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  1. 'alooo!'!

    1. Hulk


      Narugoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo giphy.gif Hope your doing good!!!!!

  2. Miss ya bro! Hope all is well!🧟‍♂️

  3. Hope all is well with you and your family.. You gonna get BF5?😍

  4. What's up? man been awhile hope your still doing good.. need a drinking buddy.😂

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    2. daredevil


      Get u passport fixed!

    3. Narug0


      my daughter just dominated my computer after I decided to take a break in virtual life, I did not post any warnings to not create drama, and because I'm a bit unstable it would be shameful if 2 or 3 days later I would come back

    4. Narug0


      Now im with  i5 7*** 4core 8gb ddr4 gtx1050 4gb ddr5 ;)

  5. Simple cfg with 1 key you can check all cmds from sourcemod. alias smhelp smhelp1 alias smhelp1 "sm_help 1; smhelp2" alias smhelp2 "sm_help 2; smhelp3" alias smhelp3 "sm_help 3; smhelp4" alias smhelp4 "sm_help 4; smhelp5" alias smhelp5 "sm_help 5; smhelp6" alias smhelp6 "sm_help 6; alias smhelp smhelp7; echo press binded key for check sm_help 7 at sm_help 10" // added break here then u need press again for see next cmds if u have alias smhelp7 "sm_help 7; smhelp8" alias smhelp8 "sm_help 8; smhelp9" alias smhelp9 "sm_help 9; smhelp10" alias smhelp10 "sm_help 10; alias smhelp smhelp11; echo
  6. Hello all cya next next year pc crash, and very busy in my job, have happy party. Love you ;p

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    2. Narug0


      thx m8

      I was to build a new pc, I bought a motherboard ddr4, video card rx480 8gb, everything over the internet and took a technician to mount. But something happened and was not showing video image and without asking my permission, he tried to fix, changing/updating bios. And now I lost the warranty from motheboard and the jerk still could not fix my computer.

    3. Krusnik87


      Geez... you sure are having a hard time. Well hope to catch ya soon :) Also need your guidance on insurgency mate.

      Take care!

    4. RainierWolfcastle


      Best to you and your ambitions in your job. Take care. :)

  7. i need url like this http://counter-server.com/insmaps/maps/ and files compacted .Bz2 each map require 3 compressed files mapname.bsp.bz2 mapname.txt.bz2 mapname.nav.bz2
  8. check if you are running as admin, don't run steam as admin privilegies, run it normal without any compatibility.
  9. try changing launch options, start game windowed then go to options video and do your changes also full screen and remove lines in launch before running the game again
  10. I have no issues here, where you guys download the maps? from server = workshop or from any fastdl?
  11. maybe just a little change in sv_pure whitelist can fix it, anyone know it? sv_pure -2 -1 0 1 2
  12. 1. your computer specs have the minimum required? make sure you have ports opened UDP/TCP drivers updated + directx 2. goto library, right click game name A: B: properties C: verify 3. maybe changing resolution can fix it without "verify integrity of game cache" D: Open launch settings Look Picture A and B now put cmds -noforcemspd -useforcedmparms -windowed -width 800 height 600 and ok you can use just -windowed -width 800 -height 600
  13. server was not showing in servelist removed new maps to check. Re-added new maps dust2_b4 (hunt) dust2_checkpoint_b8 khanashin_b8 gizab_b1_coop point_blank not sure if is the custom maps causing it, but when running workshop mod not showing in server list.
  14. new map are downloaded from workshop automatic when load.
  15. new host http://hlstatsx-ins.heliohost.org/hlstats.php?mode=awards&game=insurgency
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