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  1. Sorry for your loss Spyder
  2. Thx for all the help man, well deserved! Spyder
  3. Check it out, we're ranked 39 now! And it keeps going up Thanks to Shoes, Son of Doc, DJ, Salverius, BAAdmin, BadMo, Timmerick and Partisan for helping make this happen! Spyder
  4. Thanks guys. I know, life gets busy. Weekends are my worst time for gaming, so I see SonOfDoc is making the rounds today, I appreciate it! Spyder
  5. Hey man, congrats on the family and the promotion! Good to see you, and glad things are going well for you. Spyder
  6. Hey all - We have now gotten a steady population of new players on the COD Beginners server. However, I have been the primary admin on. I have seen Partisan and DJ from time to time and I thank them for that. The problem is I am camping on the server all day while I am at work, joining when I can (Im in the states, west coast), but work is getting busy and I can't focus on it as much as I have in the past couple of months. I could really use some help. I don't want to see the server die out because of hackers/abusers because I'm the only one monitoring/playing it on a regular basis. I get it, we all have real lives, but if you are gaming at all, I'm just asking you take a little of that time to spend on the server. Thanks Spyder
  7. Hey all - So the server has has some steady population in the last week! Even had Colas-DFU come by for the first time in forever, and he said he would relay to the others that we have our server up and running. There are a bunch of new players and I ure could use some more admin help Those of you who use to play, come on by and spend some time! Spyder
  8. We’ve had tautly good population this week during the day spyder
  9. Hey all - Daredevil was able to get our Beginners server back up and running on the new 1.8 patch, but since we were down, and the patch change, we've been missing several of our regulars as well as F|A. This is a humble request for you all to give it a visit and help us get things rolling again. Are you having difficulty connecting? Let us know, maybe we can help. Want to see some changes on the server that will spark your interest again? Let us know! Thanks in advance! =F|A= Spyder
  10. Glad you are back! Spyder

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