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Logitech G9x


So as you can see, I purchased the CoD:MW3 branded version of the G9x because it's half the price of the standard one - wouldn't you?


Purchased for £30 from Ebuyer - can be bought cheaper in the US.


What's in the box?

1x Logitech G9x CoD:MW3 branded gaming mouse

1x Spare 'rugged' feel CoD:MW3 branded mouse cover

1x Metal Logitech weights tin, holding varying weights for the mouse.

1x Soft textile Logitech CoD:MW3 branded mousepad (no mousepad included with the standard G9x)


The first thing I noticed with this mouse was the beautiful shape. It's large, but not too large, and pretty much fits my hand perfectly. Which led me to admire the stunning soft resinous finish of the mouse cover - not so much of a fan of the other one (it comes with two) though, it feels cheap and a bit 'rough around the edges'.


The button placement on this mouse is to die for! For years I searched for gaming mice which suited my preferred layout and positioning, and finally, I found it! Not only are the buttons in perfect placement but the action of the buttons is soft and feel of a high quality when used.


With up to 5700 DPI and 1000 tracking reports per second(!), this mouse is a very precise and - if I'm honest - slightly too good for someone like myself. And despite trying and trying, I have not managed to create ANY noticable negative acceleration.


The mouse has memory enough to store 5 on-board profiles which do NOT require the SetPoint software to be installed - handy for Mac / Linux users! These profiles do however need to be set up using SetPoint on a windows computer initially - but I'm sure every Mac or Linux user has that windows-using friend that they've not managed to convert yet - finally, a use for Windows eh!? Hopefully your friend wont be too smug.


However, even if you dont have a Windows friend, you can still make use of the manual DPI switch to increase or decrease your effective DPI.


With SetPoint however, you can make use of automatic application-based profile switching - very handy for gamers - for example, I have a Standard profile, a CoD4 profile, and a W:ET profile to cater to the different play styles of the two games, and to tone down the DPI once I'm back doing standard computer usage. This can be temperamental however, due to some sort of bug in the SetPoint software - but this is no fault of the mouse.


You can also customise the X and Y axis sensitivity.. Useful if you know what you're doing - lowering the Y axis sensitivity means up/down motions will be slower, meaning you're less likely to stray from the 'headshot' zone.


The colour of the LED is also completely customisable per-profile, which is handy for knowing which profile you're on, and of course its just nice to have a change sometimes. :)


One thing I find EXTREMELY useful as a programmer, is the ability to press the button on the base of the mouse which disables the restrictor on the mouse wheel - giving you 'free scrolling'. This is seriously handy when you want to scroll through lots of text (ie code), and also becomes quite nice for using on webpages too eventually.


Ok, like with all products there's always a downside - unfortunately for this mouse, the downside is in my opinion quite a bad one for a gaming mouse... The USB lead. Sounds like no big deal right? Well the USB lead on this mouse has a threaded textile coating which feels more like horrible impressed plastic if I'm honest, and it has a horrible physical memory to it. I've used this mouse now for about 6 months and yet it still has the memory of when the wire was coiled up in the packaging.. The lead literally has 90° kinks in it as if it's just been taken out of the box.. Which matters when it gets snagged on the edge of your desk mid-battle and costs you your kill spree!


Don't let me scare you though - I would still buy this mouse over and over again. I would simply make more of an effort to straighten out all the kinks in the lead before use.




- Shape

- Size

- Custom Weights

- Button Placement

- High DPI

- High Tracking Rate

- No Negative Accel.

- Customisable X and Y axis

- On-board profiles

- Manual DPI Switch

- Side Buttons

- Free-scroll / Fixed Scroll wheel changer

- Free Mousepad (with CoD:MW3 branded mouse only)

- Spare cover



- Cheap, nasty USB lead with ultra long physical memory

- Application-based profile switching can be temperamental (software issue, not the mouse really)


I bought this mouse for a total of £6.98 when my last grey mouse ball wore out :D and it definitely is the business.




I think that the seller has set the price to 99p and then offset it with shipping costs of £6.99 as a marketing strategy - this is because I notice he doesn't deliver to hong kong where the item is located, so I assume the reason for this is that he would not profit from it ( though it might just be how they ship it)


I haven't tested it on a mac but the seller says it's compatible with mac - so i'd assume the main 3 buttons are working and probably the 2 side buttons also.


I use the mouse on wooden desks, with no mouse mats, and it pwns, Being able to change dpi to different default settings with a click isn't that much helpful for me, but it does save time in changing the settings - when a friend comes over and finds my mouse is too fast / slow.


I've had to clean the bottom of the mouse with a dettol wipe about 4 times a year, (but I think this is because I don't clean my desk nearly enough - and the dust gathers, but after wiping it, it's as good as new.


The mouse has 5 buttons and a dpi button which toggles between 600, 1200, 1800 and 2400 dpi.

It feels very comfortable, i'm able to use it for days straight :) and it feel, and is rather durable (i've banged it a few times, and I put it in my backpack when travelling and iit's survived.

I bought the mouse about 18 months ago and I was sceptical that it was going to break - based on it's price. But now, i'm pretty confidentthat it will last another few years at least before breaking.


Krauersaut pointed out that it is an obvious imitation of the microsoft sidewinder.

So I went and downloaded the microsoft drivers XD, but unfortunately it doesn't recognise the serial code or whatever of the mouse so it doesn't allow me to use them.

Nevertheless, the mouse works fine - I just plug it in and go.


Pros - A great 5 button optical mouse which i've gotten plenty of frags with

Cons - None


I don't know how good all the pro gaming mice are that you see going for £50 that you can change weights and stuff etc, and I don't think i've used a mouse worth more than £15 before - but from my experience with this mouse and i'ts price, i'd have to give it 100/100


Seagate Goflex,


It does exactly what it says on the tin - a 3 tb (2.72 after formatting) usb3.0 harddrive. (and has survived a 1 metre drop by my idiot friend)


I am not sure if it supports USB 2.0, I think it does because it also requires to be plugged into a power outlet - but i'm not sure whether it's just as fast as usb 2.0 should be.


I bought the 3TB model ( STCA3000101 ) earlier in this year when I was helping my friend store some camera raws when his harddrive broke.

If I put my ear to it, I can hear it make a little noise, but it doesn't make enough noise to be noticable if you're more than probably 50cm away from it.


I haven't tried to use any of it's 'instant' backup features - but they apparently come with the software.

I don't believe you can password it - which is a big con.


It was literally plug it in and use.

Oh, I bought mine from the US, and use a travel adaptor which I already owned.


My friend's friend :P, was able to copy files from it to his macbook, but wasn't able to copy files to it without some trial software, or formatting it. Because of ithe amount of other stuff on it, formatting was not an option, so we ended up using a smaller hard drive and transferring them 500 gb at a time.


The amazon base price was $149.99

It cost me $38.36 in shipping to the UK as I used amazon's expedited shipping. (It would have been $12.56 without it)

It cost me $37.67 with expedited shipping for import fees / duty. (It would have been $32.51 without expedited shipping)

So the total was $226.07 with expedited shipping, ($195.06 without)

With expedited shipping - the estimated delivery time was exactly 5 days from when I ordered (I ordered on a thursday and it came on a tuesday). Without, it was 13 to 23 days (this accounts for non-working days), so unless you are ordering a few weeks in advance, the $30.96 is worth it.


So after spending a grand total of $226.07, I recieved a $7.15 refund because the export fee reduced, which put me in a great mood., bringing my final total to $218.85 which equals £135.69.

I got my travel adaptor from china years ago, so i'm not aware of how much it costed ( but you can get them for $1.46 = 91p on ebay. if not your local hardware store)


So there aren't really any pro's -

its your standard 3tb usb3.0 hard drive

doesn't make noise

oh - actually I guess its transportable ( its just a bit bigger than my hand and I was able to carry it and it's cables in a small bag to starbucks. (It weighs less than my laptop charger anyways.)


The only con is I don't think you can password the harddrive. (Ofcourse you can encrypt the files you store on it - taking care of that problem) I used winrar for this so I guess the con doesn't really make a difference. And also - I found passwording my other external harddrive to be a pain in the ass when I later tried to boot from it.


I'd give this 100/100, does what it's meant to do, had no problems, durable, doesn't get hot and no password doesn't cause any problems. And after the camera raws, I still have more space remaining than my 3 500gb harddrives put together, so big + for its space - I don't think i'll be buying another harddrive for several years.

Oh and as for price, £120 (with 13-23 days delivery from amazon) is awesome for 3TB, if you don't like it - there is a hefty price of around $45 = £27.90 for shipping it back (including tax & duties) so you lose around £20 returning it to the US than you would returning it to the UK.


I would imagine that this harddrive would be a bargain in the US as it would be $150. (Unless you guys hiding some secrets over there)


Its Army Time.

Soooo I'll join the army on sunday :D.

Anyway i want to explain a little bit about this path.


In israel (my lovely country) there is a mandatory Service.basicly it means that any citizen (male and\or female) will Be recruited to the army from the moment he or she becomes 18. (it's not really according to the age, but usually its after you become 18 and when you finish high school... during this 18-19 period but only after you finish high school).


the duration of the service( under normal Circumstances) will be 2 years for a male and 1 year for a female.

Since israel was never in a "normal circumstances" and always in "State of emergency", it lasts the service in 1 year... therefore-

3 years for a male.

2 yeras for a female.

(funny fact is that israel has been under this state of emergency orders since the moment it became a country 65 yeras ago).


Back to my story->

Unlike regular soldiers i will not do my 3 years but a whole bunch of 6 years (!).

Why's that doc? you probably ask yourself....well the answer is simple my friends:


I chose to give another 3 years to the army and in return, insted of becoming a regular soldier at the age of 18 and practicly get nothing from the army , i joinedto a project called "Atuda"- which means- the soldier will sign for another 3 years and in return: the army will pay 85-100% Tuition for the guy\girl and allow him to do a 1st degree in anything he would like.

In addition, the army in return is commited by law to put the soldier work at the subject he learned and by doing so promise to the soldier 5-6 years of experience.

Also- the soldier will not be regular soldier anymore but will become an officer right away (when he return to service)... plus been in the army as an office has all kinds of benfits such a high salary, in some cases you also get a car on behafe of the army and some other cool things.


so my 6 years will start as of sunday, my b,a, subject is logistic managmant& economy.


Would be great listening to your question( if you have any) :).


~FreeZeX~ :crazy


Mouse Pads

I'll add more reviews when I get more time, but I thought this would be a useful resource for people who are in the market for a new mouse pad. First and foremost I am a gear freak. I've gone through a lot of mice as well as mouse pads because I like to try out different surfaces and textures. This goes for mice as well. In this blog I will give a short synopsis on the previous mouse pads I've used to give you an opinion of what I thought of them as well as the positives and negatives. I'll try to score them as fair as possible. Comments of your experiences are always welcome.


Razer Destructor: 39.99 USD

This Razer mouse pad has a very fine sand texture, which lasts for about 2-3 months.I bought this mouse pad a while back and after using it for about a month or so realized that the surface began to change. What will happen is that after playing games constantly it will begin to become slower and almost like you've sanded down the texture completely. I will say that the surface itself is amazing for the first couple of weeks, but if you are a heavy duty user then I wouldn't recommend this mouse pad to you. There is also a new edition I believe, but I haven't tried it.


Overall I would give this pad a


Steelseries Qck Price: Approximately 14.99 USD

This next mouse pad is the ever so popular Qck from Steelseries. This pad comes in numerous sizes as well as thickness. The one I will be reviewing is the Qck+. I've had this mouse pad for quite a while and have come to enjoy it a lot. I've used the Razer Deathadder, MX518, Intellimouse 3.0, and Steelseries Ikari Optical on it. All performed very well with no issues of skipping. The first thing that you realize when you use this pad is the size and the amount of room you have. The dimensions of this mouse pad is 400x450x4 mm. If you are a player who uses a low sensitivity and is looking for an affordable mouse pad then look no further. Even if you don't use a low sensitivity and are looking for a good mouse pad I would still recommend this one just so you have that extra space so you don't have to worry about running off your desk. One thing I've noticed is that this pad will begin to fray on the edges, but that won't happen for quite a while, but it lasts a long time and performs amazing for its reasonable price.

My score for this mouse pad is



PureTrak Talent: 24.99 USD

This is a very recent purchase because of a half off black friday deal. I've heard of this mouse pad for so many years, but never tried it. First thing you'll see is that there is a honeycomb pattern all over the pad. What Puretrak is saying is that by having this pattern it will increase the tracking of your mouse movements. I've been using it for about a week and I am pretty convinced or it might just be a placebo. I dunno. I will say that the surface itself is very smooth and from what I've heard it does last for many years without any wear or tear. Another nice thing is that it is machine washable in case you drop your food or spill your drink on it. I've only used my MX518 and Deathadder and both performed very well. Although I did notice that my Lift of Distance was a little higher on my Deathadder compared to other mouse pads like the Qck+ or QPAD CT.




QPAD CT Price range: 3 Sizes 28.00-39.00 USD

My first qpad ct was the grin version and I would say steer clear of this one. It was probably the pattern, but when I used my Deathadder and I wanted to make a quite jerk or turn I would find myself looking straight up or some abnormal angle. This got to a point where I didn't want to use it for fear of running into this problem constantly. I ended up trying the blue edition and I found no problems at all with it. The tracking on all my mice was flawless. Another thing to add is that this pad will come in a tube so be aware that it will take about a week or two to flatten out all the way. My friend thought it was a good idea to bend it the other way to help flatten it out and it ended up bending it making creases on it...The performance of the mouse pad itself is what I hoped for. The surface is soft like a cloth pad, but also very hard and stiff like a plastic mouse pad. It is a very comfortable combination and a great pad overall. Although after about 4-6 months you will notice that the speed of the pad will begin to deteriorate. This is due to extensive use and is bound to happen if used heavily. I would say that this is a great and amazing mouse pad, but the surface itself doesn't last forever.




Steelseries 5L: 39.99 USD

This mouse pad is discontinued I believe, but if you can get your hands on one it is well worth the buy. The texture of this mouse pad is half and half. The first thing you will notice is that it has the rigidity of a plastic pad, but over the top there is a cloth layer. This allows the mouse pad to have a very stable feel that I have come to enjoy a lot. I've tried a range of sensitivities on it and saw no problems for low to high. The tracking is flawless and the surface itself provides a very smooth glide. I will say that after about a year or more you will begin to notice some fraying on the sides, but that is to be expected with cloth pads usually. The top layer is a thin layer of plastic as well and from my experience I think after time you will begin to see that it thins out. What I mean by this is that you will notice a slight decline of speed when compared to when you first bought the pad. I tried it using my MX518 and deathadder and the results were very positive showing no signs of problems.




Steelseries I-2: 39.99 USD

This was a different experience for me. I had never tried or though of using a glass mouse pad, but I enjoyed it a lot. My overall opinion of this pad is pretty neutral. I enjoyed the smooth surface, but the scratching noise kind of annoyed me a little. Now, granted I didn't use it while playing games and using my headphones, but while I wasn't it was a little loud for me. Another thing to add is I noticed that my mouse feet didn't like them that much, which led me to switching them out. A few of the mice I tried were the Razer Deathadder, Logitech G400, and Steelseries Ikari. All of the except my Razer Deathadder tracked well. For some reason I couldn't get it to read the surface even though people said that it tracked the glass fine. I tried a lot of different sensitivities with it and would say that I preferred using a higher sensitivity because it was a smaller in size or else you would be running out of room constantly. One aspect of the I-2 is that it is easy to clean being glass. All you have to do is grab a wet cloth and wipe it down a little and your set. And the fact that this pad will last quite a long time and not lose its feel is yet another reason it is attractive. It also has gel dots on the back of it so it won't slip off of your desk.





Razer Sphex: 14.99 USD

This mouse pad was very different than what I'm accustomed to. When I received it I was a little concerned about the backside and whether or not it would stick to my desk. The backside using a mini suction to adhere to surfaces. The pad itself is as thin as paper and can be somewhat in danger of possible tear or bending. I myself used this pad on a wooden desk and glass surface. When I tried it on the wooden desk and wanted to move it I realized that the pad had taken off some of the wood. This left a bump in my pad and therefore gave me an uneven surface when i used it on the glass pad. When I first tried using mice on it I enjoyed the surface a lot because of how smooth my mice glided across and tracked with ease. The surface itself has a very fine texture that will track both laser and optical mice. I never saw any signs of skipping. As far as sensitivity goes I would recommend using a high sensitivity as opposed to a low sensitivity just because you may be doing quick swipes and accidentally catch a mouse foot on the side. This happened to me a lot just because I wasn't use to the size, but I must have lifted the pad from the surface a dozen or so times. Overall i would recommend this pad if your looking for an affordable and compact mouse pad. Just be aware of how much space you may need so you don't keep lifting it up like I did.



Thoughts of life

blog-0143797001350590791.jpgAtmosphere- ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPWuBWzIrRE&feature=relmfu


First time i try this kind of thing..might be nice writting some of my thoughts.. idk.

I have no idea why but while listening to this song i got really sad and just one sentence echoed in my mind: "Im the master of this fortress of solitude".


Basicly, right now im in some sort of a "white space", Already after "b.a." graduation but yet before the begining of my career.

Don't get me wrong, i'm really happy with the place im currently at. i've acomplished every single target i've set to my self, and has prefected my self and my life in every single way my soul has desired.


Even still i feel..something...something is missing. I'm having troubles putting my finger on it.


Parheps im overthinking about it.. as i usually do tend to do for things in my life.

I think i should just go with this feeling.. and you know...flow with the river toward the sunset.


~Thoughts of life~.


'Till next time,



INTERVIEW with Krauersaut

It’s time to turn the tables!!!!! Yes….. the interviewer has become the interviewEE. He has taken time out of his busy schedule to interrogate several of us. Now it is his turn. Our very own Leader Krauersaut has graciously granted me a few minutes (actually less than a minute) to give YOU….. his loyal subjects…… a piece of him.








So are you ready for your interview?


I’m not going to do an interview. If you want one you are going to have to make it up all by yourself. And no asking Gubbi for any of the answers.


Could you quickly introduce yourself?


I am not giving you an interview.


So you are saying that you are unwilling to participate in something that you, yourself started?


Not unwilling. Just unable to.


Why are you unable to? Are you like in a witness protection program or something?




I see. So you are in a witness protection program. Isn’t it dangerous to be talking to people on x-fire all the time then? I mean you never know who you might be talking to. For instance…. I have Mafia connections. And you may have a nice bounty on your head.


What do you know about me that I should worry?


I’m asking the F*#@7’in questions here!!!


And I’m not answering any questions.


Again with the refusal. Well….. I guess I’ll just have to go by what I know of you from the countless times you x-fire me in the middle of a game. BTW…. Do you do that to EVERYONE else?


Pretty much.


Ha! Sucker! Guess what? You just answered a question! How easy was that? I RULE!


<silence> in recognition of just being !owned.


Do you want to do this or not?


I didn’t want to do this in the first place.


So how did you become a part of this great clan of ours?


I played. I joined.


I see. And how did you get to be in the position you are now?


I sat down in this chair.


Is it a comfortable chair?


Comfortable enough to have sex in.


O.o……. moving on……


It is noted by many that you have a tendency to like to turn the tables on people to make them look foolish. Is that true?


I find most people are able to look foolish on their own.


So what is the key to being a member/admin here?


Be more like me.


But because you are not really participating in this interview and I am making stuff up because of your refusal, how are we supposed to know how to “be more like me”?


OK. Be more like you.


More like you? Is that a compliment on my abilities as an admin?


No, Shirley.


Did you just call me Shirley?


I said “surely” not “Shirley”.


Oh. My mistake. So hard to tell over this phone.


But we’re on x-fire and not the phone.


And I’m in the middle of a game.


I know that. You should not be playing. You should be doing admin stuff.


So an admin should not play at all and just police the servers?


You said that in the interview I did on you.


Oh now you are just making stuff up?


No you are. You are the one doing this interview without my direct input.


So now you are saying I’m just making stuff up as I go along here?


Well….. you are the one typing both the questions and the answers.


So now you are making the claim that I am crazy and having conversations with myself?


Well….. you are the only one here.


Fine. Let’s get on with this interview. What is the most important part of this clan in your opinion?




Fair enough. How did you come up with your screen name?


I hate sauer kraut.


What did it ever do to you?


Well….. I sharted once after eating it.


So you picked on a popular food item to get revenge?


It bullied me so I decided to bully back.


What kind of car do you drive?


We go from food to cars? Man you are crazy. I am not giving you what kind of car I drive. Since I am in the witness protection program, someone may want to blow me up.


If you were to be stranded on a deserted island with one clan member, who would that be and why?


Gubbi. He is the only one that really understands me.


A bit insecure are we? You are one of those older Goths with trust issues, aren’t you?


I AM from Austria.


If you could visit any point in history, where/when would you go and why?


I would go back and offer to give you a serious interview.


Oh no sir. You refused and told me to make one up and now you are stuck with this on the blogs until the end of time.


I did?


Yes. And I have the screenshot to prove it. Next question comes from a member who wishes to remain anonymous. Do you like pie?


Anonymous for THAT? OK….. yes I do.


What kind of job do you have?


Would you believe I’m a pole dancer?


Well based on my conversations with you, it is not out of the realm of possibility. Our next question is from another member who wishes to remain anonymous. Where you that transsexual pole dancer in the film “The Hangover II”?......... I KNEW IT!!!!!


I’m busted.


Imagine you were in charge of the whole clan for a month. What would you change or would you leave everything as it is?


I would strip YoYo of his Leader title.


You would? Why?


There’s only room in this town for one sheriff.


What would you do with a million dollars?


I would by me a computer that would actually make it possible for me to be seen on the servers once in a while.


If you were the first person to make contact with an Alien life form, what would you say/do?


I am the greatest authority on earth and I request you wait for my response on the forums to see just how foolish you really are.


If you could pick any celebrity for a husband or wife, who would it be?


I am an internet celebrity and there is no one that could top my status. Everyone I come in contact with automatically gets a bump in their status.


So adding you on my x-fire and friend list on the forums has in turn made me more popular?




What's your favorite cuddly toy?


I have a life sized picture of Gubbi that I sleep with.


What's one thing you'd like to do before dying?


Go to Antarctica to swim with the penguins.


But you would freeze to death in that cold water, wouldn’t you?


No….. I am a LEADER in F|A clan and that protects me from all types of things.


What was your favorite subject in school?


I have a degree in Awesomeness.


You think pretty highly of yourself. Is that a problem?


Not whenever you are as awesome as I am.


And 1 final question. Do you have any regrets?


Yes. Giving you permission to do this interview on your own.




And with that folks, I hope you have a better understanding of our Leader Krauersaut who was gracious enough to answer only the 1st question in this interview.


I hope those mentioned here have the understanding that it is all in fun and do not take any offense where they are mentioned.


Cisco-Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router:

114 - 179 USD (Amazon Link)

117 Euros (Media Markt Link)







- I bought this one after the Cisco-Linksys WRT160N router broke. Specifically in mind that I wanted to be able to game and stream a movie or show at the same time. I live in the Netherlands, so I have a VPN to the USA with a Netflix account.


- So far (after a year) this router is great and still runs perfectly. I am able to play online (Starcraft 2, Cod4, Cod MW3, World of Warcraft, and Diablo), while connected to the VPN and streaming a movie off of Netflix.


- I decided to attach a fan to this router, I will make a tutorial soon on how I did that later


- Also, this router is dual-band. Meaning it supports 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz. Now the 5GHz is useless to most people, because their computer does not support it. But if you are like me, you have wireless card in your desktop which does support 5GHz. I will make a review of that wireless card as well. The advantage of having dual band, is that there are almost no devices with 5.0GHz, so you will not have any interference. The disadvantage is that you will lose a bit of range. The range reduction was not a big problem for me, even though the wireless router is on the ground floor (1st for the Americans) and my desktop is on the 2nd floor (3rd floor for the Americans).


- To put a VPN directly on the router, you need to install the DD-WRT software on the router. Linksys' default software does not support putting VPN on the router itself.






Dual Band: 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz

-- Good: no interference with other devices

-- Bad: lose a bit of range


Gaming, download, and steaming work great, even at the same time


Supports DD-WRT software (DD-WRT Link)



Gets hot, so you need a fan or a good location


Have to install DD-WRT software to put VPN on the router itself




1. If you are curious whether or not your router supports DD-WRT, you can check here


2. If you are curious about which VPN I use, I use StrongVPN.


3. If you are curious about my desktop wireless card, check here:

Amazon Link

Media Markt Link



+ :The sound is simply incredible! I owned Shure SRH 750, Monster Beats Studio , Sony headsets , anything from 100$ to 400$ but was never really satisfied about the sound.

This is the first headset I owned that has the perfect ballance between lows , mids and highs. With these headsets , I hear alot of things I couldn't hear with other headsets because I hear every single detail perfectly. Even with super fast bass drum fills , I still hear that little snare hit behind. I play alot of guitar and always use these headsets if I'm playing alone (with guitarrig or amp) and also use them to record. The noise-cancelling is really effective and usefull for me. I can listen to my music peacefully even with alot of noise around me.

-: They could use alot more volume.



+: Unlike other headsets , I could wear them all day long.

I often play guitar for long hours when I have to practice exercises or band stuff and never find my headsets uncomfortable.

It happened to me a few time that I tried to talk to someone and couldn't hear anything since I did not realised I still had them on.

The earcup is really soft and comfortable

-:Of course , like every other noise cancelling headphones , they produce a sense of pressure on the eardrum wich I found really uncomfortable at first.

I then got used to hit and do not really feel it anymore.



+: I am not really easy with them , I always have them with me and don't use the travel bag and besides a few scratches on the sides they are brand new.

These headsets are for sure really tough.

-: They aren't really esthetic.

The Cable isn't resistant at all , it broke up after 3 months.

The noise cancelling is draining alot from batteries and they do not work without them.


Logitech G13 Gamepad

Logitech G13 Gamepad

Cost (USD): 80 (Amazon has them for 60-70)

Cost (Euros): around 80

Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard





This is a great extension to the gaming experience. Lots of button that are close to each other and each are easily programmable. The joystick, although it looks unhandy, is actually pretty great and use full. In games like World of Warcraft, it is possible to use the joystick to move your character around. This is great during boss fights being able to move and cast spells. Normally you have move your character by using WASD and while using those keys it was impossible or pretty hard to cast.

Games like call of duty, there won't be a huge advantage. But it does feel more comfortable using the gamepad rather than a keyboard.

I also use this gaming pad for Diablo 3, Flight Simulator X, and Starcraft II. In each game it has been as good or better than using a keyboard.


Is it comfortable? Yes, actually much more comfortable while playing video games than a keyboard is.


It has 16 colors you can choose from and you can even make a custom color. This changes the LCD screen color as well the key (G1-G22) colors.

The two buttons next to the joystick are easily reached and clicked using your thumb. It is also a button under the joystick, but is relatively hard to press.


You can make a bunch of profiles, for each game you play. It automatically switches to the profile when you start that game. It is also possible to switch manually, using the buttons right underneath the LCD screen.


The LCD screen can show different information as well. In World of Warcraft it can show your character's hp, dmg, armor, etc. Only supported games will give information like this while in game.


The LCD screen can also show things like:

- Countdown Timer: which is a countdown and stopwatch. Useful for during a raid, if the leader says you have 5 min break, you can quickly start the countdown.

- Performance Monitor: shows CPU and RAM usage as a percentage

- RSS Reader: You can put in your own RSS feed and it will be displayed on the LCD screen

- Clock: Shows time and Date

- G-Series Profile Selector: to choose which profile you want activated

- Xfire Display: Shows up when you run xfire and just says if you are online or not

- POP3 Monitor: for emails


Advantages (compared to a keyboard):

- comfortable

- easily programmable for any game and even desktop shortcuts

- large and easily pressed buttons



- Some buttons are hard to get to, while using the joystick. Mainly the outlying ones

- Need some time to get used to it

- Joy stick button is nearly impossible to press



I don't think this is for everyone. But I have found it to be a great extension for gaming, instead of using the keyboard. Certain games take more advantage of this type of gamepad than others of course.

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