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  1. very nice to see you are alive... I to am recently reincarnated. 1.7 no longer hates me
  2. now me so HAPPY replaced router tried 1.7 played for a while no issues here is my new winMTR
  3. I had fun guys. only for about 4 min before i get disconnected but it was for a bit. I have tags after name. Hope thats ok. I was thinking of a more (non active) member thing.
  4. Hope someone can wave their magic wand and fix this... I have PB at the highest version before they dropped COD I even tried a config_mp from Laintime SwE I was asked if I get this same issue with other 1.7 servers... there are servers other than =F|A= blasphemous . I have the version switcher from the =F|A= site. And if I have to give the internet a neck punch I will do it.
  5. please I hope someone can figure it out... I was all geared up to play the =F|A= fun day and 1.7 HATES me I can play 1.6 all day no problem.. as soon as I get on the 1.7 i get 4-10 min then it loses connection to server.. first WINMTR I entered Google.ca second pic is of me in the softcorebeginners I was only one there and just running around at about the 4 min mark little lag symbol on screen and everything freezes... i move mouse it will move left or right and freeze again... stallls for a bit then it says timed out \
  6. for CREEK I really like HQ... cause on creek high ground camps... and pick on other side... With HQ you are always moving around... Also I agree only 1 HQ the rotation can be larger. for the maps everyone seems to love.. put it in twice.(spread it out) like Overgrown TDM and later on overgrown capture the flag
  7. glad to see your alive! thought you died or got even older!

  8. Happy Birthday Theo519!

  9. No I just mute everyone, so I don't hear them scream

  10. I have been on beginners mainly.. I miss Abnerdog's It has a nice rotation of maps and game style. Hope to be there more often
  11. i agree soul... I didnt really think about it till you mentioned it. when playing the other day.. I was killed and spawned same area and was able to kill the guy who got me. And those damn air strikes.. hate getting killed more than once in a strike.
  12. I would like to thank all the victims that make my KDR possible ;-)

    1. speedfact


      one lucky streak and he thinks hes the king :P

    2. Wifestein


      you'll never be the king speedy <3

    3. ajnl


      ^jealousy lol

  13. Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin Best wishes today and always

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