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/i/ternet is full of /r/tards




As I grew up, I was part of an activities group (something like boy scouts)..

It was all serious young people, and we were lucky to have adults that taught us about responsibility and obligations..

This meant that, even we were young.. (and behaved like teenagers) he knew out to behave, be mature, think for our selfs , respect others to be respected..


Now.. ether this is because of the way I was raised or I am getting old.. but this internet thing

seems to be full of retarded people..

from meaningless sentences or pictures, so called memes.. to leet a pseudo language that makes no sense.. and everything in the middle..


I know that every human likes to feel they belong, and they are part of something..

and when integration fails.. we just make a group of our own.. the "outcasts"..

but sometimes it seems that the internet is just that.. a collection of outcast groups and subcultures.


Is that what people really want? is that the only thing they can do..

Do they really want to be known as "the guys that didn't know how to wr1t3 3ngl1sh but make great Rick Astley videos"


Human kind came so far.. from the Greek philosophers to Shakespear.. only to arrive to a place where you could have the all world in the tip of you fingers..

and instead of taking this chance to merge cultures, acquire knowledge, explore ideas we use technology to share lolcats..


Makes me sad that, even this is just the beginning of technology we are already making history..and things like 4chan, facebook and twitter is what we will leave as legacy..

and if we dig roman artifacts and think "boy, these guys were real smart, accounting for the technology they had"..

in a few thousand year someone will dig into the archives of the internet and think "boy, accounting for the technology they had, these guys were real retards"

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Here in México we, literally, destroyed our beautiful language. We have ALOT of word and way to say something, describe, talk, etc, etc. But at this momments, internet chats and msg to cellphones TOTALLY SUCKS. I can´t even understand what people try to send in phone message or chats (only teenages knows who decoding his own language). This is stupid. I dont like to consider me into this kind of people becuase i like the spanish grammar and speech. I try hard to write and talk in a proper way. But this silly kids just love talk like shit (specially write as shit). Even i try more hard to write and speak a good english becuase i love it too.


Maybe im getting old or im very or is a little bit silly of me but this is my humble opinion :)


Nice Blog Caldas, specially this part: "the guys that didn't know how to wr1t3 3ngl1sh...

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Ya it is true. Most people will remember the negative aspects. There are advantages though like support for individuals (whether it is a forum for types of treatment for a variety of cancers to how to flash and mod video cards). I think the most memorable aspect of the internet will definitely be the use of the forum (even if some forums out there consist of useless bullcrap).


As for people writing in crazy internet slang I can't say if it is truely butching the language in Canada (very very few people seem to use it) but I think we have all noticed that the term "lol" might actually be added to the dictionary one day

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I have noticed that my own once-professional writing style has seriously degraded from a decade of internet usage.


I once had a job writing technical SOPs. I had to be meticulous in my grammar and punctuation, as well as writing clearly, so anyone reading the directions could understand how to do a procedure. This was for a biotechnology company.


Now I misspell words, then I notice that I have misspelled them, and I often don't bother to correct them because I know the people reading them won't notice or care that they have been misspelt.


I try to correct my grammar and be a good example of proper English. I know that many people are not native English speakers and will look at how we write as a standard for learning English.

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I disagree. I don't think that we have more retarded people, I think that because of the internet you just realize how many retarded people there are. When you talk about Shakespeare and all the other great people in history, you are referring to a very small amount of people. I think that if you looked at a whole, there were just as many retards as before.


The internet didn't create more retarded people, it just shows who the retarded people are.


As for facebook... my family lives in 5 different countries, how am I suppose to keep in touch with them, without internet? Internet gives me an easy and cheap way to keep in touch with my friends and family. Whether it is through facebook, skype, email, chat, etc.


The internet also gives a wealth of information, which we didn't have before. I remember as a kid asking my parents questions and rarely getting an answer because my parents didn't know and I wasn't able to just look it up. Now all I need to do is go on google. I've learned more on google about space, engineering, mathematics, programming, etc than at school. I'm not saying school isn't important, but people tend to learn things better when they research it themselves.


As far as the chat language goes, it is to make chat faster and easier. I don't want to write "through".. it is easier to just write "thru". I'm not loosing my grammar, I am just making it easier to write messages. Either way, I am terrible at languages and grammar. I always had low grades in my english and french classes. Thats why I am studying aeronautical engineering, lots of math and mechanics :).


I agree though, there are a lot of stupid people on the internet. I've even said some stupid things on the internet, which I regret. its a learning process. The internet is a relatively new thing in people's lives.... lol

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