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Its Army Time.




Soooo I'll join the army on sunday :D.

Anyway i want to explain a little bit about this path.


In israel (my lovely country) there is a mandatory Service.basicly it means that any citizen (male and\or female) will Be recruited to the army from the moment he or she becomes 18. (it's not really according to the age, but usually its after you become 18 and when you finish high school... during this 18-19 period but only after you finish high school).


the duration of the service( under normal Circumstances) will be 2 years for a male and 1 year for a female.

Since israel was never in a "normal circumstances" and always in "State of emergency", it lasts the service in 1 year... therefore-

3 years for a male.

2 yeras for a female.

(funny fact is that israel has been under this state of emergency orders since the moment it became a country 65 yeras ago).


Back to my story->

Unlike regular soldiers i will not do my 3 years but a whole bunch of 6 years (!).

Why's that doc? you probably ask yourself....well the answer is simple my friends:


I chose to give another 3 years to the army and in return, insted of becoming a regular soldier at the age of 18 and practicly get nothing from the army , i joinedto a project called "Atuda"- which means- the soldier will sign for another 3 years and in return: the army will pay 85-100% Tuition for the guy\girl and allow him to do a 1st degree in anything he would like.

In addition, the army in return is commited by law to put the soldier work at the subject he learned and by doing so promise to the soldier 5-6 years of experience.

Also- the soldier will not be regular soldier anymore but will become an officer right away (when he return to service)... plus been in the army as an office has all kinds of benfits such a high salary, in some cases you also get a car on behafe of the army and some other cool things.


so my 6 years will start as of sunday, my b,a, subject is logistic managmant& economy.


Would be great listening to your question( if you have any) :).


~FreeZeX~ :crazy

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