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  1. Idiot Account :'(

  2. ah.. school starting, I will come back on february :P bye!

  3. As Xernicus has said, But I think you should re-install and make it fresh but you must make a copy of your etkey, u can find it here: On windows you can get it : Local Disk C, D or wherever -> Program Files -> Wolfenstien Enemy Territory -> EtMain -> etkey Hope it will help
  4. no... cause bots are the real challenge when no one is online as Iron Feliks has told and you can really improve your skills with them plus many of you say these computer programmed players but sometimes, they help you to win awards
  5. Hi there welcome to the forums
  6. But why no one apply on this yet
  7. Is I'm sleeping?? I just saw 2 days ago I have 48 post and 7 like and now 101 post and 12 like ?? LOL! O.o

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Platonic


      Pum pum pum... Just stop lying buddy, we have our reasons to know what we know. Start telling some truth to get our respect, it's not too late :)

    3. Skylark159


      First of all guys I love you all as well as respect all clan members too, I am not lying its the truth that u are only watching the IPs as I've told plato that souvik play with my pc as we live in a flat We share our things but, till he is shifted to dubai so, I cant understand why you have attached my account whit souviks, plus its my mistake that I've written ajmistirio@yahoo.in instead of ajmistirio@yahoo.com ,

      One more problem u know, I got it today My brother not souvik'...

    4. Skylark159


      today My brother not souvik's brother has idiotly create his shit account named sagnik makhal or anything like this as he don't know good english I think he do this a bit ago and if You guys do not understand what I'm wanting to tell read it more and at last if you want to give me a ban I'll accept it, as I like this clan and don't wanna get spammed by me or my brother anymore yes just let him play on jaymod its my last request.... Thank you

  8. LOL! Yesterday Is awesome!

  9. Yoo! It's time to rock! merry Christmas and Let do the party tonight! NOQ2 I'm coming :D

  10. I know there's A news reporter group but There's no one in that group so I think it should be deleted as if there was any one in that group , he/she don't have to do anything cause its not a news channel This is a multi gaming community And If u think about announcement it is done by our staff and higher! so, as per my suggestion it should be deleted

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