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Speedfact update

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All the best Speed for a full recovery. our prayers are with you to pull you through.

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The good news is he's alive and has a chance to survive, the bad news is he's beat up really bad...

[14:45] <This user is now online>

[14:45] =F|A= G.I. Joe: any word?

[14:45] =F|A= Speedfact: Hey, well you want the bad or good first?

[14:45] =F|A= G.I. Joe: Lets get bad out of the way

[14:46] =F|A= Speedfact: He might have brain damage, along with no right arm and right leg (if the operation goes bad that is).

[14:47] =F|A= G.I. Joe: hell...

[14:47] =F|A= G.I. Joe: what's the good news?

[14:48] =F|A= Speedfact: Good news is he is still alive but still in critical. They have to remove all the damn metal from him. Oh and he was yelling in the background (while I was on the phone) "Where the f*** is my beer?"

[14:48] =F|A= Speedfact: Something tells me he will pull through. Just a guess.

[14:50] =F|A= G.I. Joe: It's such a relief to hear he's alive and that he still wants his beer

[14:50] =F|A= Speedfact: More good news is he will probably be home in a few weeks, if he survives the operations. But the doc said he had a 32% chance of survival at this point.

[14:50] =F|A= G.I. Joe: that's better than 31%

[14:51] =F|A= Speedfact: lol yeah that's my cousin: beer women and games is all he needs to live.

[14:51] =F|A= G.I. Joe: sure is lol

[14:51] =F|A= Speedfact: yeah it was better than the .25% chance they had for us at 4 am

[14:51] =F|A= G.I. Joe: much much better

[14:52] =F|A= G.I. Joe: Well, I really apprecite you keeping me posted, as do all his friends in our clan


There probably won't be any more news for the next 7-8 hours when he gets out of surgery.

Edited by GI-JOE

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Best wishes to Speedy and his family. Hope you recover soon and get back to us

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I cant find the words...


those of you that pray. Please pray for our Speedfact.

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Praying for him.

No f***ing way any politics can justify this. It is a blessing and a curse that he took this for our country.


This is going to put a lot of stress on his wife...his unborn baby too. Praying for all of them.

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You got this speed, We will carry you on our Shoulders through this, Every step of the way Soldier!


May god bless you Erik, You WILL Survive, And God will not Fail you.

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