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If =F|A= were a school...




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Well ive met and spoken to most FA members, and though i have not met all i would love to :-). Clans are just big familes really. I sometimes imagine what a party it would be if we met ^^ Here, based on what i imagine they would be like in RL , i imaagine the roles they would play in a typical school . Sadly it is not a complete list , but then sadly i do not know all



Dare would be headmaster, secret crimefighter


Joe the tough gym teacher


Fem the grandmother like Poetry teacher


Rainer the kwl English Teacher


Baska would be the popular girl


Skullcollecter would be the popular boy


Tonka would be the counsiller that everyone gets a hug from


Milli would be the crazy kid who slaps everyone and then runs away laughing


Thunder would be the one trying to get the popular girl


Nik would be the cool leather jacket kid


Nani would be the sweet little girl everyone just wants to adopt


Smertz would be the brainy but still cool kid


Medic would be the kid with the protectors


Mexicano would just be Mexicano :)


Lado the fiction writer


Maximo would be the kid that never comes to school unless it suited him :P


Tecker would be the kwl tech teacher


Calda would be the one to pass all the maths exams


Cimpy would be the basketball kid


Jeff would be the kid on high


RO= would be the body builder


Romance would be the secret vampire


Yama would be the little boy ever one wants to adopt


Jarhead would be the mechanic


Wonder would be the creative music teacher


KYN the scary one everyone dosent look at directly :o


AndyExpandy would be the nursey teaccher


Gameover would be the one with his gameboy in his pocket


Valk would be the hard working bee


Yoyo would be the prankster


Lighting would be the wrestler


Brave and angel would be the cute couple


Roadkill would be the hyper kid who runs around a lot


Phantasm would be philospical


Sushi and Wala would be the cool excahnge kids


Doty is the retired janitor that everyone loves :)


Bondage would be the santantic kid


Goat his accomplise


Sagala the guy with the bb gun


Ibaby the relaxed bubblegum chewer


Mr dude the cool shades man


Xstyle the funny one


Valentino the all round sporty one


Hulk the fashionble one


Sfinx the kid with many tales of adventures


Pepe the adorable



Recommended Comments

Mexicano would just be Mexicano :)
(where is the quotes???)


just a Mexicano, wuuuuurt????

you're talking about MEXICKANO the only one great Mexican (Maximo is mexican, too)!!!!

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