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Hello from Roboes


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Pennsylvania, USA


Hello, FA members. I would like to formally introduce myself and be considered for recruitment. I am an avid player, playing for ten years or so on and off, I play around 5 days a weeks. I was referred by F|A Purplehaze, I frequent TS. I dont have any pertinent experience in computer gaming except for, computer security, computer maintenance, and entertainment, i.e. streaming tv, movies etc. I'm fairly savvy in that aspect. I havent donated, but I could help with recruitment when I reach that level in your clan. I am a good team player, not the greatest aimer, but team and objective oriented. I believe that teamwork makes the game the most enjoyable, when all classses work together, but frag hunters add to the game as well. I have become a regular on TS on the weekends as it is populated with european players, ;) . i enjoy talking with people from around the globe. The culture is interesting. About me, I have some college experience, I went to community college of Philadelphia, a cultural mecca so to speak. I enjoyed the cultural diversity in people, the cuisine etc. I renovate homes and apartments for employment, I do different things every day. I occasionally drink, and like to try new foods. I want to travel, primarily to europe, Belgium, germany, netherlands, sweden, finland. If I could, I'd travel forever. Besides that, there isn't much else to add. I was in RC clan, but they are no more. I just havent removed my tag, but I will and hopefully represent the F|A tag in the near future. So, I hope this satisfies the beginning of my application. See you on the server, silent #1 .


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Hi Roboes, glad you've made your way to the forums, welcome :D


Link for application :D http://fearless-assassins.com/forum-184/announcement-3-et-how-to-joinapply-for-fearless-assassins-fa-community/

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