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Script for crouch by =F|A=Lenovo


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set crouch        "+movedown; set crouchtoggle vstr standup"
set standup        "-movedown; set crouchtoggle vstr crouch"
set crouchtoggle    "vstr crouch"
bind c            "vstr crouchtoggle"





I have not tried well, it should work





to try it I suggest you create an empty .cfg file, paste it in, save and run it from the console, so you can quickly restore your cfg



GL & HF 


by  =F|A=Lenovo

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Please do a research before posting scripts. And best test them yourself cause not all are legit and in boundaries of F|A rules.

For your information cg_notaunt is a q3 relic - cvar that was replaced by newer ones and was not removed in the process. 


Currently it's not used hence that script is pointless in my opinion. In addition cg_notaunt was used for chat.

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I had put another script for the movement, but it had settings that did not go well, so as not to leave the post empty
I put this simple squatting script



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I used to have a similar script bound to ctrl+c to use when sniping.. I should dig out the script that allowed to bind ctrl + keys, very useful!

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I'm glad someone needs this script




however, in my cfg I can edit everything using binds

I currently have many scripts inserted in 2 external cfg

this is my bind list


TAB "+scores"
ENTER "vstr map"
SPACE "weaponbank 6"
, "players;; wait 50;toggleconsole"
. "vstr info"
0 "setspawnpt 5;say_team Spawn 5 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
1 "weaponbank 4;wait 120;+attack;wait 20;-attack;wait 10;kill; forcetapout"
2 "weaponbank 1"
3 "weaponbank 4"
4 "weaponbank 7"
5 "setspawnpt 0;say_team Spawn 0 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
6 "setspawnpt 1;say_team Spawn 1 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
7 "setspawnpt 2;say_team Spawn 2 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
8 "setspawnpt 3;say_team Spawn 3 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
9 "setspawnpt 4;say_team Spawn 4 ;play sound/menu/select.wav"
[ "mapzoomout"
] "mapzoomin"
a "+vstr left1 left2"
b "+zoom"
c "weaponbank 3"
d "+vstr right1 right2"
e "+leanright"
f "+activate"
h "playdead"
j "mp_quickmessage"
k "vstr crosshr"
l "vstr clock"
m "vstr st"
n "vstr FFE"
p "s_volume 0; Echo Sound Mute"
q "+leanleft"
r "+reload"
s "+vstr back1 back2"
t "messagemode"
u "messagemode3"
v "vstr speedjump"
w "+vstr forward1 forward2"
x "vstr walk_t"
y "messagemode2"
z "weapalt"
BACKSPACE "vstr AxisAllies"
CAPSLOCK "weaponbank 5"
PAUSE "vstr pausetoggle"
UPARROW "vstr gamma"
DOWNARROW "vstr sens"
LEFTARROW "vstr fov"
RIGHTARROW "vstr sound"
ALT "+prone"
CTRL "+movedown"
SHIFT "+sprint"
DEL "vstr fieldop"
END "vstr medic"
F1 "openlimbomenu"
F2 "VoiceChat speech70"
F3 "VoiceChat song6"
F4 "VoiceChat taunt2"
F5 "exec start.cfg"
F6 "vstr startup"
F7 "VoiceChat song13"
F8 "cg_autoaction 2"
F9 "vstr crosshair"
F10 "vstr crosshairsize"
F11 "vstr nextwav"
F12 "vstr nextdemo"
KP_HOME "vstr soldier_start"
KP_UPARROW "vstr engineer_start"
KP_PGUP "vstr covertop_start"
KP_LEFTARROW "set reset vstr allies_team; vstr allies_team"
KP_RIGHTARROW "set reset vstr axis_team; vstr axis_team"
KP_END "vstr fps00"
KP_DOWNARROW "vstr rate00"
KP_PGDN "vstr packets00"
KP_ENTER "mp_fireteamadmin"
KP_INS "vstr nextstatus"
KP_DEL "vstr time00"
MOUSE1 "+vstr shooton shootoff"
MOUSE2 "+moveup"
MOUSE3 "vstr lenovo"
MWHEELDOWN "weaponbank 2"
]/condump bindlist
Dumped console text to bindlist.




and these are my scripts cfg



set Axis "team r 1 3 38;say_team ^1Spawn Axis; play sound/menu/select.wav; set AxisAllies vstr Allies"
set Allies "team b 1 8 37;say_team ^1Spawn Allies; play sound/menu/select.wav; set AxisAllies vstr Axis"
set AxisAllies "vstr Axis"
set afk1 "team s; set name ^2=^0F^7|^0A^1=^0Lenovo^2A^7F^1K; set nextstatus vstr afk2; Echo Current Status: ^1AFK; say ^1AFK"
set afk2 "set name ^2=^0F^7|^0A^1=^0Lenovo^2*^7*^1*; set nextstatus vstr afk1; Echo Current Status: ^1Back; say ^1Back"
set nextstatus "vstr afk1"
set pausetoggle " vstr pause1" 
set pause1 "pause; vsay_team ^1[^0Pause^1];set pausetoggle vstr pause2"
set pause2 "unpause; vsay_team ^1[^0un^1p^0ause^1];set pausetoggle vstr pause1"
set st "vstr statisticsall"
set statisticsall "vstr statistics"
set statistics "+topshots;+stats;set statisticsall vstr statistics2"
set statistics2 "-topshots;-stats;set statisticsall vstr statistics"
set sens "vstr sens0"
set sens0 "sensitivity 5; set sens vstr sens1; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 5"
set sens1 "sensitivity 4.9; set sens vstr sens2; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.9"
set sens2 "sensitivity 4.8; set sens vstr sens3; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.8"
set sens3 "sensitivity 4.7; set sens vstr sens4; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.7"
set sens4 "sensitivity 4.6; set sens vstr sens5; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.6"
set sens5 "sensitivity 4.5; set sens vstr sens6; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.5"
set sens6 "sensitivity 4.4; set sens vstr sens7; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.4"
set sens7 "sensitivity 4.3; set sens vstr sens8; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.3"
set sens8 "sensitivity 4.2; set sens vstr sens9; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.2"
set sens9 "sensitivity 4.1; set sens vstr sens10; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4.1"
set sens10 "sensitivity 4; set sens vstr sens11; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 4"
set sens11 "sensitivity 3.9; set sens vstr sens12; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.9"
set sens12 "sensitivity 3.8; set sens vstr sens13; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.8"
set sens13 "sensitivity 3.7; set sens vstr sens14; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.7"
set sens14 "sensitivity 3.6; set sens vstr sens15; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.6"
set sens15 "1sensitivity 3.5; set sens vstr sens16; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.5"
set sens16 "sensitivity 3.4; set sens vstr sens17; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.4"
set sens17 "sensitivity 3.3; set sens vstr sens18; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.3"
set sens18 "sensitivity 3.2; set sens vstr sens19; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.2"
set sens19 "sensitivity 3.1; set sens vstr sens20; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3.1"
set sens20 "sensitivity 3; set sens vstr sens0; Echo Current Status: ^1sensitivity 3"
set gamma "vstr gamma0"
set gamma0 "r_gamma 3; set gamma vstr gamma1; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 3"
set gamma1 "r_gamma 2.9; set gamma vstr gamma2; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.9"
set gamma2 "r_gamma 2.8; set gamma vstr gamma3; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.8"
set gamma3 "r_gamma 2.7; set gamma vstr gamma4; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.7"
set gamma4 "r_gamma 2.6; set gamma vstr gamma5; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.6"
set gamma5 "r_gamma 2.5; set gamma vstr gamma6; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.5"
set gamma6 "r_gamma 2.4; set gamma vstr gamma7; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.4"
set gamma7 "r_gamma 2.3; set gamma vstr gamma8; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.3"
set gamma8 "r_gamma 2.2; set gamma vstr gamma9; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.2"
set gamma9 "r_gamma 2.1; set gamma vstr gamma10; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2.1"
set gamma10 "r_gamma 2; set gamma vstr gamma11; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 2"
set gamma11 "r_gamma 1.9; set gamma vstr gamma12; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.9"
set gamma12 "r_gamma 1.8; set gamma vstr gamma13; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.8"
set gamma13 "r_gamma 1.7; set gamma vstr gamma14; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.7"
set gamma14 "r_gamma 1.6; set gamma vstr gamma15; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.6"
set gamma15 "r_gamma 1.5; set gamma vstr gamma16; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.5"
set gamma16 "r_gamma 1.4; set gamma vstr gamma17; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.4"
set gamma17 "r_gamma 1.3; set gamma vstr gamma0; Echo Current Status: ^1gamma 1.3"
set sound "vstr sound0"
set sound0 "s_volume 0.9; set sound vstr sound1; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.9"
set sound1 "s_volume 0.8; set sound vstr sound2; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.8"
set sound2 "s_volume 0.7; set sound vstr sound3; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.7"
set sound3 "s_volume 0.6; set sound vstr sound4; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.6"
set sound4 "s_volume 0.5; set sound vstr sound5; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.5"
set sound5 "s_volume 0.4; set sound vstr sound6; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.4"
set sound6 "s_volume 0.3; set sound vstr sound7; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.3"
set sound7 "s_volume 0.2; set sound vstr sound8; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.2"
set sound8 "s_volume 0.1; set sound vstr sound9; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0.1"
set sound9 "s_volume 0; set sound vstr sound0; Echo Current Status: ^1volume 0"
set fov "vstr fov0"
set fov0 "cg_fov 90; set fov vstr fov1; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 90"
set fov1 "cg_fov 95; set fov vstr fov2; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 95"
set fov2 "cg_fov 100; set fov vstr fov3; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 100"
set fov3 "cg_fov 105; set fov vstr fov4; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 105"
set fov4 "cg_fov 110; set fov vstr fov5; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 110"
set fov5 "cg_fov 115; set fov vstr fov6; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 115"
set fov6 "cg_fov 120; set fov vstr fov7; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 120"
set fov7 "cg_fov 125; set fov vstr fov8; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 125"
set fov8 "cg_fov 130; set fov vstr fov0; Echo Current Status: ^1fov 130"
set  speedjump "+sprint; wait 12; +moveup; wait; -sprint; wait; -moveup"
seta lenovo "vstr lenovo1"
seta lenovo1 "weapon 1;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;+attack2;set lenovo vstr lenovo2"
seta lenovo2 "weapon 1;-attack2;set lenovo vstr lenovo1"
set pbg "vstr pbgon" 
set pbgon "toggleconsole;wait 50;clear;cl_guid;screenshotjpeg;players;wait 50;wait 50;toggleconsole;set pbg vstr pbgoff" 
set pbgoff "toggleconsole;wait 50;condump info.txt; wait 25;toggleconsole;set pbg vstr pbgon;echo ^0ScreenShot ^7GUID ^1Players ^0Condump ^1Saved"
seta walk_on "-speed; set walk_t vstr walk_off"
seta walk_off "+speed; set walk_t vstr walk_on"
seta walk_t "vstr walk_on"


and this



set clock0 "cg_drawclock 0;set clock vstr clock1"
set clock1 "cg_drawclock 1; set clock vstr clock2"
set clock2 "cg_drawclock 2; set clock vstr clock0"
set clock "vstr clock0"
set FFE "+zoom; +attack; -attack; -zoom" 
set mapout "+mapexpand; echo ^6Map ^7is now ^2expanded; set map vstr mapin"
set mapin "-mapexpand; echo ^6Map ^7 is now ^1OFF; set map vstr mapout"
set map "vstr mapout"
set crosshr "vstr crosshaircolor0"
set crosshaircolor0 "cg_crosshairColor black; cg_crosshairColorAlt black; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor1; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^0Black"
set crosshaircolor1 "cg_crosshairColor red; cg_crosshairColorAlt red; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor2; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^1Red"
set crosshaircolor2 "cg_crosshairColor green; cg_crosshairColorAlt green; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor3; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^2Green"
set crosshaircolor3 "cg_crosshairColor yellow; cg_crosshairColorAlt yellow; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor4; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^3Yellow"
set crosshaircolor4 "cg_crosshairColor blue; cg_crosshairColorAlt blue; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor5; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^4Blue"
set crosshaircolor5 "cg_crosshairColor cyan; cg_crosshairColorAlt cyan; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor6; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^5Cyan"
set crosshaircolor6 "cg_crosshairColor magenta; cg_crosshairColorAlt magenta; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor7; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^6Magenta"
set crosshaircolor7 "cg_crosshairColor white; cg_crosshairColorAlt white; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor8; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^7White"
set crosshaircolor8 "cg_crosshairColor orange; cg_crosshairColorAlt orange; set crosshr vstr crosshaircolor0; Echo Current Status: ^1Crosshair Color ^8Orange"
set crosshair "vstr crosshair0"
set crosshair0 "cg_drawcrosshair 5; set crosshair vstr crosshair1"
set crosshair1 "cg_drawcrosshair 17; set crosshair vstr crosshair2"
set crosshair2 "cg_drawcrosshair 20; set crosshair vstr crosshair3"
set crosshair3 "cg_drawcrosshair 19; set crosshair vstr crosshair4"
set crosshair4 "cg_drawcrosshair 18; set crosshair vstr crosshair5"
set crosshair5 "cg_drawcrosshair 14; set crosshair vstr crosshair6"
set crosshair6 "cg_drawcrosshair 7; set crosshair vstr crosshair7"
set crosshair7 "cg_drawcrosshair 8; set crosshair vstr crosshair8"
set crosshair8 "cg_drawcrosshair 9; set crosshair vstr crosshair0"
set crosshairsize "vstr crosshairsize0"
set crosshairsize0 "cg_crosshairsize 80; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize1; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 80"
set crosshairsize1 "cg_crosshairsize 75; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize2; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 75"
set crosshairsize2 "cg_crosshairsize 70; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize3; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 70"
set crosshairsize3 "cg_crosshairsize 65; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize4; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 65"
set crosshairsize4 "cg_crosshairsize 60; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize5; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 60"
set crosshairsize5 "cg_crosshairsize 50; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize6; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 50"
set crosshairsize6 "cg_crosshairsize 40; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize7; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 40"
set crosshairsize7 "cg_crosshairsize 30; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize8; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 30"
set crosshairsize8 "cg_crosshairsize 20; set crosshairsize vstr crosshairsize0; Echo Current Status: ^1CrosshairSize 20"
set fps00 "vstr fps0"
set fps0 "com_maxFPS 125; set fps00 vstr fps1; Echo Current Status: ^1FPS 125"
set fps1 "com_maxFPS 76; set fps00 vstr fps2; Echo Current Status: ^1FPS 76"
set fps2 "com_maxFPS 43; set fps00 vstr fps0; Echo Current Status: ^1FPS 43"
set time00 "vstr time0"
set time0 "seta cl_timenudge 0; set time00 vstr time1; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge 0"
set time1 "seta cl_timenudge -10; set time00 vstr time2; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge -10"
set time2 "seta cl_timenudge -20; set time00 vstr time3; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge -20"
set time3 "seta cl_timenudge -30; set time00 vstr time4; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge -30"
set time4 "seta cl_timenudge -40; set time00 vstr time5; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge -40"
set time5 "seta cl_timenudge -50; set time00 vstr time0; Echo Current Status: ^1timenudge -50"
set packets00 "vstr packets0"
set packets0 "seta cl_maxpackets 76; set packets00 vstr packets1; Echo Current Status: ^1maxpackets 76"
set packets1 "seta cl_maxpackets 60; set packets00 vstr packets2; Echo Current Status: ^1maxpackets 60"
set packets2 "seta cl_maxpackets 30; set packets00 vstr packets3; Echo Current Status: ^1maxpackets 30"
set packets3 "seta cl_maxpackets 100; set packets00 vstr packets0; Echo Current Status: ^1maxpackets 100"
set rate00 "vstr rate0"
set rate0 "rate 25000; set rate00 vstr rate1; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 25000"
set rate1 "rate 34000; set rate00 vstr rate2; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 34000"
set rate2 "rate 35000; set rate00 vstr rate3; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 35000"
set rate3 "rate 36000; set rate00 vstr rate4; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 36000"
set rate4 "rate 37000; set rate00 vstr rate5; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 37000"
set rate5 "rate 38000; set rate00 vstr rate6; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 38000"
set rate6 "rate 39000; set rate00 vstr rate7; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 39000"
set rate7 "rate 40000; set rate00 vstr rate8; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 40000"
set rate8 "rate 45000; set rate00 vstr rate9; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 45000"
set rate9 "rate 50000; set rate00 vstr rate10; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 50000"
set rate10 "rate 55000; set rate00 vstr rate11; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 55000"
set rate11 "rate 60000; set rate00 vstr rate12; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 60000"
set rate12 "rate 65000; set rate00 vstr rate13; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 65000"
set rate13 "rate 70000; set rate00 vstr rate14; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 70000"
set rate14 "rate 75000; set rate00 vstr rate15; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 75000"
set rate15 "rate 80000; set rate00 vstr rate16; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 80000"
set rate16 "rate 85000; set rate00 vstr rate17; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 85000"
set rate17 "rate 90000; set rate00 vstr rate0; Echo Current Status: ^1rate 90000"
set demoon "autorecord; set nextdemo vstr demooff; echo ^2Recording ^7demo"
set demooff "stoprecord; set nextdemo vstr demoon; echo ^7Recording ^1stopped"
set nextdemo "vstr demoon"
set wavon "wav_record; set nextwav vstr wavoff; echo ^2Recording ^7sound"
set wavoff "wav_stoprecord; set nextwav vstr wavon; echo ^7Sound Recording ^1stopped"
set nextwav "vstr wavon"
set info "vstr info_on"
set info_on "cg_drawFPS 1; cg_lagometer 1; b_drawspeed 2,4; b_watermarkalpha 1; set info vstr info_off; echo ^6Info ^7is now ^2ON"
set info_off "cg_drawFPS 0; cg_lagometer 0; b_drawspeed 0; b_watermarkalpha 0; set info vstr info_on; echo ^6Info ^7is now ^1OFF"


popping up with someone is interested in something


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