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/i/ternet is full of /r/tards

As I grew up, I was part of an activities group (something like boy scouts).. It was all serious young people, and we were lucky to have adults that taught us about responsibility and obligations.. This meant that, even we were young.. (and behaved like teenagers) he knew out to behave, be mature, think for our selfs , respect others to be respected..   Now.. ether this is because of the way I was raised or I am getting old.. but this internet thing seems to be full of retarded people.. f



Men are from mars, and women are from.... hell..

The beginning   I'm a serious guy.. as I grew up I had many flirts, crushed and "stories" with girls.. but my one purpose, was always to find the person I would spend the rest of my life with.. I always believed in love, marriage and commitment... It was not just a question of how I was raised.. it was a question of character.. I was what I wanted for myself, and what I felt good about..   But as the old man says.. good guys finish last.. during the +- 15 years of my adult, emotional life



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