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  1. Let us know if you still need help, best of luck
  2. I was able to stop by for a bit this time, yayyy Working on the weekend sucks lol
  3. welcome back, stick around!
  4. I'll try to snap some pics of mine soon, sad this didn't take off. I've got my 30" 2560x1600 work monitor on the desk and a 50" 4k tv next to it when i don't want to use keyboard and mouse for gaming or movies. Trying to keep it classic versus the technopunk look that so many are getting. I just wish I could get a better non-racecar chair without dropping big bills
  5. looking nice and clean! There's a couple spots you can hide the wires if you wanted to see less of them
  6. sorry bud didnt see the notification for you @'ing me. Did you order your parts yet? for a $500 USD budget you can easily get more performance. Mobile i7s on laptops are fairly neutered, and the intel onboard graphics are a joke, so any old midrange graphics card will run laps around it. The PC part picker looked decent, if it were me for storage drives I would sneak a SSD in there as the boot drive, in combination with or in-lieu of the 1tb HDD. In SSDs M.2 NVMe drives are much faster than SATA in benchmarks but day to day use with your usage scenario you'll likely never see a difference, either platform smokes a typical HDD.
  7. Leave's it to me to be there, I hope.
  8. No response, how sad. I do it all the time, I have a Prius C, Ford F250, and Jeep Cherokee. Couple quick tricks for ya, the vehicle puts your comfort over efficiency so don't leave the AC setting ON when you actually turn it off. It tries to keep it at the ready if you had AC on then turned the fan off. In town I get better MPG driving windows down versus AC, but the highway is a tossup. With the Jeep I've noticed better mileage by far neutral shifting coasting (lowers engine rpm several hundred), but I'm not going to make a habit out of it until I know more about the transmission. Plus its a lot of work... 40v mild hybrids were supposed to be a thing soon, I'd love to ditch the starter and alternator for one of those kits lol
  9. I'm gmt-7 so I'll try to make it if I'm home!!!
  10. Already tried all that, except adding ET to the newer AMD CCC - just tried that, no luck. Thanks anyways I'll give it a shot on the nvidia pc, do you get stable FPS?
  11. Heyo I've been playing a little more recently, it's always bugged me that modern PCs cant have stable frame rates. I've already done r_primitives 2. I saw that my graphics card was running low clock speed, so I forced it to 100% and that maybe helped some but I still can't keep 125 FPS?! I saw this thread here: https://community.amd.com/thread/198897 , haven't tried the OpenGL stuff. I have another pc with NVIDIA graphics that I'll test ET with but us AMD graphics folk shouldn't be left in the dust... Any other thoughts?
  12. cookiem0nster

    ET Server Suggestion Change Hardcore to Rotation

    a game as old as this, would be hard to get more voters. Would it be possible to make it so the voting is onscreen the whole time while people are looking at stats/etc?
  13. those are good ones. Might have to update my CDI it doesn't fully support my SSD, but crucial storage executive said it was healthy for SMART. I'll try benchmarking it again tonight, thanks!
  14. still no love. might be my PC though, hope my SSD isn't dying
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