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Minecraft Server updated to 1.7.2, beginning of a new world!

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As the title of the thread says, =F|A= Survival #1 has been updated to 1.7.2 and a new world file has been generated!


A few changes with this update/world:

  • Admins will have creative mode while we are working on a new spawn (it will go away after that)
  • Shopkeepers and the Markkit have been removed, it's just too much of a pain in the ass to set up and hardly anyone used it anyway :\

If you have any ideas/suggestions feel free to post a suggestion thread in this subforum and everyone can discuss it and if it's good we can try it and see how it goes


The previous world has been on the server since February of 2013 and has the work of over 100 people on it, which after 10 months has resulted in a world file that is about 2.6GB in size! I have made the world file available for download here: https://www.dropbox....eb-Dec 2013.zip


Thanks to everyone who played with us over the last 10 months, I look forward to seeing the awesome things people do with the new world!

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I just updated my private LAN server to CraftBukkit 1.7.2_buildr03 myself today. Here's what I know so far about world generation (it's a little... off right now, I think the chunk generation is a little broken):

Cold Taiga (previously just Taiga) seems like it's now a rare biome, I haven't seen a Cold Taiga biome in over 20,000 blocks of new world generation. I am going to try to regenerate the current world with the same seed, and that way I can know for sure if Cold Taiga generation truly is broken.

Oceans are now much larger and deeper. However, with this most recent dev build of CraftBukkit, I have noticed "cliffs" between ocean and land some 20+ blocks in height. The formation of blocks (how they're arranged) tells me something is a little off in ocean generation.

Chunk generation is also EXCRUCIATINGLY SLOW.

Now that Survival #1 is up, I'll be sure to get on and play a little! I'll be uploading screenshots of my experience with CraftBukkit in development and beta stages (both on my private server and F|A's server) here soon.



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cool, i was looking forward to a server reset, was not a lot of fun to join a server where everything was gone already lol :P
will try to build some stuff later today :)



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Looks good Joe! I was on last night and started building. I can't say my stuff will be awesome but I'll give it a shot



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Chunks seem to be taking a while to load, but other than that; looking gooood :D



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The spawn is done, almost. I just had an idea for it, but need to discuss with Baska and Joe. Also need the rules, the top ones that people should be aware of. Three, is there a way to add a book with the rules in it, that is automatically in players inventory when they join for the first time?


Also, just a note, its really irritating to see people building in creative right away, instead of survival, knowing that it will be going away.  That takes the fun out of it and has an unfair advantage to other players. But that's my two cents. I also see pros to this situation too, so I'm not trying to be pessimistic.

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