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  1. Hallo! Come to HC server, need players.

  2. hello clan, been so busy these last few months, hope to see you on the servers

  3. hi fellas, ive had a bit of a hiatus, just swamped with work.

  4. sometimes the latest version is not the best choice. sry Win10.

  5. omg I love biryani, How dare you post a chicken leg! Traitor!
  6. Philadelphia area, delaware county, my home classic greek style pizza from New london, Prospect Park, Pa. its a staple in this house! and the cheesesteak, ofc.
  7. Have you tried diff drivers? an older one? (Nvidia) Seems the only thing Nvidia improves on my driver updates are "security" and "B.S. register and webhelp" not performance. I have an evga mb and my one USB wldnt work, I actually installed a lenovo driver for the usb and it works! dont ask me why, found answer on youtube, also, did you post specs? unless youre content w win10 driver . My pc is 8+ yrs old, I opted out of win 10 upgrade. Y mess with something that works? in my case.
  8. Wow, 66 Dloads on my host file, anyone use it? What do you think? its awesome
  9. I see you use adblock plus. Well, there's a difference between blocking and denying the ad etc. for me its utilizing the host file. https://fearless-assassins.com/topic/87730-host-file-block-bad-urls/ Using the host file blocks on all apps/platforms. Use the Force. I uploaded my host file 4 all to use and block out these ads! As to performance with firefox, I can tell you that keeping your PC clean will help your browsing experience tremendously. I run 32 bit but Im happy w my performance, and id essentially ad free.
  10. Hey, Ive been in that situation. No matter what it is, rule one is BACKUP. So, in the future,virtual partition your drive, (do this when reinstalling if u must) keep Win on part. C and backup to part D. etc, worse case, you reinstall C and keep your other partition(s). Then, at least you keep ur filez. P.S. back up s1lent et files etc.. Dont get caught with your pants down... !pants see ya g.luck So, youre using the windows video driver I assume?
  11. My friend locked themselves out. i came over, pryed the storm door and defeated the lock in 30 secs, nothing broken, windows/screens etc, Heroe for a day. "Im an engineer!"

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Roboes


      actually, I am, kinda my side job.

    3. CheepHeep


      Everyone needs one of you lol! My place lacks that. Can you fly over from time to time and fix my stuff? :D you have to pay for everything though :P

    4. Roboes


      lol, I wish i could travel right now, ur in the phillipines? r.n.?

      Im handy, get lucky sometimes, but ive saved my ppl thousands in repairs.

  12. see you guys there, around 5pm CET. noon my time. Frag Up!
  13. Hello, My PC is pretty old, 8+ yrs, BUt 8 years ago, this machine was pretty decent. Here are the specs: attached. I'd like to maybe overclock etc and I could use some tip/advice. i know theres voltage settings involved. I am familiar w BIOS, etc and how to make changes, but I tread lightly. I wanna get the most outta my PC, eventually I want a new one. Advice? Thx. also, used HWinfo and I know i have some older drivers, but I a leery of using "driveragent" or some shit, sometimes. ur PC gets worse w some driver issues, any opinion on that app? spec_2.LOG
  14. cool, I hope you get it all. Grab BF1 too I want a new PC now. Later

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