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Why I Decide to Keep this Lovely Name




Hey guys, first blog so don't be hatin' :D


Anyways, let's get serious. I was asked many times "Dude, you're 18, don't you think FireWienie is a bit childish for someone your age?"


Well... here's the true story:

When I was about 6 years old, I wanted to go on the internet and try out new games. This was the time I had started playing my first online game (don't remember what it was called). I had no idea what to name myself! Luckily my grandpa was with me and decided to help. We were thinking of goofy names that match my personality. We thought of CrazyBoogers (I sneezed a lot...) and much more that I do not remember. I remember him saying "How about FireWienie" with his heart-warming voice. I laughed, and so did he. Fire to match how crazy and stupid I was back then, and wienie, because I love hot-dogs, I couldn't stop eating them. We decided to use it. We always laughed when one of use said that name. After that he would randomly give me a bear hug, but later on I expected it :D .


1 month later my grandpa left to go back to Saudi Arabia.


3 weeks later was about a week before my birthday. He wasn't going to come back at that time but I was looking forward to talking to him on the phone, telling him what I got, the flavor of my cake, etc.


3 days later, we were told he had passed away.


We were all devastated but me and my mom were balling our eyes out. We had a funeral at our house. I kept crying. He was one of those adults who never yelled at me, laughed with me, tickled me, played games with me... I needed something to remember him by. Ever since then I had decided to use FireWienie as my name. Occasionally I would think of something new, but I always had the name FireWienie in my head. I will never let the name go. There must be a wienie in my name. This username was my way of keeping my bond with my lovely grandpa after he had passed away.


Anyways, I don't want to show too many feels, but I miss him and love this name.


Thank you for your time, I am content over those who had decided to waste there time and ready my blog!


Toodles! :D



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Ahw, your grandpa reminds me a bit of my grandpa. He never jelled at me, tickled me, played with me, we puzzled together and he often took me to the forest to go for a walk and teached me things about plants, trees and birds and he once made me a whistle out of a twig / branch for me. Whatever I do, he's always proud of me...


I'm sorry to hear that yours passed away... :c.

But seriously, I really like the fact that you kept the name. Shows what a great bond you've had with your grandpa. :3

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your name carries a great story with it, im touched. your grandpa sounds like he was a great, very great guy, you may not be able to see him now, but im sure hes watching over you, and keeping you out of danger :)

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hey firewienie

that is a good way to the place
provide a way to remember him
but what you've got them carry that over to you children and
grandchildren and you will also never forget the way you your grandfather
will never forget.

but with a big word, this is a nice gesture

grts be activity I have very different story that I can not lose
because I can not place it.

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That is a great way to hounr him. Thanks for the story...and always keep the name in your heart..and family. What a great guy he was..Grandpa's are like heros that help you out of tuff things.  Back then when I was little >>>> When Mom/Dad Says 'No' Ask Grandpa!

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If someone told me that FireWienie would become the most meaningful nickname I've ever seen, I would have told him to simply walk away. Not after I read this blog...

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