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How Much interest in a new server?

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Ok this hypothetical ,, if we get enough admins and guests to show interest ,, i am willing to stick my neck out there and bring it up ,, give me votes on here to see and we can go from there


15 days from today i will show my findings to staff and senior admin and we can go from there.

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Sounds like it could be fun, just not sure I have time to play Minecraft.



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while the idea is cool i doubt it will take off, the base game is rather stale and if you start using modpacks people will want specifics ones included to be satisfied. Generally minecraft is over saturated with servers so if it is to get new players to play on it i'd say it is not worth it, if it is for FA members only and there is a steady playerbase it might be cool but then again we had minecraft servers before and only a few played on it...




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Just noticed the minecraft icon on the server list and was about to connect lol, sad



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Well our Minecraft server has gone through a few phases. The last was right before Bukkit shut down development, and our server ran for awhile... except that as the version got more and more outdated, nobody wanted to play anymore. And obviously, as Bukkit wasn't specialized, nobody really wanted to run an outdated client unless they were extremely partial to the server and the community.

We could try Spigot... I already know others are going to suggest Forge (which would work great), but that will limit our player base to Forge users only.
Personally, I would wait a bit... FTB is coming with a new 1.12 pack- if I remember correctly it was *super* behind on development and was stuck at 1.7 something for the longest time. If FTB gets some more active devs again that oculd be super fun and would appeal to a broad range of players.

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I havent played vanilla mc in forever, I got burnt out back when it was buggy and I had to mod everything only to have it ruined with updates. but they've added some stuff since I stopped.


feed the beast was a great way to go. I'd play if you guys started one up again.

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