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  1. Looking good! How do you like Lahn Succession? I should take some new screenshots too
  2. RTCW classics like --> I know there are a lot of other cool old maps but these were the ones I found out with a quick search. I don't know/remember if any of these maps are fine, it's too long since I've played them...
  3. Good explanations/tutorials about trickjump techniques etc. --> https://www.trickjump.me/tutorials/
  4. I got to take a bit of rest after a long day travelling in this beautiful landscape
  5. Map is CTF Face, no idea about backround music.
  6. My daily routine... Help poor Otter with his fishing competition Deliver fishes to the other end of the world And sometimes I have to defend myself from dangers over there
  7. 1. sp_delivery_te 2. Airwaves_b1 3. Feen_ob 4. bounce_b1 5. supermario_tj_pb
  8. Bored... I quess I should start to play Wolf:ET a bit more again.

  9. It's a pity. There is a long list of great maps that I've never seen being played. I'd say the problem is in both sides. Server admins like to add maps that most players already know and when there is no players around have bots running in those (there is a lot of maps that don't have anykind of bot files(.waypoints, etc.)) so their servers seem to be "more popular" and I get it, no one enjoy to just run around in an empty server waiting other players to join in (I do). Also they are too afraid to try something new, same as most of the players. It's easier (and for some, more fun) to play same maps again and again (when you probably know them better than your own pockets) than try to learn and experience something new.
  10. Forget cookies! I want my copy of Insurgency!
  11. Supply Depot is just a mess to play with high population. Or at least that's my opinion.
  12. I've played/tried dozens of other FPS games but still have not found something that could beat the Wolf:ET. I love the engine, I love how it's costomizable by users, I like that it's not just like other games (one shot = one kill, too realistic). And it's free, not like many of these newer "free" FPS games which requires you to play thousands of hours or just to buy better weapons and stuff with real money, it's all yours at the moment you start playing. And we have great ET communities! I don't know about most of these clans/communities still alive but =F|A= community is amazing (of course there has been some "bad" examples in here too but mostly everything I've seen is positive). Don't take it too seriously! See you at some F|A server or in some tj server.
  13. Isn't that impossible in Jaymod? To pickup Panzer if you are Medic and so on? I don't know. What I do know is that in NQ and silEnT you can allow this in server config with some misc or weapon settings or so.

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