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  1. ed_

    Learning AT

    Pattern Index: http://thepatternsite.com/chartpatterns.html Candlestick Patterns: http://thepatternsite.com/CandleEntry.html Elliott Wave Principle: http://thepatternsite.com/Elliott.html Enjoy!
  2. ed_

    Funny screenshots

  3. ed_

    Stock trading

    I started in 2006. From 2009 professionally. Now I have free from fx, but I could draw lines.
  4. ed_

    Connection Interrupted

    No in ET! On desktop: start->(type)run(and execute this run)->/ping -t jay1.clan-fa.com >pinghc.txt or Window key+R
  5. ed_

    Lagging Badly

    https://www.thesycon.de/eng/latency_check.shtml or http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon
  6. To remove: Millenium Falcon Final. This map its a joke. On HC, rl?
  7. ed_

    Connection Interrupted

    Here's the whole reason. You definitely have interference. Run cmd and type: ping -t jay1.clan-fa.com >pinghc.txt Wait 2 minutes and stop the task: ctrl + c Copy the contents of the pinghc.txt file in the forum. The file is located in your home directory: C:\Users\YourName
  8. ed_

    Weed time!

    Awesome... thanks bro!
  9. Check this out: https://www.speedguide.net/articles/windows-7-vista-2008-tweaks-2574
  10. Not everything is set correctly, but it depends on the capabilities of the network card and how we have the internet.
  11. Telecommunications companies hate him!
  12. Awesome! I checked and it really works! My router started to overheat at this speed!
  13. It means nothing. I think it is about the word "Poland stronk"

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