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Insurgency Tutorial A Guide For New Insurgency Players.

Pabbatt Blue

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This guide will be an attempt to helping The F A community get more familiar with the game if they wish to play it coming from different games! If anyone has anything to add to this guide feel free to pm me and I will add anything too it! All of the following is my opinion from the game.


So to start off here Insurgency is different then most typical shooters you see, the enemy's you face are cruel, very, oh so cruel, whether it's you hearing RPG! (BTW Duck. Run. Bob. Weave. Hope. You. Survive. Profit?)  Getting knifed in the back from an unsuspected enemy, or the way they take different angles to find you; that is just touching on that subject btw. That being said teamwork is essential and a must. Communication in this game is great to have but it doesn't always have to be through a mic. Here you will find some great tips...


-Press and hold C to bring up your commands without using a mic! This helps to give friendly's a good idea where the enemy is, which objective you are moving too etc... as a leader or (specialist) This is a MUST even if you use your mic. As the servers we have say beginners we attract a load of them and helping them figure out the game is key. Most of them don't chat vocally and with the leaders commands it opens up a whole new set of them. Such as flank right, flank left, defend this objective, and a whole lot more. To give new players a sense of direction coming from a leader in this game really helps them adjust and enjoy there gameplay experience while immersing them with having fun.


- Use Q or E on your key board to lean around corners. It can be repetitive but it will save you a lot from dying.


- While running (Hold shift. This can be put on toggle or hold, same as aiming in) press ctrl and you will slide. Anytime you find yourself making a last ditch effort to avoid enemy fire and your almost in cover, just use this quick tip and you will get out of it 9/10 times if used correctly.


- Do not stick together after capturing, Stay in groups but try by all means to separate. Once you capture (Usually) in any game mode the enemy respawns somewhere. There squad leaders carry rpg's and they are not afraid to use them. If you're firing out of a  window avoid staying there for too long.  


- Attachments can make or break you as a player depending on your class. Find what your comfortable with using and excel. Now it's different for everyone with what your favorite gun is or class etc, But ALWAYS if you can manage to spend your points use AP Ammo. If you play the game long enough you will notice AP Ammo which is armor piercing will work very efficiently, thus saving ammo. AP Ammo works very well with one shot high powered rifles from my experience, such as the L1A1, FAL, Etc. HP Ammo works well against flesh targets and does help if you can't afford your AP. Below that is your tracer rounds that don't cost anything to equip... So equip them if you can't get anything else!!


This guide was only meant to be for NEW players that wish to try Insurgency! Since I've joined I've noticed a lot more F A in the servers. BTW I hope to keep seeing more. These tips are great for starting out but by all means there is a lot more to this game. This is only here to help some people out with getting some core concepts that wish to try the game.


Hope to see you guys in game soon and if your new to it, which I hope this guide helped =)... Add me on steam and I will be free to answer any issues or questions you have!!!


-Thanks for your time.





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Personally I don't disagree with the name "beginners" on the servers. He it attracts alot of new players, but hey none of us would have met if it didnt!! Great guide bro. Being active in the chat whether with a Mic or by the in game "c" button is a MUST. Lol just wanna add that to help stress the inportance. Alsso I find it extremely helpful to have a battle buddy. Going off alone in this game is instant suicide. Pick a buddy, stick with them, cover them when reloading, clear buildings, help each other. I find its more enjoyable when we work together. If the whole team is your battle buddy even better!!! Refer to our first convo blue. Lol I'll always be your battle buddy baby. :) lol great guide tho.

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Personally I don't disagree with the name "beginners" on the servers. He it attracts alot of new players, but hey none of us would have met if it didnt!! Great guide bro. Being active in the chat whether with a Mic or by the in game "c" button is a MUST. Lol just wanna add that to help stress the inportance. Alsso I find it extremely helpful to have a battle buddy. Going off alone in this game is instant suicide. Pick a buddy, stick with them, cover them when reloading, clear buildings, help each other. I find its more enjoyable when we work together. If the whole team is your battle buddy even better!!! Refer to our first convo blue. Lol I'll always be your battle buddy baby. :) lol great guide tho.


Noo doubt assault we bonded after that!! Haha xD, But no to clear that up here I like that our servers say beginners. =D

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When playing checkpoint:

1) After capping an objective, if you see a 1 or 2 minute timer start at the bottom center of your screen, you have a counterattack coming.
2) During a counterattack, you don't have to kill X number of enemies - just hold the checkpoint clear of enemies until the timer expires. If the team wanders away, and an enemy enters the checkpoint area, you will lose.
3) You know you are in the checkpoint area, because a symbol lights up at the bottom center of the screen.
4) After capping the obj, whether that's a pure capture, successful counterattack defend, or destroy obj, you can resupply your ammo and grenades by using "M" to bring up the equip screen, and looking for the new button marked "resupply". You have to be in the checkpoint area, and it must be after the obj is done - captured, defended, destroyed etc. If you have anything non-standard (like RPG), you will lose it.
5) For counterattacks, if you know the map, you know what entrances the enemy will come through. Use those incendiary grenades on chokepoints to make defense easier.
6) If you're the last man standing, take a deep breath and relax. Figure out where you need to go, and cautiously move there. Use your ears, don't rush unless you're crossing an open space. Once you get there, find a dark corner to hide in and wait out the timer. Don't get curious and/or adventurous.


​1) You must, must, must have incendiary grenades if at all possible. The first few waves, up to around 6 or 7, can be endured without it if you have a good team, but that's really the limit. You can resupply every 40 seconds, so toss a nade, wait 20 sec, toss another, resupply.
2) If possible, have the supply solder with the 249 heavy machine gun setup to cover the heaviest load. Someone should be assigned to watch his back, and cover his reload. The damn 249 takes a year to reload :/
3) Communication is crucial. Figure out how to bring the compass up, and make sure you let people know when you go down. At higher levels, losing one entrance can quickly destroy the entire team if they don't know to turn around and watch their back.

4) Popping smoke on the cache can help keep it safe as a last resort - apparently if the terrorists can't see it, they can't destroy it.


1) Run like a goddamn scalded cat. Seriously. You cannot defend against the soldiers for very long - they just keep coming.
2) To cap a checkpoint, it needs to be clear. If it is, you'll cap almost immediately. If you're at a checkpoint and it's not capping, gtfo and go to another one, cause soldiers are there and/or incoming shortly
3) To have a fighting chance, you have to cap several checkpoints to get enough supply points for a rifle. Some classes, you can trade your starting pistol flashlight for enough points to get an SKS or something.
4) If all you have is a pistol, aim for the damn head. The soldiers have body armor, and you have a finite amount of ammo.
5) It's better if you all mostly work towards the same objective. Use comms or the built-in announce if you're the squad leader. But it also only takes one person to cap the obj.
6) Did I mention you have to keep moving like a scalded cat?


1) Out of ammo? Pop smoke and hide in it with your knife. No smoke? Run like hell and look for guns on the ground
2) Don't stay in one position very long, unless maybe you're running the 249. Shoot a few, then move. RPG's will ruin your day.
3) Being up high with a clear view sounds good. It's also a quick way to die. Find a corner, put your back to it.
4) The enemy will announce when they pop smoke or throw nades. Be alert, and watch for them.
5) DO NOT pop smoke in the doorway your buddy is covering. That shit is annoying, and keeps him from seeing the enemy until they're right on him.
6) The only time you should consider ramboing around is survival. In all other types, be cautious and thoughtful.

​7) AP, as mentioned, is your friend. Use your select fire, and turn your gun to single shot. You'll save ammo, and also learn how to f***ing aim.
8) Along with (7), don't spray and pray. Aim, shoot, repeat. With a rifle and AP, you just need one shot per target. You can clear a room with 5 enemies in about 2 seconds if you're coming from behind.
9) Learn to flank. Just like in ET, coming from an unexpected angle gives you easy shots at the enemies back.
10) Firing the RPG also jets flame out of the back of the tube. Make sure you're clear of your team!

My preferred equipment, with explanation

Rifle: L1A1, red dot, extended mag, AP - It's inexpensive, has large mags, and is powerful enough for easy one shot kills. The red dot allows quick engagement at short distances, while still precise enough for moderately long range shooting. Reload is pleasingly rapid.
Pistol: 1911 .45 - I almost never use it, but I like the power of the 45
Chest Carrier: Because you can never have too much ammo, and it gives me two grenades for the price of one.
Heavy armor: Because I hate getting shot
grenade 2 slot: Incendiary - Placing this in slot two gives me two grenades instead of one. One will destroy a cache, leaving me one more for cutting off a chokepoint.

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One thing that may not be common knowledge, and is a bit of a bug when I see people constantly doing it expecting it to behave like other FPS games: reloads


Insurgency is a bit different. You're not drawing from a pool of ammunition. Assuming no chest rig/carrier you have 4 individual pools/magazines for your primary (1 in primary,  3 reserve)


How this works: you fire 15 rounds and reload. That magazine with only 15 rounds goes to the back of your magazine rotation. Here's my artistic rendition of insurgency reloads:


30 (mag loaded into gun)

30 (mag 1)

30 (mag 2)

15 (mag 3, mag removed from gun)


Now if one were to shoot off a few rounds, reload, and keep doing this assuming you're drawing from a pool like CoD, Battlefiled ... you end up with a mixed bag of magazines that are only part way filled. This is a problem when you're doing something important like trying to cap an objective and the other team has just spawned a fresh wave. You reload, but the mag you have in your gun is only 1/3 full because of the constant reloading. You try to win the firefight, and hear "click". Since reloading and switching to your sidearm takes a few seconds regardless of what you do? You're going to be blocking the other team's bullets with your face.


While this is most likely common knowledge to vets, I didn't see this particular point being brought up. Thought it should be mentioned, as people transitioning from other FPS games might not know this is the case. 

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So after some chatting with F|A red, I don't believe there's been any mention of insurgency's damage model, and why it's cause for people to rage in pvp.


I'll go over what happens when you're hit with the m16a4 and AKM to start. No armour, or HP/AP rounds, just the default rounds hitting an unarmoured target.


First thing: you have 100 hit points, with zero regen. Once you're hit? That's it. If you live, you're stuck with whatever hit points remain until you die.


Second thing. Damage values are:

for the m16a4 it goes from 110 dmg max to 45 dmg min

for the AKM it goes from 100 dmg max to 83 min


"But Lambda, what happens if you're hit?"

Well, here's the multipliers for different hit areas (does not include smg's, pistols, and shotguns):


Head: 3.00x

Chest: 3.00x

Stomach: 2.50x

Right Arm: 1.65x

Left Arm: 1.60x

Right Leg: 0.75x

Left Leg: 0.70x


Here's an example. You hit someone at range with the m16a4 in the chest. that's 45 dmg with a 3x multiplier. 135 dmg, which is enough to do them in. If you're using the AKM and do the same thing? That's going to be 83 dmg with 3x ... which puts you at 249 dmg.


Now armour will help to a small degree, but only if you have hard cover to dash behind immediately after being hit. Which brings me to my next point: HP/AP rounds. If you're playing pvp, make sure to spend the supply points to equip AP rounds. AP round damage multipliers render armour useless, not to mention their higher penetration turns certain kinds of hard cover into concealment. It's entirely possible to wallbang someone through certain cover with AP rounds because something like plywood isn't doing much to stop the bullets. Side benefits? You get better suppression by shooting hard cover.


The multiplier for head/chest/stomach if you're using an assault rifle and AP rounds is .... 4.50x. Other guns (smg, pistol, shotgun) will have different values. Can't really say I see HP being used effectively, as it can't penetrate armour/cover as well as AP.


One last note about damage. If you are using a suppressor, there is no damage penalty. There are other disadvantages to using a suppressor however. The main two that come to mind are losing supply points for attaching a suppressor, and the fact that your gun is noticeably longer. You may be quieter. But you may be giving up supply points that would be better spent on other things (explosives, smokes, etc ...). You also make it easier to be spotted if you're not paying attention to the added weapon length in close quarters.


The main point of all this? If you're playing pvp, equip AP rounds. And don't put yourself in a position where the other team can see you first (if you can help it), because you're going to have a bad day.


Here's more info from jballou and his insanely useful insurgency tool if you want to get in depth with things: http://jballou.com/insurgency/stats.php

Edited by Lambda Unit 05
Forgot a wee bit of math
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