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  1. Happy Birthday CaldasGSM!

  2. Happy Birthday CaldasGSM!

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  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zC5nh172Dt4
  9. tens razão.. não é preciso meter foto.. nimguem precisa de ver essa tua cara feia :P

  10. In a project I'm working on, I need to put a captcha in a page.. Yes I now its a stupid gimick, and yes i know there are porn sites to break them.. and yes I know here are other methods.. but for this particular case I think its the option that works best.. But I don't want to be dependent on other services, and services like reCaptha are broken so many times that lately the have become unreadable even by humans.. So I'm trying to make my own.. Since the purpose of the captcha is to distinguish humans from computers.. I decided to address things that are unique for humans 1- The illusion or suggestion of images.. in this case letters 2- the way eye processes and merges colors - For the first part, there is actually no letters in the image just their shadow.. so hopefully even if there is no contour or filling of the letters, people will still me able to "imagine" the letter - Second the image is made of little multi-colored dots, but colors are organized so that all of the background seems red and the letters pop with contrasting colors.. will I believe this image is still readable.. (except for color blind) computers will have more trouble collecting the blobs of color since the letters are made of many colors and even if they can grad the letter shadows.. there is discontinuity in the marks.. making it hard to perform OCR by conventional means... please tell me if is easy or not to crack (but not just fidlling with contrast on photoshpop, test on actual captcha breakers) and tell me how hard it is to break.. and give an opinion about this method for captcha images..
  11. CaldasGSM


    Pictures posted on forum
  12. A few time ago the second NQ server appeared... Now I don't know if we have enough NQ fans to have 2 full servers.. but even if not.. using the latest version of NQ would be god.. but for that user should upgrade.. and ppl wont do that without a good reason.. so.. admins were talking that we should promote the new NQ server.. by making a more "aggressive" marketing campaign... Like having some cool/funny binds telling ppl to upgrade.. "Chuck norris only plays NQ 2.6b" "We are giving candy at NQ 2.6b" "to 2.6b or not to be" And also have some type of special events at 2.6b "Panzer wars" "Sniper wars" (don't know if its possible) "Knife wars" ? "F|A vs All" you are welcome to come and own the F|A noobs "!Pantless F|A" where every F|A will strip for you "Map weekends" only 1 or 2 maps during weekend..like "base race weekend" dont know why but ppl seem to love that map, I hate it.. but.. "Special skin weekend" there are some funny skins and things like "big head" pack.. These ideas may not only apply to this NQ servers.. and maybe we should try to have more server "events"... it could help to raise the status... but at least for this new server I think it could be of profit.. what do you guys think?
  13. I've noticed that also on NQ the rnade power is not the same.. (even if you shoot at ones feet)... The guess the problem comes from all the cry babies.. - I'm getting owned by engies with rnades - I can't kill the panzer noob - How can the mortar guy frag more than me.. with all this.. the servers have been tweaked time after time.. and I'm guessing they are becoming a bit unbalanced.. and my fear it that ppl no longer "identify" themselves with the gameplay.. it happens to me sometimes.. maybe he need to ask dare to make a reset to those tweaks and start againg.. to see if we can get it right...

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