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Interview: Humpty




The following is an interview with a superstar regular of ET Jay 1, Humpty. I met him there one evening in late 2017 and I've gotten to know the guy more and more. And it's all good things 😊 You can find him creeping the forum or using discord. Very welcoming dude who's full of good vibes. Hope you can get to know him a little from this interview. I was crackin' up!


  1. When did you first start playing on ET FA servers?
    I came back to ET and found your servers about 2 years ago. Before that it had been over a decade since i had played. A long winter!!
  2. Were you ever in a gaming clan?
    I have been in a few clans; =PSG= (which stands for Paper Street Gestapo, a reference to Fight Club) , S.S. Shit-Storm and =POW= PrisonersOfWar
  3. What FA server is the most fun?
    Jay 1 is my most frequently visited.
  4. Where are you from?
    Born in Wisconsin and live in Portland,OR  
  5. What is something special about you?
    I can cook like Walter White!!
  6. Is the world better or worse than it was 50 years ago?
    Well I wasn't around yet!! Neeeurrrro.......but I imagine it is better now because I am here!
  7. Single?
  8. What’s the perfect date?
    One that ends with breakfast.
  9. Are you a dad?
  10. Any tattoos?
  11. What’s your dream car? 
    A dumptruck filled with gold bars!
  12.  What do you do for living?
    I am a traveling salesman, I sell fake wood to RV manufacturers.
  13. What do you like to do in your spare time (besides gaming)? 
    I enjoy going out with friends and family
  14.  What are you most proud of?
    That I am better at admitting when I am wrong.
  15.  What do you hope to achieve everyday?
    11pm the night before: "Greatness!!" , the morning of: "f*** you where's my coffee!!!"
  16.  Ever kiss a dude?
    Haven't found the right man yet!
  17. What is your greatest fear?
    Flying Spiders!!
  18. Who’s your role-model?
    Bruce Lee of course!
  19. What’s your favorite album or song?
    Frank Sinatra - Reprise "The Very Good Years"
  20. What's the last book you read?
    A Clive Cussler book I'm sure
  21. What's the best movie you've seen? Series?
    The Big Lebowski and the first season of True Detective.
  22. What’s your favorite dessert?
    Ice Cream 
  23. What place has the best fries?
    Red Robin with the campfire sauce.
  24. BBQ Ribs or steak?
  25. Favorite choice of alcohol?
  26. Any drug use we should know about?
    What do you want to know?
  27. Do you know a good joke?
    How many Vietnam vets does it take to change a lightbulb?  You dont know maaaaan!!!!! You weren't there!!!!!
  28. Choose: Be deaf or be blind? 
  29. If you were an animal, which one would you want to be and why?
    A Portuguese Man Of War
  30. If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be?
  31. Have you ever been in love?
  32. Have you traveled? If so, what’s your favorite destination?
    I like San Francisco if I couldn't live in Oregon.
  33. Tell us about you’re most embarrassing moment.
    I got drunk and pissed my pants and my buddys daughter sat in my lap......
  34. Have you met in person, FA/non FA players?
    Vixen, Sleepy and Boozer
  35. Choose to Kill, F*&$, Marry, Cuddle, Sidekick?…Vixen, Elk, Sleepy, Tony, Insomnia
    Insomnia, Vixen, Sleepy, Tony, Elk


❤️ What a catch, ain't he?! btw...there's a photo of him in the forum somewhere.


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Hey neighbor I am in Salem soon to be 20 min south of Salem.  I also was in a [POW]PrisonerOfWar clan.  There were 2 clans with that name I think, Jerry was our clan leader.  Nice interview thanks for sharing!

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What a wonderful interview!  I laughed, I laughed till I cried 😂. Then I found myself wishing the interview hadn’t come to an end.  Rock on Humpty 🤘🖖

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  • Administrators

Seems like Vixen have met more players then I thought! Go girl! I missed by few days, meeting you @Neuro. Sometime in future, we can do hi5!

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Yes there is a photo of humpty somewhere on forum. My advice; don t Search it , you can t unseen ;) Nice interview neuro , sick answering humpty 🤯

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