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gives no more airstrafe on jay 3 or is it my pc performence ?

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i dno what airstrafe is :((



    What does this thing do? I will push it and see...

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i dno what airstrafe is :((

Same here. That term seems to be used in TF2, CS, TitanFall, etc.

gives no more airstrafe on jay 3 or is it my pc performence ?

No "Air Strafe" in Jaymod (or ET at all?) unless on an MLB map, where you can "walk in the sky".



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Also MLB temple . But yea same here,dont understand what is airstrafe :)



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Counter-Strike Term. 
The ability to harnest the air-acceleration to gain speed using the "Airstrafe" method.
If you play Counter-Strike Source. You may find some people in low gravity levels fly with ease. That's an example of someone that uses an 'airstrafe' method.

I think its you're performence play gravity or server settings are not changed as far I know.



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I don't know what you mean by airstrafe (and I haven't visited jay3 for ages), but if you mean gaining speed while in the air, it all depends on which keys you hold and how you move your mouse, pc performance can barely affect it unless you play with 10 fps and you can't even control your mouse movement


if you hold the right keys and you aim at the correct angle (based on your speed ofc) you should gain speed regardless of your pc performance



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Airstrafe is used in ET TJ... (Quote from Trickjump.me)


Since lots of people are having a hard time at this, I included airstrafe in the tutorial as well, though it's really just about having a decent technique!

Airstrafe, is when you have high height differences between pillars. There is no direct 'trick' or 'solution' to airstrafing. It's all about having a proper technique, and also it's very important to remember to KEEP MOVING YOUR MOUSE.

Most people new to airstrafing don't have an understanding of how fullbeat works (regarding the angle / speed mainly), so they try to jump it like it would be a normal jump with low height difference. This results in that they stop gaining speed about mid-air. This happens mainly because of two reasons.

First reason is that they stop moving the mouse, or move it too fast or slow.
Second reason is that they don't increase the angle properly. At a low height difference jump you would normally reach a 'wide' angle about about 7th pillar or so. But at a jump with big height difference you will gain speed much faster, which also means that you have to increase the angle faster, this doesn't mean going wide-angle after first pillar necessarily, but that you keep this in mind and increase the angle accordingly.

Again, a little summary:

  • Always keep moving your mouse!
  • Increase the angle according to your speed (b_drawspeed 1)!
  • And remember that at airstrafe (big height differences), the optimal angle will increase faster due to gaining speed faster!


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