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  1. A better way is to heat the sheet with a hair dryer and use compressed air to clean the computer. Only the container must be turned upside down. Then you do not have to use anything more. The sheet straightens itself. However, this method works for slightly larger damage. Like in this video:
  2. konstantynopolitaneczka - a small resident of Constantinople
  3. I appeal for making alias s1.clan-fa.com to the server silent1.clan-fa.com It's just so faster.
  4. ed_

    Weed time!

    I know that there is a topic that we are currently listening to, but I am touching a slightly different topic. What kind of music suitable for weed? My proposition: jj - Still (Dr Dre-Still Remix) Alpha & Omega Meets Dub Judah - Almighty Jah (the whole album) The first song:
  5. I envy Take a few more photos and a recording of the ride. We want more!
  6. I reupload file.
  7. ed_


  8. ed_

    WinMTR issue

    Run cmd, type ipconfig and type in your browser default gateway IP. Then logon in router (admin/admin maybe? ) and search firewall protect. Second way, try turn off Windows Firewall: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028544/windows-turn-windows-firewall-on-or-off
  9. ed_

    WinMTR issue

    Your router blocking ping requests. (firewall)
  10. ed_

    open gl

  11. ed_



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