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  1. ed_

    Weird lag on silent

    Since yesterday, Silent 1 has become unplayable for me. I always have a stable ping 100, and now I have 160-200. On HC it is ok. What happened?
  2. The new mouse has probably a 1000 MHz refresh rate. Try to reduce it to 500 MHz
  3. ed_

    I know you want to try the spirit, bro. Here it is, cheers!



    1. L3ftY.


      Lol 95%! Don't light a cigarette near it.

  4. ed_

    ET DPI mouse

    I'll just say that cg_fov and r_aspectratio and r_customaspect settings are equally important.
  5. The Ukrainians were ruthless killers torturing civilians, their own (Polish) neighbours. Even the Germans were terrified of what Ukrainian nationalists were doing in the eastern territories of Poland. The Canadians built them a monument? Shame on you. More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massacres_of_Poles_in_Volhynia_and_Eastern_Galicia Graffiti on memorial to Nazi SS division now being investigated as vandalism Graffiti on a memorial in Oakville to those who served in a Nazi SS division is now being investigated as vandalism instead of as a hate-motivated crime , but the region’s police chief is questioning why the monument exists in the first place. Someone painted “Nazi war monument” on a stone cenotaph commemorating those who served with the 14th SS Division in the Second World War. The monument is located in Oakville in the St. Volodymyr Ukrainian Cemetery. The division, made up of Ukrainians who pledged allegiance to Hitler, was part of the Nazi’s Waffen SS organization. Some members of the division have been accused of killing Polish women and children as well as Jews during the Second World War. https://www.theguardian.pe.ca/news/canada/graffiti-on-memorial-to-nazi-ss-division-now-being-investigated-as-vandalism-474805/
  6. Great job! But, as you know, it's too dark for me. The worst is in the second part of the map. I can hardly recognize who's who, and I have gamma 2.85.
  7. Thank you all for your kind words. @Larysa
  8. Mam gamma 2.85 i twoja mapa jest dla mnie bardzo ciemna.
  9. Map it too darky. Gamma up, pls Besides, it's interesting and playable. Good job!
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