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  1. Thank you for the response. I will not be active in game unfortunately, only forums. Should I still ask for my original title?
  2. Sorry they are MY children not yours
  3. Hey everyone, guess who's back I'm not sure if I will be active in game, but I'll be taking time to stay on the forums and be part of different discussions. I'm sure I'll have fun meeting all the new members/players that are active on this website It's good to see familiar faces also, so I'm excited to be part of this community once again! See you guys later
  4. If anyone wants to add me on steam, it's currently Mourning Wood (I'm pretty sure many people will have a very similar name). If you're unsure of which one i am, then msg me on forums
  5. Anyone down to play PUBG?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. namechangeguy123


      Guaranteed to do well with Ach on your team :P

    3. FireWienie


      @ach Ill add you in a bit!

    4. Achilleus


      Koen is also a good salesman. LOL.

  6. Oh yeah, guess I misunderstood. I mean hopefully after this ethereum craze is over, GPU's will go back to their regular prices.
  7. Hey guys, Recently after getting this new PC I've started playing some PUBG, definitely a fun game. If you don't know what it is... It's basically a 100 man king-of-the-hill and the last person/team wins (depends on if you're playing solo, duo or squads). You start on a plane and parachute down to any place on the island, trying to pick up as many weapons and other consumables that will help you throughout the battle. The island is huge, so a circle that gets smaller every few minutes forces players into smaller areas, making it easier to find out people. The main goal is to survive by playing tactically using stealth, speed, and communication (if you're playing with a team). In general, the game is REALLY fun, I do recommend anyone who can play it to try it out. Playing with squads makes the game harder, but a lot more fun. It does take a while to get used to the controls and how the system works, but once you play a couple of games it gets much better. The only problem right now are the optimization issues (the game is in early access), and the occasional network lag. I would love to start a squad with some of the members in this community! It can help us get to know how we play, how we communicate, and just help us to get to know each other more.
  8. There is an indent that comes with the case that allows the user to fit most PSU's inside of it, so it isn't shown in the main rig. It really is quite handy. Is it really that damn expensive now? When I was checking, the price was about 1k in US dollars, and now the price is still going higher? I'm glad I bought this PC a while ago lmao.
  9. Thank you! The total cost was about $1200 CAD including taxes, or about $948 USD. Thanks!
  10. Actually had trouble with the Wifi and LAN, as for some reason they would randomly disconnect. Turned out the drivers and bios needed an update, now everything seems fine! Glad I'm the hot dog you chose ^^. I'll be sure to download ET soon, as for now I'm installing software I need and other larger games (I'm trying to download games with a larger file first, then the smaller ones. Since my internet is slow, I usually leave a download overnight to finish). I'll be back in-game in about a week, can't wait to see everyone there
  11. Thanks for the positive comments everyone, it really means a lot! Oh and now I can be more active in game after I figure out all the drivers and such
  12. Thanks so much! The funny thing is that holder is actually meant for VR headsets, according to NZXT (it comes with the case). I don't really have a VR headset and don't plan on getting one at all so I thought, "Why not just use this to hold my headphones".

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