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Top Player Rankings For Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


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Brings back memories seeing the American u5 team in there.  Man did quakecon pay out nicely years ago.


Gotta agree with snatix here just for u5 making the list.  They are 19-25 on that  because of an American tournament that happened to pay really well.  If they had brought over the top European teams at the time they wouldn't have even made the top 3.  That combined with the large pay outs of early ET is the only reason they show up that high on the list.


Taking the same modern low pay outs and lessening of lans to attend also makes some of the best players show up low or not at all on the list even though they're better than the guys at the top.


This list is pretty cool to see though. I had no idea of the combined amounts some of these guys have made, but a list to show the best players?  Far from it.




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It is easy to do the research, however these players are those who have participated in all the most important tournaments of ET, according to my opinion are certainly the best.
Track base is a stupid ranking based on public servers.

These are instead of professionals.


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Winning Quakecon 05 would already guarantee a top 10 spot on this list, goes to show how accurate this list is (if you want to compare earnings with skill) AND how trash ET pricemoney has always been 😛

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25 minutes ago, Leatherface said:

And how many is clean ???? 😉

I can see 4 busted players on the list. And considering they all gained that money on LAN, your comment doesn't make any sense :D

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Tuttavia, vedo dalle tue risposte, un cg_envy 1.

 sicuramente in lan non si possono usare trucchi, perché ci sono grandi somme di denaro da vincere, saranno sicuramente controllate con attenzione.

 così la metà delle cose che hai scritto sono solo cg_envy 1.
Sono felice, tuttavia, che la creazione di questo argomento, ho fluttuato, la modalità rosik sui giocatori.



: Kis:





They are the best and have shown in the tournaments in the lan, and not on the internet, with lag and incompatible connections, and in public servers.

Besides this is ETPRO, do you know the meaning of the word?
raise your hand who you think is better than these, so I can laugh.

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The whole dignitas squad surely is high on the list because they were winning pretty much every tournament as a team back in the days. And ET being a team-based game, they deserve the first spots, but there are players who were individually better and are lower in the list, such as mAus, Butchji, azatej, and mystic, who I consider to be the best players to have ever touched the game. Of course Night was a pure strategical and gamesense genious, but his aim wasn't as godly as the ones I mentioned earlier. And as some of you already said, the earnings from the Quakecon 2005 event shouldn't be taken into account as the prizepool from that event was disproportionnaly huge and a lot of the best european teams couldn't attend the event so a shit american team (United 5) managed to get the second place and win tons of money eventhough they were not that skilled. Let's have a comparative look at Quakecon 2006, where more european teams could attend, thanks to financial help provided from orginasations, sponsors, or even the community (crossfire.nu) => The three first places are european teams. And for the ones calling on cheats, (probably public players who never played any competitive matches in their lives) they earned the money winning LAN events, so cheating is out of the equation :D 

For the ones wondering just how good some of the players from that list were, you could always watch the replay of the Quakecon 2006 ET final (one of the biggest ET tournament ever organized). To do so, just create an account on https://www.gamestv.org/, then go to this link : https://www.gamestv.org/event/889-idle-ee-vs-crossfire-nu/ and click on "Watch this Match now" next to "On demand. The website will give you an IP adress, copy this with CTRL + C, then launch ET.exe, open the console and type /connect, then press CTRL + V to paste the IP adress . You could also go to Play Online, click on Connec to IP, and then paste the IP there. Once in-game, type /players in the console, find which number is associated to the player you want to spectate. So if Butchji (who I really encourage you to spectate because his aim is insane) is number "0" in the console, just type /follow 0. Enjoy!

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