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  1. Hello all you cool Cats and Kittens! I need your help, since the last time I put a CPU together was around 2004. I have no idea what is good, or acceptable (which is normal for me!!). Luckily, I have a large friend base of nerds on here, that would love to help me!! I only need the tower, I have keyboard mouse and monitor. Thank you in advance! -Humpty-Hump P.S. This is why I haven't been on Jay mod server, I only have my old work laptop and cant access program files.
  2. Common Humpty!!

  3. Humpty


    admin restarted the server last night and now i get this message when i try to connect, what do i do?
  4. She must have got the looks from her mother, lol!! Love ya!
  5. Humpty

    3 word story

    wheelchair or oxygen
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