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  1. Reducing slots would also help with reduced crashes and lags maybe.
  2. Yeah custom would be great. Seriously want to play new maps :).
  3. Guys i have been out of action for quite some time so as a FA trial member I feel responsible for giving explanation.


    And it is because I have started working now and timings are hectic so it will take some time before I get back to gaming. So hope to see you guys soon till then GG. :)

    1. CheepHeep


      Real life happens man. Congratulations with the new job. Keep it up. We will all be waiting for your return and supporting you silently until then! 

    2. daredevil


      Real life first bud :)

    3. sid316


      Thank you fellas. See you all soon.

  4. Deranked from GNM. Was so close to reaching MG1 but some of party members got banned and I lost my rank. GG cheaters.
  5. I myself want to play on server #2. What I meant was that server remains empty because new players are not able to pull team work and hence they get intimidated by the difficulty level.
  6. Harder to play against bots? Server #2 with hard difficulty bots is always empty so we can guess that players are not interested in going for even a higher difficulty.
  7. PVP is known for toxicity at its best. Not to forget some players get really frustrated when they get killed by bots I don't know what would happen if it's you vs me. Idk it's upto you guys but having played for some time I don't think its a really good idea. It will become an ego game very soon. And you never know your friend might get butthurt for you killing them every now and then. I want to play on it but everyone hops on server #1 and I alone can't pull server #2.
  8. Thank you guys. Feel honoured to be a part of this community. Proud to be a Fearless assassin.
  9. GG , looking forward to playing on it today. I agree flakturm is indeed frustrating but i have observed that with coordinated team work it can be pulled.
  10. If you love traveling, especially road trips on a motorcycle, gime a hell yeah.

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    2. Mr.Karizmatic


      i went recently to munnar, oh that place is just beautiful, If u ever want to see awesome ghats and scenarios. go to munnar.


    3. sid316


      I heard of that place, if i'll get a chance to visit God's own country, i will certainly visit that place.

    4. tipsy
  11. So i played on a server yesterday which had bot difficulty on Hard. And it was awesome playing against those bots. Bots were so intelligent, for instance a bot was fighting a team mate and as soon as i approached it, it turned towards me and started shooting and i died. It was so realistic and i didn't even know bots could do that. For the 1st time i had to make a strategy and plan my moves instead of just running around. So i think commando co-op would be badass for sure. We'd play together, make strategies and fight those bots. It'd be fun.
  12. May the departed soul RIP.
  13. Spongebob laugh: hehehehehehehehehehe
  14. That made me choke, life is uncertain so cherish each and every moment and just live a happy and peaceful life.
  15. Salute to the admin, and long live this community. It has earned my respect a lot more than before.
  16. Enjoyed a lot in DOI Gameday .It was my first gameday and it was awesome and looking forward to playing more of them. I will try and be active on insurgency too but i don't know why DOI keeps attracting me because of it's historic weapons and voiceovers.
  17. Quick Memory game: Recall and comment where did you see or hear this line , " Return the slab or suffer my curse". Hint: It is from a famous cartoon network show. :D

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    2. sid316


      OMG NOOOOO! That was one of the best cartoon series on this earth

    3. Mr.Karizmatic


      lol i have mixed feelings about this, some episodes i love and some are just boring.

    4. sid316


      This was the scariest episode of courage imho. Naughty fred comes on 2nd.

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