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  1. If someone told me that FireWienie would become the most meaningful nickname I've ever seen, I would have told him to simply walk away. Not after I read this blog...
  2. From a fellow who has a little brother: You sure have a reason to treasure your solitude... it's something I've rarely had in my life.
  3. To the few that might be interested in where I am and to the majority of you people, that randomly got here in your boredom: GOGO is bussy! That's all really... You didn't expect more, did you? Plus, I have never kept a blog before... but the idea intrigued me. So, maybe with the passage of time I will start scribbling on the blank spaces of this as-of-now empty blog wannabe. Cheers!
  4. Hopefully I'll be free to pop up and get owned xD GOGO a.k.a Jok3r
  5. Happy Birthday GOGO!


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