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    Don't count me out , i have been playing cod since it came out but not on pc or mac i played on ps3 sine it came out but ever since i moved my ps3 broke and know i play on my mac
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  1. I was banned on et

    my guid is up
  2. I was banned on et

    As soon as I get on tonight will do
  3. I was banned on et

    ok i finally got it fixed ,,
  4. I was banned on et

    no swag keeps kicking me
  5. I was banned on et

    i just started playing on et so i guess i am not set there,, but wouldnt someone check the forums before kicking , said i was banned , still getting used to et console so
  6. I was banned on et

    for some reason i was banned on NQ1 for wearing tags ,, can someone clearafy this , i am a l14 admin on cod4 and been in the clan since 2012
  7. Happy Birthday to KILLERGUN

    happy birthday killer gun
  8. How Much interest in a new server?

    Ok this hypothetical ,, if we get enough admins and guests to show interest ,, i am willing to stick my neck out there and bring it up ,, give me votes on here to see and we can go from there 15 days from today i will show my findings to staff and senior admin and we can go from there.
  9. I AM BACK!

    welcome back i was gone for 3 years with work but ,, your back and active thats all that matters
  10. Meinkraft! (lol)

    i will be willing to bring back up in convo with leadership if we get more interest
  11. SPAWN

    Ok i have been back about 3 weeks , the spawns are getting alittle crazy ,, can we fix these back to where they are irratic instead of a few meters away from the guy who killed you? this an issue on beginnners server
  12. mw2 dedicated servers

    I think this is a good idea
  13. What version of wolfenstein to buy to play et

    having trouble getting on jay1 ,, says cant authenticate server
  14. Having trouble getting on

    saying cant authinticate server
  15. Having trouble getting on

    getting a mp- 86 error message