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As some of you know, today is my birthday! I am now officially 19! This year has been amazing, one of the best actually, and I want to share with you guys all the stuff I had gone through and all of my friends in the F|Amily who had helped me go through the way!


So one if the biggest events was the day I had graduated high school! It was amazing, I was with all my friends, we were laughing! Man I miss that day so much :D. Here's a picture!



Get it, cuz its a hot "dog" :D


Anyways, the second biggest thing that had happened was me entering my university of choice. I didn't want to go to any big place like Harvard, McMasters or Queens. I had decided to go to York University to continue learning about psychology! A lot of my friends had gone to different places but I'm still in touch with those nublettes!


One of the happiest moments was this. I had a crush since I was grade 9, she was so cute and nice, smart, she seemed perfect. I didn't have the guts to ask her out until the high school graduation. She said yes, I was so relieved! IT had finally gotten off my chest, and I feel so happy!


And last but certainly not the least, was joining the F|Amily. Man, I'm so glad you guys accepted me as a trial, my life here had been amazing. I met so many good people, I don't want to leave, I want to become a full member as fast as I can!


Some honorable mentions of the F|Amily who had been especially nice to me and helped me continue were


Reverze (for sure): He was the very first friend who was part of the family. He was extremely nice, helped me make my application and answered all of my questions. You the man, but you're still a noob :D


Sponkala: Another person who had helped me with my application! Shout out to you, you're almost as big of a noob as reverze! <3


ThunderCat: Although we dont talk too much, I think you and me are pretty good friends. Considering you were one of the first people to talk to me on the forums, I have to shout you out! Keep on being awesome!


Chameleon: How can I forget you, nublette! ̿,̿,/̵͇̿̿/ε=(◕‾◕)=з\̵͇̿̿\,̿ ,̿ ┻━┻ R.I.P. !! You're extremely nice to me, and always made me laugh. Thanks alot and keep it up!


The Be Brothers (Be Paranormal and Be Activity): You guys are awesome! Me and paranormal have been friends for a while, we talk and he seems like a cool guy! Activity is a good friend to me also. On my first blog he had told me some stuff about him, and made me feel a connection. Thanks Paranormal and Activity!


Von Rantala: Too nice :D. Also one of the few friends I had made when I had entered the forums. Thanks for all the help!


The Silent Crew (Meow, Mule, Gengis, My ass, etc...): You guys are still noobs btw. You guys have me a warm welcome when I decided to leave jay mod alone. You guys rule!


Unknown/Teacher: For helping me with my application, thanks!


The Leaders and Admins: I want to thank you guys the most for allowing me to be inside F|A, you guys rule and I don't want to leave you guys!


Panther: For being a nub. You're nice and awesome, keep it up and thanks for the support!


DJ: Thanks for posting up the Pics of the DAy and MoTD, they always made me laugh and made my day better!


Sid and Ol' Smoke: I dont know you guys that well but you guys always make me laugh! Keep it up :D


That's all for now. Thank you guys for the support. Being 19 makes me feel really special and so does being with the F|Amily. Frag on and see you guys later!


Hey guys, first blog so don't be hatin' :D


Anyways, let's get serious. I was asked many times "Dude, you're 18, don't you think FireWienie is a bit childish for someone your age?"


Well... here's the true story:

When I was about 6 years old, I wanted to go on the internet and try out new games. This was the time I had started playing my first online game (don't remember what it was called). I had no idea what to name myself! Luckily my grandpa was with me and decided to help. We were thinking of goofy names that match my personality. We thought of CrazyBoogers (I sneezed a lot...) and much more that I do not remember. I remember him saying "How about FireWienie" with his heart-warming voice. I laughed, and so did he. Fire to match how crazy and stupid I was back then, and wienie, because I love hot-dogs, I couldn't stop eating them. We decided to use it. We always laughed when one of use said that name. After that he would randomly give me a bear hug, but later on I expected it :D .


1 month later my grandpa left to go back to Saudi Arabia.


3 weeks later was about a week before my birthday. He wasn't going to come back at that time but I was looking forward to talking to him on the phone, telling him what I got, the flavor of my cake, etc.


3 days later, we were told he had passed away.


We were all devastated but me and my mom were balling our eyes out. We had a funeral at our house. I kept crying. He was one of those adults who never yelled at me, laughed with me, tickled me, played games with me... I needed something to remember him by. Ever since then I had decided to use FireWienie as my name. Occasionally I would think of something new, but I always had the name FireWienie in my head. I will never let the name go. There must be a wienie in my name. This username was my way of keeping my bond with my lovely grandpa after he had passed away.


Anyways, I don't want to show too many feels, but I miss him and love this name.


Thank you for your time, I am content over those who had decided to waste there time and ready my blog!


Toodles! :D



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