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  1. Well, bretheren, What the hell is Up?

    COD4 servers are lacking without you..
  2. Musicians Among Us.

    Lifelong musician. Guitar, bass, and drums. Playing in bands since I was 15 years old.
  3. News Welcome to our new staff member Mr. K

    Congratulations Mr. K. Your patience and hard work have paid off.
  4. bmx riders ?

    I ride. Mostly old school and mid school. Collect vintage bmx bikes.
  5. Non english allowed in Jay3 Yes or No?

    I think you answered your own question there.
  6. i got all

    When do you usually play?
  7. Other DOI and Insurgency Promo Round

    Congrats all.
  8. Skorpion fix ?

    Skorpion is the worst.. Most unrealistic, most unfair advantage gun in the game. If I had my way it would be banned like marty.
  9. A big thank you to our COD4 admins...

    No, thank you Smoke, Spyder, Partisan, Starblazer and others for keeping the server alive.
  10. Lets start by reviewing our server rules: https://fearless-assassins.com/wiki/index.php/Insurgency_Server_Rules Obviously racism is not tolerated on our servers or forums. Anyone wearing the =F|A= tag should be willing and able to deal with this situation. We would always warn first and then progress discipline as required. Lots of people will say or do stupid things, but smarten up after a warning, others might need to get banned. We want to give everyone the opportunity to correct their behavior. Every situation is different. Proof is required in most cases. Problem with voice chat is that it is difficult to prove, but not impossible. We want to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone. We take these allegations seriously.
  11. Does it? You would be moderating based on behavior in the server, not what you can or cant see on the profile page.
  12. That's a terrible reason to kick someone from the server. Lots of people have private profiles. Myself included.
  13. Other Winter CoD Promo

    Thanks everyone. Unexpected honor for me. I will do my very best to serve this community. My approach to leadership has always been servant leadership. This means I work for you you. If I can do anything to assist any one of you please don't hesitate to ask.
  14. Insurgency Insurgency Sandstorm

    Looks interesting. My only concern is that with INS and DOI we might be spreading ourselves too thin.
  15. Removal of maps

    Yeah.. sorry. don't be mad at me.