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Interview: von Rantala




I now bring to you the one and only von Rantala! Quite friendly, experienced admin and leader. Thank you von for taking the time to answer a few questions to let us get to know you a little more!




What is something fun we don't know about you?


Hmm, i am very open person, i have told a lot on my life in the servers and site.  But maybe its that i drink a lot CocaCola xD


Have you noticed anything changing within the FA community since you joined?


DD is more active in these days, when i was first active and joined this clan. JoeDirt was running show when i orginally joined. DD was lurking around, but now he is more active, what is great. We haven't been active in sametime. When i was active he was mainly inactive, and now when i been inactive, he been active.


What makes this gaming community unique from the rest?


We don't have "dictartorship" in here. We discuss major changes with all the members. If members say no, we dont apply new rules. We do apply deniel, approval together by voting. Our owner trust, a lot on his leaders and members. We dont ban or kick anyone out of clan hastily, we are very fair to everyone and give always second chanse. We also are very patiance on members who we see have potential, but doing mistakes. We always believe doing mistakes is better than not doing anything.


Where do you see FA going in the coming years?


In new games, but keeping old ones alive. I believe we can be very healthy clan for long long to future. In the future, i believe we can go to games which we can't have own servers. Now we mainly stayed on games which we can run own server, but dont see it impossible to go to games which we don't have own server. We never had competion teams, (scrim teams), but i think in the future we might take part of price pool game tournaments, and we could make F|A tag know to world.

Who are your top favorite members?


So so many old timers, dont want to make list, because would forgot someone for sure. So instead i say those who came closest friends to me. Not commenting they admin job etc.. only guys who came close friend to me off the game. KevinBacon (missing him a lot), Chuckun, Krayzie and DD. I have a lot good friends in clan, so could make list a lot longer, but added only those who kept actively contact to me when i was inactive. KevinBacon i havent hear in while, but he was my first friend in FA.

Have you met any members in rl?


Nope. I am very shy in reallife. Get stomach full of butterflies even to talk Finnish in TS. Havent even talk to DD. Even that he spammed me on that many times, and I even got very angry to him, to forcing me to call him or talk to him. I runaway for minor inactivity to escape his request. Ppls dont understand that i dont want speak english in TS. I have minor aphasia, what make it hard to pronounce english words. Even in finnish i have that difficult when i am nervous or  tired. Thats why i dont have many friends in reallife. Thats why i never met even finnish clan members. I just need build courage to meet some finnish members first :)

What game did you first play while in FA? Any new ones?


ET. Always played ET. Tested INS couple time, but always stayed in ET.

Who is the most inspirational person in your life?


Pappa, (grandfather) Learn a lot from him. He has passed away.

Do you think FA should have a meet-up party for members? If so, where?


Sure i do. Would love to go there, if would get enough courage. Maybe start for Finnish members meet up. Would also love to meet Chuckun, DD and Krayzie. Krayzie and DD live in USA tho, so i would need to win from lotto and get a lot more encourage to go fly and meet them. Would take my best friend to translator tho. That would help to meet english speaking members :)


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1 hour ago, daredevil said:

In Boston and it’s fkd


I wait the day when you move to Finland! I believe you would be happy in here :) Also you son would like it, in winters north Finland have a lot snow.

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11 hours ago, von Rantala said:


I wait the day when you move to Finland! I believe you would be happy in here :) Also you son would like it, in winters north Finland have a lot snow.

With my sun allergies? Fuck yeah! I am gonna love Finland! 

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On 4/18/2020 at 12:54 PM, daredevil said:

In Boston and it’s fkd

Hey the traffic is f***ed here but not the city! lol

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