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  1. Congrats Son! Appreciate everything you do! You deserve it! Spyder
  2. Welcome Harvey! Nice to see you! Spyder
  3. I have to agree with Partisan here. While we have a handful requesting more rounds, I watched 6 or 7 players drop off today waiting for rounds. I think 6 may be too much. The problem really comes in play when they don't know how the game mode works, and the attacking team has campers. Players get impatient watching nothing happening. Perhaps changing one to Domination might be a good call? Spyder
  4. Sorry for your loss Spyder
  5. Thx for all the help man, well deserved! Spyder
  6. Check it out, we're ranked 39 now! And it keeps going up Thanks to Shoes, Son of Doc, DJ, Salverius, BAAdmin, BadMo, Timmerick and Partisan for helping make this happen! Spyder
  7. Thanks guys. I know, life gets busy. Weekends are my worst time for gaming, so I see SonOfDoc is making the rounds today, I appreciate it! Spyder
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