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The Smoke

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How Smoke broke his foot...

24 April 2017 - 02:46 PM

I was 13 years old and jumped out of a pickup, to go open a gate.  When I landed, I felt a really painful twinge in my right foot.  It hurt for a few weeks but went away.


When I turned about 50 years old, it came back.  I went to a doctor and he said to wear these insoles and it would keep the bone from sliding off the Tarsal bone.


**A little medical help here.  You have 3 sets of bones in your foot. Tarsal, metatarsal and phalanges. The Tarsals are the big bones by your ankle. The metatarsals

are the long bones that form your foot.  Phalanges are toes.


So what I did was to separate the 5th Metatarsal (the outside bone) from a Tarsal bone.  It never really healed but I could control when it slipped off the Tarsal.

Many years ago I was told to get it pinned.  Never did.


So, last Thursday I was mowing the yard, and stepped into a depression and twisted my foot outward.  This caused the Metatarsal to slide off of the Tarsal bone.

But, it also took a piece of the Tarsal bone off. So now there isnt that bone to keep the metatarsal from moving.


So I am wearing a special insert in my shoe to hold it together until I make an appt to see the doctor.


The good thing about all this, is my wife ordered me a new self-propelled walk behind mower.  (Which she told me to buy 2 years ago, before I hurt myself).



How can I make an audio disk from youtube videos?

21 April 2017 - 04:52 PM

I am practicing some new music for a band I am joining and I want a way to take the audio from a source and make a continuous recording of those songs.

Right now I have the songs in a bookmarked area of Firefox and I have to keep going to the PC and clicking on the song.  Over and over.  So I want a list

that will auto play so I can just keep going thru them and practice the bass lines in each song.


So is there a way to do this on the cheap?  I have over 50 songs to learn and I don't want to pay $50.


I have an audio program that will strip the audio from the video but it won't work on YouTube videos.

Rogue 1 Bluray

21 April 2017 - 12:42 PM

I find it unusual that a lot of the movies today have female leads.  Especially in the Star Wars saga.  Not complaining or judging just something I noticed.


Anyway, this movie is a 6 (1-10) and the reason I only gave it a 6 is because it has no rhythm or meaning to it.  The actors are okay, but the directing isn't very good.

The thing you have to deal with is that this is based on the original Stars Wars: Return of the Jedi movie.  In that movie the plans for the death star were given to the rebels by Bothan spies.

Many of them died getting that information, and this is their story.  Too bad there weren't any Bothan spies in this movie.


So we also have to deal with CGI people that are dead now.  It was okay but kinda weird looking. 


The movie doesn't flow at all and the sound isn't very good.  Too much sound effects and the voices get lost. But all in all it was a good pizza movie.  I think this one has

to be viewed again in a few weeks with a different feeling about what it is.


Since I am so much older than most on here, Stars Wars meant much more to me than it does for you guys.  There was this sense of wonderment and adventurous feelings

I got from the original.  I love space movies and Star Wars brought that to us, in those old days.  Today it is just another movie.  But anyway, you may or may not like this

flash from the past retro-like movie.


It is not anywhere near Awakenings.  So approach with an open mind.  There are quite a few mistakes in this movie if you are into finding them.  Not holding true to the

original script of Return of the Jedi is the biggest one.

Porn is going to hell

18 April 2017 - 08:08 AM

I looked up "big boobs" today, and got a panoramic picture of the members of the Senate and the House.


I looked up "Giant Dicks"  and there was Richard Nixon and "Rick" Cheney.


What's up with that?

How those really hot lead guitarist, really play those licks...

18 April 2017 - 07:10 AM

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