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Found 51 results

  1. Daughter showed me picture of CosPlay sword and asked if I can buy it for her. I said at I'll look for it. Then I started to think maybe we can do something together. So I'll looked some example from net and go to hardware store and did buy some plywood and there it started. A lot of carving to do and paint was difficult. Paint was grey base, metallic red, red candy and a lot of lack. Deep red on direct light.
  2. From the album: Xernicus' Photography

    Little test I did using a coupling ring to reverse an old lens. (Reverse lens macro)

    © 2015-2018 Xernicus

  3. From the album: Xernicus' Photography

    Historic Shell Station in downtown Issaquah, Washington- converted to toned B&W image. Yet another photo I thought I uploaded. Camera: Canon EOS 60D Info: 41mm, ƒ/5.6, 1/160s, ISO 100

    © 2016-2018 Xernicus

  4. Xernicus


    From the album: Xernicus' Photography

    Composition of two images combined with some effects to create a bold fantasy and moody feeling. Thought I uploaded this long ago. Location: Johannesburg Pass, Northern Cascade Range. Camera: Canon EOS 60D 44mm focal length, f/11, ISO 100 Note: This is a digitally watermarked and lower quality copy. Trusted members can PM me for a full quality image if interested.

    © 2016-2018 Xernicus

  5. The smoke of the 500K chimneys is frozen in the cold air of Sarajevo....
  6. These are some of the clicks by me, I always had a passion for photography when I was younger; these are some of them :) Hope you people like it P.S>- none of these are edited and I don't have a DSLR .... None of these were taken in any zoo... These were either taken near my home or any other national parks
  7. This is the third of a series of composite photos I've been working on. This was taken in the Northern Cascade mountain range (North Cascades National Park). Not my best work, but I'm working without my digitizer tablet and have been running into graphics driver issues with the version of PS that's compatible with the plugins I use. Info regarding copyright and for full-size or custom size images for wallpapers:
  8. Xernicus


    From the album: Xernicus' Photography

    This is the third of a series of my compositions of the night sky and the Northern Cascade mountains.

    © 2017 Xernicus, all rights reserved.

  9. Hey GFX team (and other lovely members)! I've decided it's time for a new signature, and I thought that I'd hand it over to you guys for once, since your skills are amazing. I don't have a VIP membership, so the signature size should be 600 x 130. Personally, I love photography, technology, anime, and Hatsune Miku... But if you haven't seen, for the past 5 years, I have had nothing except for Miku themed signatures and profile pictures. I am hoping to have either a sensual or angry Hatsune Miku image, with some console text or futuristic imagery transparent. The only text I'd like is "=F|A=Xernicus", though you can add some more if you'd like. I'd like the foreground color to be teal/aquamarine/turquoise. I hope this isn't too specific! I can ease up on the details if this is too much. Thank you so much!
  10. Thomas Pesquet (french astronaut) made THE BEST SELFIE EVER ! End your bathroom pic. edit : follow him on twitter, he's my hero. Amazing pic he did in his free time. Check this.
  11. Crelasa

    photography Tattoos

    Show me all your Tattoos like to see new ideas
  12. Hi guys, Besides playing ET all day long I also work! I thought it might was cool to share some of my latest work..
  13. http://www.lonelyspeck.com/lenses-for-milky-way-photography/ That guy explains it much clearly.
  14. The second in a series of composite images I'm working on. (A double exposure composite image featuring Mountains surround Johannesburg Pass in the Mt. Baker / Snoqualmie Nat'l Forest and a 15 second exposure of the night sky taken at Diablo Lake.)
  15. Composition of a previous upload combined with an exposure of the night sky to create the visually futuristic and fantasy-eqsue world that I dream of in my mind. (PS composition that I made from a few photos I took on my camping trip...) Let me know what you think?
  16. Every once in awhile, I like to look at exposures I've taken a year or two back and see how my perception of the image has changed. I also use it as an exercise to see what skills have developed/improved, which still need work (though there is no such thing as too much improvement ) So I decided to take a favorite old photo of mine, and re-process it. And well... I just had to share the results. The software used is the same (Photoshop, and Camera RAW), though the techniques I used for the color tones, highlights, sharpening- and even noise reduction- have changed. "2 second waterfall" (2014 edit) "Happy Creek" (2016 Edit) Let me know what you think! (And for the folks who are interested, feel free to download and use this image as a wallpaper!)
  17. So a couple weeks ago I was in Los Cabos Mexico. It was absolutely unreal. I stayed at a friend of a friends place. He's worth millions, and his place is insane. We whale watched from an infinity pool... Seriously wtf... who does this? We were in the VIP section in the biggest club in town. Bottles of Champagne just show up. It was nuts and something I'll never forget.
  18. Achilleus

    Still nature

    Didn't find any topics that would fit this specific criteria of mine, so I started a new one. Simply said - Nature pictures. Since in Estonia we don't have any high mountains, waterfalls or anykind of mentoniable nature sights (that comparing to the rest of the world) This is what I have to work with - fields, bogs, woods etc.
  19. Thought I'd share a few macro photographs now that I've finally gotten around to post-processing them...
  20. Decided to experiment with astrophotography on a clear New Year's Eve. Processed with ACR and Photoshop HDR functions. Taken on my back deck in Seattle, WA. ISO: 6400 f/3.5 @ 28mm 15-sec
  21. Hoooo boy, lots to update on. Firstly, I want to apologize that I haven't been very active on the forums - my schedule has been hectic. I just caught a cold last night, so it slowed me down a bit to post some pics that I know some of you have been wanting to see. Secondly, all these pics were taken in the past 3 weeks or so. Some are professional and some were taken by myself or others. I wanted to share as much as I could because frankly I enjoy my life and the people in it - so I wanted my F|Amily to be a part of it as well. Lastly, I will say some sites or brands that I have been recently affiliated with. I am merely sharing the good news, not advertising myself or anything on here. Bullet points to reduce banter: I have been asked and hired to model for a starting-out clothing brand named Black Death Apparel. They have a side site of us gals named Black Death Girls - essentially, it will be a SuicideGirls concept, but much more hardcore - with more tattoos, piercings, and more of an overall alternative look. I did do a shoot with the owner, but since he has not given me the shots with his brand on them for weeks at a time, I wanted to carry on the thread anyway. Also: He aims to center around fetishes too, so one is a sample pic of me getting whipped with a bamboo stick. Photographer is Christian 'Slaughter', however I can't post more pics if they weren't sent to me yet![Pic removed] One of my short-term goals were met: I am going to be the pin-up for the December issue in Exotic Magazine to advertise one of my clubs! I'll post a couple of 'safe' pics from that shoot, however I'm not supposed to until the issue comes out Dec 1st. I'll be sure to post the actual page once it's released! Photographer: Doug Safford (Hypnox) Here's some pics from the Miss Metal Competition back in August. I got loads of action shots, but since I am very .. explicitly naked.. in most of them, I just did these three. /shrug[Pic Removed] All shots are not distorted or altered. I have a very strict personal rule that my body will not be shopped to add or subtract any features - I am who I am. Photographer: Joshua Fair I had purple/pink hair up until a week ago. Any pics with blue hair have been within the past few days. I'm just having a fun time with my job, life, and trying my best to live happily everyday. The rest are selfies, fun pics, and other stripper nonsense: [Pic Removed] So, yeah, that's what I've been up to. Cheers! - Vix
  22. Well I bit the bullet and got myself a DSLR and a zoom lens (28-135mm), after spending hours in the camera store examining all of the fancy new mirrorless this, and full format that... It's going to take some time getting used to this lens (I'm used to wide angle), but I figured I might as well share some of the photos that I've taken these past few days. First, some night shots: And of course we have no lack of foliage... And last but not least... We have my cat, who just turned 8yo: I hope you guys like the photos; and as always, comments and criticisms are welcomed!

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