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The Smoke

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The Smoke

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What a Rattlesnake bite looks like after 35 years....

Today, 10:46 AM

I was bit by a good sized Diamondback Rattlesnake in Cedarville, California in 1973, while walking through a field of clover hunting ground squirrels with a friend.


The first picture is kinda blurry but it shows where the fangs went into my leg. 


The second picture shows what has happened over the years from the poison damage to the nerves and blood vessels.  The camera doesn't pickup the discoloration

of the tissues.  Parts are a pale greenish black color and some parts are a brown color.  The big veins and swollen veins are from venom.  I have had those since I was

40.  Doctors have looked at them as if they were bad veins, but there is a distinct difference when they look inside.  Their is no plaque or wall breakdown.  I have to go

in to Portland to a vein thrombosis clinic and they siphon off the bad blood.  I go about every six months or so.  There is no problem with strokes or things, because the

blood is not coagulated, like deep vein thrombosis.  So I am okay from that.


A few days after the bite, my skin turned black and some of the tissues broke down and died.  With injections of anti-venin that area recovered after about 3 or 4 years.

Certain areas of my leg are numb all the time, interlaced with stinging pain every now and then.  The muscles aren't strong and give out pretty fast.  I can no longer climb

a ladder without hand rails, or stairways. But, I get around pretty good on solid surfaces, except concrete.  Going to big box stores kills me off.  I last about 45 minutes and

then I have to get off my legs for a while.


I thought you would just like to look at what happens after you get bit.


I had terrible dreams and nightmares for weeks afterwards. It was like a bad LSD trip.


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I really miss Chameleon on the forums.

15 March 2017 - 08:34 AM

He is busy with health issues and his Church band with his brother.  Here is the last picture I have of him.












It's hard to get a picture of him.


Can anyone change their display name on here?

13 March 2017 - 11:14 AM

I wanted to change my name back to Ol Smoke but I can't.

Disappearing player

12 March 2017 - 06:54 PM

Playing tonight and I saw this player just disappear right in front of me.  Then he reappears but farther away.


Then I see him stop and he is aiming at someone and I pull up to aim at him and poof  gone again.


So then we are across the road on the other side and I am hiding by a car and he is running and he is going to run

right in front of me, but he just disappears again.  I look down at the bottom of the screen, but no one died or committed suicide.


I saw this two more times.  I laid it off as a bad ping or connection, but his ping was good. 


Is there any script out there that can make a player do this?


Anyone else ever seen this?


...and no I am not smoking weed or sniffing drugs.


The next time I am on and this happens I will make a demo.

Auto Assign problems.....Can we do this fix?

10 March 2017 - 10:34 AM

We are having a real problem with certain players stacking teams all the time, so is this possible?


Remove the team option selections and only have Auto available?  Is there a way to deactivate the Marines and OpFor selection buttons?


It has gotten so bad on certain maps, that the teams are 9 and 3 and worse.  And when the game tries to move players, they refuse and go back to their team.



I see the same players do this every time.