Blockade, dynamite it to allow the truck to pass.


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