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  1. Don't tell me what to do Mr. Gandalf Magneto
  2. PC gaming and streaming can vary hugely on necessary specs... You don't need much for PUBG or Fortnight etc, usually turn a lot of settings down anyway. But you need some beef if you want to stream VR lol. Good luck, it should go well. It's pretty darn easy to assemble once you get the hang of it.
  3. Might be an output-only port. I would get a set of USB headphones, or there are some that come with a usb to 3.5mm adapter for both the mic and headphones
  4. Scaling is used to make the resolution fit inside the full screen size usually, unless we are talking about two different things. You can make everything larger and still fit properly, I did that on my 4k 55" tv pretty easy. I will try to grab the settings tonight.
  5. when i was on a tight budget many moons ago, I would build a system with good key parts and the bare minimum on others. The motherboard is the hardest thing to swap on a pc since everything connects to it. Still not hard but harder than a ram upgrade. So back when this was an issue I got a case I was happy with, a nice motherboard, and an OK CPU and RAM, graphics card, etc. Graphics cards are always improving each generation with new features, but 8 year old CPUs are still kicking butt. My older system is on a six-core CPU running at 4.3 ghz with room to go higher, and the system can handle 48gb easily, up to 96gb of ram. I probably built this in 2009 or 2010. But Intel keeps changing sockets now to make it harder for people to do what I did too. AMD doesn't change them as often thankfully. There will always be a part or piece where if you just spent $20 more it would be 'so muuuch better', but you have to be able to live with the financial burden afterwards too. Also if you get a cheap drive-only blu-ray drive, you wont be able to just plug it in and play movies. You have to have software to play them, which you can do for free but it is a pain in the behind if you aren't good at tweaking things. What are your goals? Are you opposed to getting some used parts for a lot less money? Shop around too, pc part picker doesn't always find the cheapest - that CPU brand new on ebay is 290$, saves you $30 right there. Free shipping is your friend, all of those prices don't include shipping costs by the way. Buying from several vendors will cost more in shipping than buying from a couple, and some offer free shipping if you jump through hoops or use coupons. Black Friday/cyber monday week is always a great time to buy. Oh and Nvidia and Intel are dropping new products so this generation will get cheaper. Just my .02 cookies worth
  6. Well I'm finally moved back into the house about two weeks ago, they finally delivered my monitor so I should be getting more active over the next few weeks while I begin settling back in.

    TTFN ❤️ and 🍪

    1. CheepHeep


      Best news ever! Welcome back brother!

  7. why did you "upgrade" to the new laptop? I would install the drivers for nvidia and get a bigger ssd on old one if it were me
  8. O_o, never saw you in a long time. Good to see you back, welcome back online lol

    1. cookiem0nster


      Thanks buddy I'm going to be afk for another month or two... House caught fire in December so I'm in a hotel lol

    2. CheepHeep


      Cookie! I LOVE YOU!

  9. complete garbage. FK fayBk. Youa'd think the scandal of SELLING USER INFORMATION would make them back off, but this is crazy
  10. yeah I overclocked an i5 8400 or 8500 I cant recall, by about 500 mhz without trying hard on a board that supported bclk overclocking. 500 isn't too shabby without trying. Could easily have hit 750, maybe 1000 with adjusting multipliers for everything else - this is more old school overclocking. Kids have it easy these days with just setting cpu multi to whatever they want another thing to dump some heat (and power consumption and increase longevity) is to undervolt the cpu. Intel and AMD don't have time to fine tune every IC they send out, a lot of times the general voltage used is faily higher than necessary. An i5/i7 reduced .1 in vcore can drop several degrees often, if not more depending on the cooling used etc, and any motherboard not from an oem can do voltage adjustments. Just test for stability too much vcore change can make it unstable. Prime95 and cinebench are a couple free programs that can be good for testing stability, amongst many others. Tons of programs for monitoring voltage and temperatures too... Speccy is one that comes to mind, or use CPUz and GPUz if you want independent programs. I use that and others too - or you can use the intel extreme overclocking software for frequencies, voltages, temps, if the motherboard allows you can use it for mild overclocking or undervolting within windows... SMALL CHANGES then verify
  11. tried to add some of you guys, no luck. my steam is =F|A=CookieMonster/Uncle Dolan
  12. yeah its just a very slight speed bump. Depending on your motherboard you might be able to BCLK overclock it some, even though its not a -k edition cpu. Just FYI

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