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von Rantala stripped me of Admin: Here's why

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Most of all I think its pretty funny.

"They begged me to be an admin" No. No one here begs for players to be an admin. But you said "they begged me because of my fair judgement". You clearly don't have a fair judgement if you think it's "fair" to automatically kick someone you think is cheating without proof. Have you read the rules? You shouldn't have lied and said you did on your apply, because if you did then you wouldn't be kicking supposed "hackers" without proof.

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    redy me plsss

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Hello PigNewton,


I read your previous post and the feedback you got from the FA team here. I will reply without any sarcasm, without insulting anyone and with my own honest opinion:


I understand what you wrote and some of the replies are sadly going into an insulting direction which causes an inappropriate tone. Your opinion about how things should be handled is pretty extreme. To punish people and add more fear in order to keep them aligned. I want people to be happy. I want them to enjoy life and the game. To have them live in fear goes into an opposite direction. People would be afraid most of the time and they would be unhappy.

The users of our game servers are from around the world. There are language barriers and different cultures behind these players. Yes, this makes our admin job sometimes challenging and the anonymous 'layer' of the internet brings sometimes out unpleasant colors in people, but I'm happy to administer our servers and to help the community to stay active and fun. Yes, admins should be happy too. I don't want to punish people and have them live in fear. Live is to short, enjoy it the most you can.


On a side note:

Some comments are related to shrinks and members use the word crazy. If i could choose, I would like you to be happy to, but sadly it doesn't sound you are. Your point of view goes into a extreme direction. I work in I.T., so I'm in no way a doctor or anything, however I know depression and how it can influence our minds. You should be happy, you should have friends and you should enjoy life. It is a big step to reach out for help. We are not on this planet to live unhappy. I wish for you to be happier.

von Rantala

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Okey, so you say



 There has been no guidance or help at all. Von Rantala accused me of not fixing uneven teams. Obviously when the teams are uneven, the problem is usually resolved so quick I don't have a chance at knowing what the problem was! Additionally, he has seen this happen once and has no evidence of such a thing. He has screenshots of perfectly even teams. The only thing he has evidence for is me saying "Who cares?" which is obviously internet humor and designed to show how many admins don't care about teams. Which many players can attest to.


I can give that same ss (ss pic below post) here what i gave to you, i can add my pm message to you here once again also, but from ss you can see that teams are uneven, even that i explain you how to even teams, you still think that teams are even, what show that you just cant take guidance what has given to you. Here my orginal first post



Hey, i has seen that you dont always pay attention to teams, its good to remember that its one of most importants admin duties to keep teams even, that mean that you have to keep teams even by moving yourself first and if you play in weaker team already, ask in main chat 3xtime to someone move in weaker team and if no one move, then use !putteam to keep teams even. Remember check /scores too in every 5 min to see if teams even, sometimes player amount can be same, but teams could be uneven.

von Rantala


Yes my english is not perfect, but for me its just look like i give you guidance not critic.



In one other topic what you started in site yestearday, you ask us to ban players rigthway if they made one mistake, so in your logic i could do same to you too, but i didnt, instead i let you play, but not as member anymore.


Yes we ban players when they cheat, but we have to always provide proofs, that is sayed in our wiki, what i recommend you to check in here http://fearless-assa...n_command_usage



For this
"when you are member we dont have right to guide or help you."



 If I wasn't the only admin, then your criticism is unwarranted. It's an admin training issue at that point which should aimed at everyone. Post a thread about it.




I don't see why anyone else's opinion matters if I'm already an admin.




So dont start any new posts anymore in site, i have now couple time provided proofs and you havent send any, if you have proofs on me lying then you are ofc free to start topic and im interested to see those proofs, but i has share my proofs event that i didnt need to do that when already done in private section what is enough.

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Edited by von Rantala, 27 August 2015 - 10:19 AM.




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Class case of admin who thinks others are cheaters when someone else plays better then him. 


This was the most laughable statement I had ever seen in last 10 year. This is the just tip of iceberg from all the PM's which you have sent to our leader.



 I said, "Who cares?"  because I felt like it. Nothing more, nothing less. Just pointing to the fact that there are admins who really aren't doing their job and when I do mine, I'm reprimanded and told I was too harsh. I make decisions based on the rules and what I feel is fair. I don't see why anyone else's opinion matters if I'm already an admin. Obviously they begged me to be an admin because they felt I had good judgement. If they're now questioning my judgement, I don't need the title. I didn't ask for it and it doesn't mean anything special to me other than enjoying being able to kick players who are CLEARLY cheating and the admins are in denial saying their computer is just faster That's nonsense and shouldn't be tolerated.

 When I'm playing and die instantly, from gunfire, that's cheating. Other players need to land several hits before I die and miraculously there are players who nail every single shot in under 1.5 seconds at long distance. Please....  lol


 I was never taught how to check scores or what that even means. How is that my fault?

 And my app was denied because I questioned FA due to their childish negligence. Shame on you for not standing up for me.


We don't question your judgement dude. We feel it's wrong and that's not how we treat our regulars. If someone is better then me, I don't ban them. You have right for your opinion but we also have right for our opinion and we feel you are just being dick. Sure

you can call me dick but that doesn't change the fact that how I feel about you. 


Now you can join any xyz clan and start kicking / banning cheaters when you see fit. We don't allow it. Plain and simple. We have one simple rule: No proof no ban and we live by it and we will in future too. 


Von or anyone please don't bother wasting your time arguing with him. Just play and enjoy and ignore him. As usual he will contact others to spread his word which is BS and anyone having little IQ will check this topic and understand. 


PS This is not kinner garden. That's over and if you didn't went to one then it's time for you to again. We are not here to spoon feed you. We have countless tutorials on team balance and all other admin duties. Yet you failed to read that and now you blame we didn't teach you. Sorry my friend this isn't kinner garden. 

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