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The Smoke

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The Smoke

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Stupid crap in these TV series is driving me crazy....

10 February 2017 - 11:38 AM

The stuff these TV shows try to pawn off as being real things that people can do, is getting ridiculous.

Like these from just this week.



I used to steal cars when I was a little guy, until the keylock got moved to the steering column.  Then it became more trouble than it was worth.

In this weeks episode it shows Mac using his foot to move the column shifter to the neutral point and then he jumped the motor with a knife blade and then drove the car.

All from the backseat.


This is as stupid as it gets.  First of all.  You MUST have your foot on the brake to move the shifter.  Then you have to have the key in the key lock moved to the on position.

Then you can start the car but not in neutral.  The car must be in Park to start.  Neutral doesn't work anymore.  They accomplished this feat all the while,  when they were

coasting backwards down a hill.


The second stupid thing is this.  He made a bump key with a little file on his swiss army knife.  NO NO NO  Bump keys are specific to the lock style. You cant just file for two seconds

and make one.  You have to design and test it for days until you get it to work.



Don't even get me started on this lame ass show.  The stuff they do in this show should be left in the comic books from which it came.  Eight and nine year olds could accept this.

First he makes a device to calculate their position in the ocean.  It doesn't work that way.  A sextant is extremely hard to use.  The sun is behind him and he looks to the sky and says

that he knows where they are at that point.  hahahahahahaaha  dont go to sea with this idea.


Then the asian girl instantly figures out the flotation quota of a bunch of junk and figures exactly how fast they are floating.  Nonsense.


I could go on and on about this crap but man I just want to watch a show with a little bit of truth to it.


You cannot solve all these things in 44 minutes.  Time compressed idiotic TV shows are driving me insane.


Next time I will discuss how a show that says  "Two Broke Girls"  uses two actress that are over 35 years old as 20 year olds. There isn't enough makeup in the world to hide that.


Another thing.


Why does CBS only use 20 actors in all their shows?  These people go from one series to another.  Isn't there any fresh faces out there?


NCIS:New Orleans   Scott Bakula


Why do they insist on giving that 50 year old guy another series after series??  He was the lead in the '80-90's on a show about time travel (Quantum Leap).  The costar of that show is dead.

He ruined Star Trek: Enterprise  He is only 5'8" but they put him  in boots all the time, with 2" lifts and 2" heels. Just to make him look tall.  Then they put him with 5'5" costars.



Well thats enough.  You guys are probably brain dead by now.





Did I miss the tutorial on clearing the download cache?

10 February 2017 - 10:52 AM

For a long time I had been complaining about not being able to post text or pictures or demos on here.

Red Baird finally came up with the answer.  My upload area was full.  I have gone through everything on here I can find,

and there isnt a simple post about clearing my attachment area.


It is so nice now, to load demos again.  Can we make a pinned statement about how to clear that area, when we are full in the uploads?

When the error comes up on attaching a file, there is nothing that would point you to do that.  Maybe someone can edit that error message?

Say hello to my little friend

09 February 2017 - 11:54 AM

This is our new dog/puppy who just lost her last baby tooth this morning.  So she is now a full fledged DOG.


Attached File  DSCF2166.JPG   129.39KB   1 downloads

Need to change my name

09 February 2017 - 11:24 AM

I followed the tutorial on here but I don't know if that changed my name or not.


When I use the editor in my profile it keeps trying to change my email login name.


What exactly do I have to do, or does an admin do this?

Introducing myself to all you new guys

09 February 2017 - 11:04 AM

I never knew we were to introduce ourselves, so here goes.


I am a 6'2" 240# American Indian and I carry a pistol and a 12" knife at all times.  I have three black belts in martial arts.  I am a bouncer at a local

bar that supports a motorcycle gang.  I like to blow shit up and do as much damage to rude people as possible.  I wear a T-shirt

that says I voted for Trump but no one has ever harassed me about it.  I am a homeplate Umpire in our local softball league. No

one ever disputes my calls.  I run a daddy daycare center.  You can't believe how quiet those kids can be.  They are special. 

I was in the Navy Seals but got kicked out during hell week for being too tough on the trainers.  I am here at F|A to welcome you.  STOP RUNNING !


I have been kicked out of F|A a couple of times because I like it.  But, I am so lovable they let me back in.


Well that's enough about me...see on the maps in COD4.  I will take your hair for my lodge pole.