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  1. Sup Bro/Gals! I'm somewhat back playing this game again. So if you see me in Silent, It's really me lol

  2. Wow, its really been a while.....Time really does flies.

    1. daredevil


      Welcome back :) 

  3. Hopefully I will be back soon! ;)

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    2. LazyHippo


      Yeeeah!! damn Nim been a while, nice to hear from you :)

      Any chance to catch u on Silent1?

    3. Nimrod


      Hopefully, you will soon lazy. I'm trying to wait until I get my new desktop. I think ET is causing my laptops to overheat.

    4. LazyHippo


      Damn, yah I´ve got the same problem man, anyway hope to see you soon :)

  4. Just got done with basic training a few days ago (it sucked lol), now on to AIT.

    1. Haruhi Suzumiya

      Haruhi Suzumiya

      I had a blast at basic. If anything it was too easy (ft.jackson). What is your MOS?

    2. LazyHippo


      Hey Nim glad to hear from ya, seems duty caught you this time :P

    3. Nimrod


      Haruhi I went to fort Jackson as well lol, my mos is 25u (signal support). I miss you guys lazy, I look forward to playing on server with you guys again.

  5. I was hoping honesty with be the best policy. Lol
  6. Ahh man, that sucks. Hate to say this, but sounds like you're screwed, lol.
  7. Nimrod

    Hitler Cat

    Found this pic on the net, thought it was funny
  8. I feel your pain man. You best option might be to buy a used laptop. Craiglist has some pretty good deals, if you can find them.
  9. Yes, we wouldn't want to injured the very sweet, and delicate Drill instructor would we.
  10. Lmao... Right, I'll keep that in mind.
  11. I'm sure some of you have notice my absence from server by now. So I wanted to give everyone an explanation on whats going on. Basically, it's two reason, the first one being that my last gaming laptop died on me a few months back. I have gotten a new laptop since (sorta), but it has overheating problems, and playing ET on it will probably kill it. The second reason is that I've made a major life decision to join the Army. Getting prepared for the Army mentally and physically takes a great deal of time/energy. I hope this clear things up for the people/clanmates that was wondering about me. Th
  12. Good to know you're still with us.
  13. Nice cover man, "Dee" is definitely a tough piece to play. Randy is one of my favorite guitarist as well. His solo on "Mr.Crowley" (After Hours Special) was (imo) one of the greatest rock solos in history. A top class musician that died way too soon.
  14. Bahahahaha..... At first I thought this was serious until it got to the restraining order part. Then I was like wtf lol, I love this video.
  15. Grab'em by the p***y. Thanks Trump lol.
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