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Irmgard Complex (Beta 3) - Irmgard_Complex_b3.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: Irmgard_Complex_b3.pk3

Map name: Irmgard_Complex_b3.bsp





A small allied group is trying to gain access to the Irmgard Complex. They attempt to blow up Irmgard, a mighty

Axis Sea Gun which only could be located through the radio waves it is emitting. All this troupe knows is that there

somewhere is a gate. And by passing through this gate they will gain access to the base.






Allies have to gain access to the base by passing the gate.







The Objectives are ordered, means you wont be able to do Objective 2 if you have not yet finished Objective 1 f.i.



Axis objectives


- Defend the key

- Defend the battery

- Prevent the allies from placing dynamite at the gate

- Prevent the allies from building the dynamite mover and switching it

- Stop them from driving the elevator


Allied objectives


- Steal the key

- Steal the battery

- Place 2 dynamites against the gate

- Build the dynamite mover and pull it down to toggle the dynamite

- Drive the elevator to gain access to the base







Spawnpoints can be toggled by pushing a button:


Toggle 1: Axis spawn inside, Allies outside

Toggle 2: Axis spawn outside, Allies inside


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