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I saw Baska was kind enough to hide my previous topic. Thank god I took a screenshot of it before it magically disappeared.




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Members have the right for the truth, hiding these kind of topics makes it only look worse.

especially after it already had more then 200 views it's useless to hide / delete topic without a proper answer.

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ok ok settle down guys. we just didnt want topic spam. I am locking this topic to prevent further arguin. Just wait for Dare himself to answer the question.


Lets just all settle down and relax alright.


/locked waiting for founders reply

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First thing first: It wasn't removed by Baska. Stop lying. Scream hided it till I reply. Each moderator can see it.


I like how you made up story thinking oh I will post wrong stats and people will stop donating or start leaving. Those who are planning to do that then you shouldn’t be here in first place. Period.


But still for the fun sake, I will post the stats. Let me make it very clear I like how you made up wrong stats to provoke others.


1.Private slot: Fake number . According to you we have 38 private slot users. Open challenge. If you are the man of your word accept the challenge and find 38 different people who paid for it in 2012. Ask them to “report” this topic and ask them to provide the proof of their invoice paid. Proof would be seen by all co leaders, leaders and staff. Open challenge where each staff, co leaders and leaders cansee.


Also people donate through front end and then ask for private slot in PM's that hey I have donated, can I get private slot? What happens? Front end donation bar increases but in fact we have to increase server slot to accommodate the request, resulting in increase in cost of server bill.


2. VIP Membership Issue: All know that we run IP.Nexus from IPB for store which cost 75$ for first time and then 35$ every 6 months. As software it’s not perfect and it’s encoded so we can’t fix it either. Live example for Alexandra. Her VIP is expired but due to bug in IPB she still has one. Unless someone fixes it manually she is going to have it forever even though she doesn't pay anything for years. What you did? Count donation made in 2011 to be inside 2012 and 2013. Example: Someone donates in 2011 let's say 20$ and yet you count that donation in 2012 and 2013 even though nothing has been donated. End Result: You tried to show 20$ donation like 60$ and this is just an example but their are few to many VIP's like that. End result: Wrong stats and you are aware of it. So why to create wrong numbers?


3. VIP membership Issue 2: Another live example: Chuckun donated 15$ through forum front end. So forum donation bar increased. Then he asked to transfer that to Lucy. So now she has VIP. End Result: "15$ donation looks to be 30$ i.e. one donation and one VIP while fact is it's just 15$" Many members donate from front end and convert it to VIP so 15$ changes to 30$ in front of everyone's eye but it's 15$. Most of the staff and above is aware of the issue including yourself.


You are well aware of the issue but you decided to make scene out of it. I am lying? No. Anyone can ask Chuckun. Feel free to say now that Chuckun is lying too since you hate him. Every staff, co leader and leader knows about it. Topic is in staff section. This has happened to many members and users. Am I making up now? No. I already posted it before also that it’s really mess for me to convert donations to VIP because of same above issue. There are tons of VIP’s like that and hence this topic:




4. I also like how you didn’t mention the price for forums? It cost 210$/year for forum renewal. Don’t believe me? Check on IPB website. I am sure you knew that but you wanted to hide that in stats so others don’t think about it. This is just the price for using it and to use new updates.


350$ one time and then 105$/6 months.




We also have special add-ons for forums which also cost money. Don’t believe me? Check yourself.


40$ http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5386-tutorials/

25$ Raffle add-on cost.


We have many paid add-ons like that. Live Update, Birthday greetings, etc. All forum skins are not free either.


Now we also loose money on add-ons which stop working and author doesn't fixes it. We are not special but every IPB forum admin looses that.


5. Charge backs: Who pays for charge back? We do and not you. When some files wrong charge back I have to pay 35$ to paypal extra.


6. I also like how you mentioned 10$ for redirect when its 15 Euro for us. 15 Euro =/= 10$ We have 2 VPS one in Europe and one in USA. Ask Pinoy how much good one cost. He also has one. No we don't have cheap redirects. We have 220Mbps port speed. So when 30-40 players are downloading same map they get atleast descent speed.


For those who don't know conversion: 100Mbps = 12.5 MB/s at max theoretically. Practically dedicated servers of 100Mbps port get around 10-11MB/s at max if host is good or you can even get 80Mbps most of the time...including your's Kai (you have 100Mbps port server for your hosting business also) and you are well aware of it. We are on 17.8M/s i.e. 220Mbps port. No one likes to download at 10kbps from server.



--2013-02-10 16:56:10-- http://cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test

Resolving cachefly.cachefly.net...

Connecting to cachefly.cachefly.net||:80... connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

Length: 104857600 (100M) [application/octet-stream]

Saving to: “100mb.test.4”


100%[============>] 104,857,600 17.8M/s in 6.1s


2013-02-10 16:56:16 (16.4 MB/s) - “100mb.test.4” saved [104857600/104857600]


18MB/s appx. With 30 players downloading it's 0.6MB/s. No one likes to wait 30 mins to join server. Quality never comes cheap.


7. I also like how you added false server hosting business profit. If you don't have access to it how you can say exact amount? In business you make some and loose some. Their is no 100% profit making business, so please stop spreading lies. Any adult would know this, it's common sense.


On top does clan work for it? I do so clan can have some source of income. In fact, it's my income but I decide to donate it to clan so others can enjoy. That shouldn't come under clan donation amount and you should have common sense for it. It's my wish to donate it and run it so F|A members can enjoy. I am not forced to do so. Please also add my personal job income under clan donation now LOL


8. I also like how you didn't added cost for BF3. It cost 1.25$ to 1.5$/slot and we used to run for 32 slot for months and we also run BF:BC2 before...


9. More or less why you forget the cost of 2008 R2 Enterprise license? Who pays for windows licenses? We did and I don't think you did. We have 2 - 2008 R2 Enterprise license. Got both license from my friend because he was owning me money. You are well aware that we run legit license since you had access to servers but still you didn't mentioned it. Wondering what would be total amount for 2 windows 2008 R2 Enterprise license which I donated for clan... Even standard cost for 600$/license and we are having 2 Enterprise license.


10. I also like how you didn't mention cost about RPG Gaming forum cost and such. RPG Gaming is for F|A.


We like how you manipulated things and come up with wrong stats .... Dream on.. We where here before you and we will be here till we have free time to do something for community so all can enjoy. You will need to come up with much more wrong things and even after that we will be here.


I also like how you never mentioned Paypal charges they charge on each transaction and the taxes which I need to pay.


You are going to go nowhere with your lies and those who have common sense will look through your lies easily.

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I know starting a new topic is not the best way to reply to a locked one, but since you addressed me, I'd like to answer to your points.



Good, I don't know why JoeDirt would refuse to give any statement about it, but now there is one. After all I simply asked for clarification.


1. If you actually read my post, you would have noticed the parts about my saying that the private slots are based on the servers' private slots and that I think the number is unrealistic.


2. Good, I understand that.


3. Yes, I am aware of that and understand it.


4. Again, if you read the post, you would have noticed that I included forum support costs. Right above the image where it says "Okay, the missing $250 could be for forum support, potential new themes or any other costs.".


5. How many chargebacks have there been last year?


6. If you really pay 15€ for a simple VPS, then you probably pay for the wrong product. I remember having made a comparison for you a while ago. 15€ is quite expensive for a redirect server. However, be it 15€/$20 a month, it doesn't make that much of a difference either. Furthermore, I don't see how you would need three VPS for the redirects.


7. That's why I wrote "I have no numbers about that either, but I have a rough idea that it has at least three customers and I think it is safe to assume that each of them spends $30 a month for their server/s.". If I am that wrong, what is the correct amount of donations from your server business?


8. How long and at what cost? I doubt the price fluctuated between $1.25 and $1.50.


9. Exactly, you got both licenses for free. I don't see how this is relevant for this topic.


10. Fine, even though it is for =F|A=, I don't see much relevance here either. You run it on the same server, so the only thing, apart from domain costs, I could think of are forum support costs.


Furthermore, what about the ad revenues? I imagine there are a few dollars from Google Ads as well. And what about donations from the website with the old system where they weren't added to the donation bar?


After all, none of what you wrote explains that much of a difference in my calculations in my opinion. It might be $1000, $2000 or hell, even $3000 less, but can't be enough for you to be at a loss.


I don't see how I manipulated anything here or made up wrong stats to provoke others. I was wondering about the costs, made up calculations from the earnings and expenses I know of or could think of, and asked for corrections or explanations.


Yes, I never included PayPal fees. What are these? 4%? That would be somewhat around $360 in my calculations.


Now what are the correct calculations? It's fine if it works out every year and probably not so good if it doesn't, but since you don't make any profit, why not list the earnings and expenses?


Those with common sense don't have to look through my alleged lies, they will use their own brain and might actually ask themselves the same I do.






merged by corey

Edited by Corey

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Look Kai, its really simple we never made a single cent of profit. You and your cohorts might think otherwise that's fine everyone is entitled to their own opinion. There are few people every year that get on some power trip (steiner, killyounow etc) I really don't know why, and at this point I really do not care. After all you resigned 2 weeks ago without bringing any of these concerns up then, nor in the past 3 years. Your motivation is clear here and I will be damned if you are going to twist Dare's words or mine or anyone's on these forums here. Dare provided the answer you might not like it and not agree with it. Please keep your opinions and comments to yourself from now on.

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Stop lying after being challenged. Man up and say I can't take the challenge because I was just here to put accusations.


1. Your private slots - When the time came to accept the challenge you said you were just exaggerating... if you are going to exaggerated then make us million dollar clan cos that would be fun to see it for once even on just post. I don't know what's the point to even exaggerate when you know that's not true? Your motives are clear.


2. VIP calculation - Again wrong. You know it so don't need to play innocence good to know thing. You had access to IP.Nexus unrestricted. No need to increase the donations by 3x amount although we wouldn't mind having it so we can add more servers.


3. According to you, I got the win 2008 R2 Ent license for free and you may say that to all. Open Challenge to anyone here. Please provide me 1 more license for free and I will pay anyone who does that 50$ and it's 50$ profit for your right their. Microsoft isn't my uncle. Google, Microsoft windows 2008 R2 Enterprise license. Microsoft is not stupid to give out "legit licenses" for server which cost more then 800$ (or even more) for free to anyone. If anyone finds the way out we can make fortune together. Who is up for making some money if what Kai said is true.


4. Now you can't justify your lie because I showed the proof so you went on with your logic oh VPS is not needed. Which shared hosting provides dedicated 200Mbps port? No one. Open challenge again for everyone. Provide me 200Mbps min speed for 1$/month and then we will discuss. I cleared explain why 200Mbps port is needed but you can deny it. Stop being ignorant.


You calculated our yearly bill to be 4350 which is partially correct. I am sure you didn't added many of the things in it just to make it show lower number:


1. It's funny how you didn't added cost for BF3 (Appx 40$/month for 32 slots and since last couple of months we lowered it to 24)

2. It's funny how you didn't added cost for =F|A= & RPG IPS commercial license cost. 300$/year is not small amount + extra services (50$) + add-ons cost. Ends up being more then 400$ so that players enjoy top notch forums.

3. Not to mention host change expenses are 2x. You are well aware that we need to pay extra when something goes wrong. Everyone expects ready server to play on but someone got to spend hours for it to tune up right things.

4. Domain renewal cost is not 30$ for 5 domains "Without Coupons" and you are well aware of it but ok I will also put this up as open challenge. Please renew this 5 domains for 30$ without coupons for one year. I will pay anyone who can do that for me. We host domain with Godaddy.







fearless-assassin.info (our old back up redirect)


My challenges are open for anyone. Simply "Report" the topic and tell me for which challenge you or anyone is up. If you know how to save money? Everyone is more then welcome to help. Penny saved is penny earned.


At the end as Joe said:

After all you resigned 2 weeks ago without bringing any of these concerns up then, nor in the past 3 years. Your motivation is clear here and I will be damned if you are going to twist Dare's words or mine or anyone's on these forums here. Dare provided the answer you might not like it and not agree with it. Please keep your opinions and comments to yourself from now on.
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People making stories after leaving clan?? why not when they were in? I am not much into drama .. but its not hard to figure out attention whores and butthurts..



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