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  1. I've played in co op maps using the armoury before. Here's my take on it: I like the added weapon variety, even though insurgency's damage model is based off of ammunition. Not that I dislike insurgency's current set of guns, but something new to look at aside from the M16A4 or AKMS (yes I know it's called AKM in game. It's wrong lol) is welcome. I don't like being able to equip two primaries ... or a secondary that has the same utility as a primary. Same goes for a couple of the attachments; namely the quick reload and sling. One of the biggest attractions for insurgency for me is the fact that you need to think before you do things, and having incredibly quick reloads/weapon swaps takes away from that. Verdict: This is something that should be considered seriously, as it is well done. My complaints lean more toward the subjective side so if you like insurgency for its differences to something more CoD like (for a lack of a better term) you might have the similar complaints.
  2. Hey Dan Good to see you here. As an aside: have played with Dan a reasonable amount. Plays well, haven't seen him doing any shenanigans like C4 outside of spawn, doesn't lose his cool in matches. Will reccomend him.
  3. One thing that may not be common knowledge, and is a bit of a bug when I see people constantly doing it expecting it to behave like other FPS games: reloads Insurgency is a bit different. You're not drawing from a pool of ammunition. Assuming no chest rig/carrier you have 4 individual pools/magazines for your primary (1 in primary, 3 reserve) How this works: you fire 15 rounds and reload. That magazine with only 15 rounds goes to the back of your magazine rotation. Here's my artistic rendition of insurgency reloads: 30 (mag loaded into gun) 30 (mag 1) 30 (mag 2) 15 (mag 3, mag removed from gun) Now if one were to shoot off a few rounds, reload, and keep doing this assuming you're drawing from a pool like CoD, Battlefiled ... you end up with a mixed bag of magazines that are only part way filled. This is a problem when you're doing something important like trying to cap an objective and the other team has just spawned a fresh wave. You reload, but the mag you have in your gun is only 1/3 full because of the constant reloading. You try to win the firefight, and hear "click". Since reloading and switching to your sidearm takes a few seconds regardless of what you do? You're going to be blocking the other team's bullets with your face. While this is most likely common knowledge to vets, I didn't see this particular point being brought up. Thought it should be mentioned, as people transitioning from other FPS games might not know this is the case.
  4. Since I'm unsure of where my question goes I'm going to stick it in here. Would it be a good idea if there were killer of the month awards for PvE and PvP? The modes are distinct, and what's required to be good at one doesn't necessarily translate well to the other IMO. Not to mention someone who's primarily PvP would be less likely to recieve an award as there's less human players for someone to frag (without unsavoury tactics like explosives into spawn areas).
  5. Thanks, now it's time to work on some of the others. A C4 badge will go nicely with this one
  6. DOI style air support, breachable doors, and vaulting are looking good. Sandstorm looks like it's going to be great. As long as NWI doesn't lower the damage from weapons I'm fine, I prefer insurgency's current damage model.
  7. Alright, submitting this. Let's see if I can't get a shiny badge for my efforts on the INS3 server. Remember: don't try to give your team members hugs in the middle of the open, someone from the other team might see you. EDIT: helps if I include the screenshot to my post.
  8. Might bear mentioning, since I don't think I have. If anybody from the forums adds me just say you're from here and I'll add you to steam/discord. Going to make an attempt at playing some more today, but real life is a thing so need to do things around the house, one of which involves hunting down a skunk because it might be under my truck.
  9. Currently on an Exivious kick, it's good to listen to when I don't have the motivation to pick up one of my guitars at the moment.
  10. Lambda Unit#9787 Now for those of you who are interested in this sort of thing here's something I use. Need the app for this, but gives a few extra things that I use, like making avatars big enough so you can see them. Don't like the super tiny circle pics so use this to make bigger ones.
  11. Well, thanks for the welcomes. Being active on a forum isn't all that hard, and I might pick up something about insurgency I don't know yet. However, I did make a mention about this thread being in the wrong spot so not sure if it would get deleted or not. Still can't believe I posted this here instead of the place 450 gave a link to so hope it's not a problem.
  12. Hello to the F/A community, I'm Lambda. Saying a hello after RaV137 PM'd me about joining on steam chat, I'm an insurgency player that frequents the PvP server. Now time to fill in (the hopefully correct) template Ingame name: LambdaUnit05 Discord: LambdaUnit#9787 Steam: LambdaUnit05 Location: Canada. as an aside, I won't be doing much of anything besides shovelling tonight. Winter is a thing. Age: Old enough to own the house that has the driveway with too much snow. How often do you play: Several times a week, may or may not get a few solid hours in at a time. Depends on what real life throws at me. Have you submitted your SteammID in your profile: I believe I did it right. If not? Then I'll have to fix that Expertise: not too sure what to put here. Mechanical engineering technologist working to get PEng certification and former guitar teacher. Will you be able to help in recruiting: Assuming I get in, want time to see what you guys are like before helping so I don't recommend a potato for F/A What you will be able to offer to our community, if you join us: a regular on the server, someone willing to help newer people to the game, and donations to keep the lights on when it's doable Referral: (which member referred you): RaV137, and Unknown. RaV137 mentioned Unknown when he PM'd me about joining. Well, time to take care of things. If you want to know anything in particular then ask away. I'll peek back at this at some point soon.