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Ol Smoke

Ever had one of those days?

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Yesterday started like most days but it got to be a real bad day later.


A few weeks ago I was edging the side yard and hit one of the sprinkler heads with the edger.  It seemed fine but was damaged.

I checked it out Wednesday and it was leaking out the head cover so I knew I had to replace it.

So Yesterday I go out and dig out the sprinkler head and remove it and I go out to Lowe's to get another one.  I go back to the

sprinkler department and find the replacement for it and head home.  I get down and start cleaning out the hole so no dirt gets

into the line.  I put the new sprinkler head onto the line to screw it on when the sprinkler head goes all the way down onto the

line. ???  I look at the head and it's the wrong one.  It is a 3/4" screw feed and I need a 1/2" feed.

So back to Lowe's I go and I have to return it first, of course.  Then I head back to the sprinkler department to get the right one.

I go to the box where I read  1/2"  180 degree spray head  Rainbird.  That's it.  I go pay and head home.  I get back down onto

my old bad knees and I screw it onto the feed line and I am now going to set the coverage.  On the sprinkler head it shows where

the water will go, this one is 180 degrees so it sprays in front and on both sides.  I look at the head and it doesn't look right.  So

I get down closer and it is a 360 degree sprayer head.  The language that came out of me would have embarrassed a prison inmate.

Back to Lowe's I go.  Returns. Sprinkler department.  I pull the box down that says 1/2" thread - 180 degree coverage - Rainbird.

I pull out another head.  360 degree.  I check them all and they are all 360 degree.  So I look for another box.  No other box do I see.

I see a box of 1/2" 360 degree so I check them out, but that's what they are.  So I get some help and he can't find the 180 degree ones.

They check the back stock room,  nothing.  So now I have to drive all the way to the other end of town and go to Wilco.  I finally find the

head I am looking for whoo hoo!   I get it home, screw it on, set the coverage, and open the screw tap a 1/4 turn.  I go turn on the

water and nothing is coming out of that head.  So I grab my little screwdriver and go get into the water and turn the screw tap and

nothing.  I turn the water off.  Get back onto my bad knees and take the head back off.  I turn the head upside down and there is a

little cardboard insert in the end of the 1/2" screw tap that reads "For 1/2" standard thread only"  "Remove this tag before using".

More cursing.  I remove the tag.  Redo everything and finally !!!!!  Water!  And it is in the right area and spraying like it should.

I cover the sprayer hole and tamp down the dirt.  I go back into the garage and hit the spray button on the controller.  I hear nothing.

I go out, no water in any of the sprayers.  I then hear my wife scream.  UH OH.  I run back to the controller and hit the pause button.

I forgot to tell it to run only the front side sprinklers.  My wife was working in her garden when the back sprinklers came on.

After she dried off, I took her to Wendy's for a burger, fries, and Frosty.  The burger was wrong.   And on it goes......

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When such a day. Whisky.

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Oh yeah forever havin those days

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Idk why, but your story reminded me of this song..


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The burger was wrong.   And on it goes......


LOL, good culmination of the story.


But yeah, they say friday and 13th is bad day, never noticed it. But some days you woke up and know that everything will go wrong. And it WILL.


Breathe in, breathe out, tomorrow´s gonna be a better day:)



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Hahaha.... it be like that sometimes.

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