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    Found 7 results

    1. Cell phone video of a man resisting arrest in his own home and having his head slammed through a wall is going viral. How the New York City police officers got inside the home is unclear, but it all stemmed from a puppy being walked without a leash. Tags Police Nicholson Gregoire, a 25-year-old biology student at Nassau Community College, was walking his puppy pit bull, Blue, around 5:00 pm on December 15 when he noticed police conducting “stop and frisk” searches, according to the New York Daily News. Police noticed the dog wasn’t restrained by a leash and asked Gregoire for ID. Gregoire reportedly was granted permission to go inside his Queens Village home to find the ID, but he closed the door, prompting two officers to repeatedly ring the doorbell. Gregoire’s 87-year-old grandfather, Roleme, came down the stairs to answer the door, but from there, the police and Gregoire tell different versions of subsequent events. “The police are alleging that my client answered the door and dragged them inside, to justify coming into the house … They had no basis to enter the premises,” Mark Crawford, the lawyer for Gregoire, told the New York Daily News. The arrest report alleges Gregoire would not hand over his ID, against the grandfather’s advice. Cell phone video taken by Gregoire’s girlfriend opens with an ongoing struggle between Gregoire and the officers, though Gregoire is holding up his hands showing his ID. Gregoire and his grandfather say police pushed through the grandfather to make the arrest. The wrestling continued for several minutes, and at one point the video shows Gregoire’s arm around one officer’s neck. Eventually backup arrives and things escalate. “I don’t recall putting the officer in a chokehold,” Gregoire told the Daily News, his arm in a sling for an elbow injury. Gregoire’s head ends up busting a hole in a wall after multiple hammerings from one of the four additional officers. Others punched or pepper-sprayed him multiple times before the six-foot six man was finally handcuffed. “I’ve been watching the video over and over. I didn’t use any foul language. I don’t think I should have been arrested in my home for walking my dog. I was scared for my life. They have the guns,” Gregoire said, adding he’s suffered from migraines and nightmares since the encounter. Gregoire is facing seven years in prison for charges including resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, and strangulation, according to the Daily News. His employer has suspended him, and he missed a final exam at school before his family paid $2,500 in cash to bail him out of jail. The 105th Precinct officers had simply wanted to issue a ticket and court summons for violation of leash laws, an NYPD spokeswoman told the Daily News. “They used two full cans of Mace on me like a rabid animal. Not one of the officers tried to deescalate the situation,” Gregoire said. Two officers sustained unspecified injuries and were released. Gregoire says he will file a claim against the city. “The police showed no respect for the law, almost like mob mentality. If they were not police officers this would have been a gang assault,” Crawford said. “My client’s constitutional rights were violated. The officers were smiling and that’s telling. These officers were not in any physical danger.” Source https://www.rt.com/usa/327297-man-arrested-dog-walking/
    2. Emergency workers struggled to access the passageway which is a popular cut-though in the area https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgX5ZSNi_kY A disabled man was trapped in a tunnel for TWO days after his electric wheelchair broke down leaving him stranded. The man, who has not been named, was making his way along the 300 yard former railway tunnel on Sunday when his transport stalled. He was finally discovered a full 48 hours later and rescued by emergency workers using a 4x4 because ambulances could not access him. They checked him over and took him to hospital to be treated for chills and dehydration. He is expected to make a full recovery. Officials told 6 News the man was inside the Pinkerton Tunnel in Somerset County, Pennsylvania when his luck turned. The route creates a path across a bight of the Casselman River between Markleton and Fort Hill in southwest Pennsylvania. The popular cut-though runs along a cycle path an walkway called the Great Allegheny Passage which is 150 miles long and runs from Pittsburgh to western Marylan d. Source http://www.mirror.co.uk/
    3. This live streamer began filming himself online messing around with an oil match - you can probably work out what happens next. A cigarette hangs out his mouth as he chats away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTLQ4JTZVGA Playing with fire: The streamer begins lighting the match Around five minutes into the original footage, the oil match catches on fire and he begins to panic. He frantically tries to extinguish it before discarding the match itself in a plastic bag - filled with PAPER. Unfortunately this is just the start of the drama. Fire: A small blaze breaks out but this is just the start Blaze: The match ignites paper in a plastic and quickly gets out-of-hand The match is still alight and soon sets alight the paper. The streamer frantically rushes to put out the blaze, dragging the bag to the other side room. But the fire gets more and more intense as the flames rage. Raging fire: The streamer can be seen using a cardboard box to put out fire Footage shows him using a cardboard box to halt the inferno. By the end of the film, the fire is completely out of control. The smoke is so overwhelming, you can hardly still see the live streamer. Read more : Couple rescued from serious house fire sparked by faulty second hand Xbox games console The scenes - viewed more than 233,000 times on YouTube - feature a man reportedly called 'Ushiro' who lives in Shikoku, Japan. It is not believed that the streamer or anyone else was harmed in the footage , with one poster describing the incident in several replies as 'minor'. Read more: Terrifying footage of California wildfires as 4,000 people flee homes after state of emergency declared Another YouTube poster ChaoticApocalypse said: "It's his stream-chat, a lot of streamers have a text-to-speech thing set up to read out donation messages and stuff, so his viewers were sending him messages. "When the fire first starts the voice reads out a message saying "Ushiro! Ushiro!" (Behind! Behind!), so one of his viewers was trying to warn him of the burning bag behind him. "Later on the messages are stuff like "How did this even happen?" and "Why aren't you calling 119?" Source http://www.mirror.co.uk/
    4. Ellie Long and her family record the moment they pass a man with no shoes on chasing a camel along Shahama Road in Abu Dhabi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFwhudLLxWc Ellie Long and her family came across a strange sight when driving down Shahama Road in Abu Dhabi. Her video shows a man desperately running along the side of a motorway after a camel - which seems to be getting away. Mrs Long told"The guy chasing the camel also had no shoes on! "Can you imagine his poor feet after running?" Credit: Ellie Long Nursery teacher's assistant, Mrs Long, moved to Abu Dhabi with with her family in October last year. The video, which was posted to facebook with the title 'only in Abu Dhabi', has had over 50k views so far. Source: The telegraph
    5. Day 10 of my adventure! I'm sure you guys have all seen some pretty wicked computer builds. I know I have, but a certain subject that many often ignore is DECOR. Your man cave/office has to have some sort of decor, right? One example is my 31-inch Darth Vader figure with 7 movable parts and a real fabric cape. It is a shrine of Lord Vader's divinity! http://imgur.com/BrSUGFI I bought this a few years ago to help pick up the ladies, and I have to say... I'm quite satisfied! (Other than the whole "picking up the ladies" paradigm... That can use some work) Anyway, I'm hoping to get a lightsaber and some other man cave props. What do you decoration your man cave with? ~Mr. Grimm, The Grimm Train
    6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om8Nph1IvMo
    7. The beginning I'm a serious guy.. as I grew up I had many flirts, crushed and "stories" with girls.. but my one purpose, was always to find the person I would spend the rest of my life with.. I always believed in love, marriage and commitment... It was not just a question of how I was raised.. it was a question of character.. I was what I wanted for myself, and what I felt good about.. But as the old man says.. good guys finish last.. during the +- 15 years of my adult, emotional life I had been f***ed up more time then the one I would like to admit.. I mean.. since every woman tells the tail, that all they want in life is a prince in shiny armor.. and a man that they can bring home to the parents.. I guessed my chances were pretty high.. until I realized that the speech of these bitches was just to make appearances.. and all they really want is to get f***ed doggy style by a different guy each week.. let me rephrase that.. a guy each day... Now that does not shock me.. I have always been a open minded guy.. hell... if I was the one with a pussy... and knowing how guys are.. I would be getting laid every night.. I would be the biggest hoe in my neighborhood ... but the BIG difference here, is that I WOULD ADMIT IT.. And thats what I don't get.. why the f***, do these cunts thing they can come to a guy.. allow him fall in love.. make promises they don't intend to keep.. just so they can "get some" and then flee like nothing ever happened.. I know I seem to be talking out of rage, from a broken heart.. and maybe I am.. but that would't be, if every time I had asked them "are you serious about it?" those bitches hadn't answered "yes","I love you","I cant image anyone more perfect for me".. WTF... haven't you crapbags heard of honesty? the middle Since I'm a guy that believes in god, Karma, "what goes around comes around" and the universe is gonna avenge me (or else I'll do it myself).. I decided to "get out of the market"... No more flirts, stories or complications.. My life would resume itself to work, family, friends and beer.. the beer was not planned, but was a way to forget want I was missing in life.. what I always wanted.. someone to share my happy moments.. since there was no one to share.. there wasn't many happy moments.. so the next step was obvious... depression.. (from which I'm still recovering) but from the bottom of the pit I saw a light.. I fell In love with a girl, that put away all my fears.. simple, honest and I knew from the start that the last thing she would want to do is break my heart.. This is the girl that allowed me to move on.. make new plans.. live my life dreaming with a family, kids and all the dream that I had lost inside of me.. we made plans and commitments.. we bought a house.. and we lived together until... the end Of course.. this would be too perfect.. because all of this "going perfect" made me get distracted of the fact that she is still a woman.. which means that nothing is ever good enough for them... I knew from the beginning that she is not the most affectionate person in the world.. but come one... at least when I give some affection.. the return with a smile would be nice.. but nooooo.. she takes me for granted... gives almost nothing back.. and if I feel that there is no point.. and dedicate my time to myself...nooooo.. cant do.. I write this in a night where we had a discussion.. lately her nights consist in sitting like a zombie in front of the TV.. being beside her,has no objective, since she ignores me (as I said not much affectionate ) and since I don't like watching TV (specially the crappy TV series she sees) I prefer to come play ET... WHICH apparently I cant.. because I'm "not spending enough time with her"... WHAT THE f*** DOES SHE WANT.. for me to just sit there like a stuffed animal.. f***.. what about giving something back... what about being realistic about want can be accomplished in a relation.. what about the time we have to take for our selfs.. I'm pretty lost about this right know.. don't know where this is going from where... I'm almost sure this is not the end of the relation.. but for me it was the end of the dream.. and the realization that this "perfect" girl can be as b*** as the others.. and this marks the beginning of my journey to hell...

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