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  1. so for the last few weeks (maybe months) ive been working on joining the U.S military. partially why i havent been on near as much lately. with any luck ill be receiving the last bit of paperwork needed to continue my recruiting process. if all goes well and i do join im not sure when ill be on or if ill have the time to really get on like i used to. Im debating on retiring my tags and hopefully staying around as a clan friend or however that works. although im not entirely sure which route to take on that. i definitely have a few more weeks if not a few months before i go anywhere but i thought id let the clan know anyways. I know we have some military members here however i plan to focus 150% of my time on my service and in enhancing my career path while in the service. If anyone has served or is serving whats your favorite part about your service to whichever country's military your from?
  2. good to see you sonodoc. while i havent been on as much either its a relief to see some of the old peeps are still around. tell your dad hi for me and good luck to you both. dont be strangers
  3. Sgt Assault

    Im alive!

    Hey guys. I'm alive. Sorry I have been absent for so long. I as laid off of my last job since work got slow and haven't been able to find anything here in small town nowhere. But I'm here now. I'll do better at keeping you guys informed on my sad absenses in the future. thanks for not kicking me out the clan....at least yet. Lol love you guys!!
  4. As an old DID player. I like the beginner tags. How many times had someone new popped into our "beginner" servers and complained because none of us are beginners. ( due to their horrible K/S ratio). It's hilarious at times. However I surgency is more coop by its still hilarious. Lol but it is nice for awhile due to the new players a get. Think I have counted 26 rrefular members that I personally enjoy playing with. (All are on my steam friends list.)
  5. Hey guys. I need some help. I've come to the sad realization today that my boss has no interest in helping me learn or even teaching me how to write mazatrol programs. We run Mazaks so all out programs are written on the machines, in other words, no mastercam or anything like that. Cicione sells mazaks and knows about them but I see he hasn't been on in awhile. Does anyone else know how to write programs and/or could direct me to a book or website that I could play on to learn. While most people eenjoy standing around and gettinnf paid 14$ an hour to do nothing but wait on the boss, if much rather be able to do my work on my own. (Naturally the pay raise would be nice). I know a little. But hardly enough to really write a full (or partial) program. Btw hope I put this in the right spot on our forums. I don't post often due to no internet (other than my phone/mobile hotspot) of not I'll delete it.but any and all helpwould be AWESOME!!!!! Btw spell check isn't my friend. Sorry if you can't decipher my childish request for help. Please ignore and move on if you cant.
  6. Had anyone heard from Cicione or know how one can get ahold of him. I have a question and new his help.

  7. hmph. cant decide what i wanna do tonight

    1. Sonofdoc


      Lol just relax and watch tv or something XD

  8. Sgt Assault

    Yak Fishing

    some backwoods indiana yak fishing.
  9. Alot of admins need to be set in the servers. And slot of us have mentioned putting a vote to kick a player because no admins hate set. We have people spamming comms. Blasting Mexican music. Spamming with votes to restart when they die. harrassing admin and other players. I've seen admin and daily regs leave because we can't do anything about the trouble player. So if we rnt gonna make another "admin" server but add not player slots, then we should consider setting our admin and/or making I possible to vote kick players. It's been a common occurance and is part of the reason some of us have been looking for empty servers to hop onto.
  10. Personally I don't disagree with the name "beginners" on the servers. He it attracts alot of new players, but hey none of us would have met if it didnt!! Great guide bro. Being active in the chat whether with a Mic or by the in game "c" button is a MUST. Lol just wanna add that to help stress the inportance. Alsso I find it extremely helpful to have a battle buddy. Going off alone in this game is instant suicide. Pick a buddy, stick with them, cover them when reloading, clear buildings, help each other. I find its more enjoyable when we work together. If the whole team is your battle buddy even better!!! Refer to our first convo blue. Lol I'll always be your battle buddy baby. lol great guide tho.
  11. We have alot of regs now. I was so seeing if it's possible to set up a 16 man coop or even possibly a private for the clan. We have been having a blast on outpost and decare and I along with a few others were looking at how to get a server for us. Maybe we should plan some game days or something. Just some ramble thoughts and ideas. We got alot that are hooked on co-op not so much pvp
  12. Loving the server. Commands are confusing. We have had multiple cheaters already. I had one last night that karma helped with (he got the demo) in case I missed it does anyone have a cheat sheet for the commands? And I did notice (in case anyone needs to know) the new server uses more data on wifi than the beginners server but I expected that being it's modded. All in all great work to those that helped create it. It's a nice change from the beginners redundancy.
  13. found about 3 pounds of mushrooms in the last week. time to chow down and relieve this annoying feeling called the munchies

  14. well norman snores when he drinks. and we dont have any evidence of mandingo legitimatly being drunk other than ramblings on cod. perhaps its just ignorance? i say this award needs to be given to normy instead.
  15. id be down. as far as issues go can some members of both clans be set as admin for the day to make sure theres usually someone in there. that's if it needs to be moderated. I think we all got some unfinished business to attend to with the other clan anyways would be nice for a clan on clan scrim. to determine the better clan. some friendly competition would be nice. im available mostly on the weekdays sadly. anytime after 1 to midnight. eastern standard time

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