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Best Drummers ever?!


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There was a similar post a year or so ago. Too tired to link you to it, but it listed a lot of the usual suspects.... Pert, Bonam, Tommy Lee, Vinny Paul, Jordison, etc. But if you ask many drummers from the 60's, 70's & 80's, most will tell you that Buddy Rich was a big influence on their drumming.

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Yeah, Buddy Rich is one of the greatest. personally I am not too much into Phil :). though he is good.


Some of my favourites:


in rock:


I mostly like the functionality of drummers, not the solos actually. For me good drummers in rock: Alex van Halen, the guy from pantera, and this one:



Danny Carey (Tool):



But the one I really like (I did not think you will have listed this guy though Doc ;) ):


Ed Thigpen:

 Though this one is way faster than the slow jazz that he plays with Oscar Peterson (one of my favourite artists ever), I like the brush works even more in that type off music


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yep good drummers indeed , Buddy Rich is King, Neil peart brought something new to drumming but...........


Could they play like this at 10 yrs old....watch in awe










winner of the prestige drum award aged 9 - the youngest ever

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Tony Royster, Thomas Pridgen, and Dennis Chambers, seriously some of the best drummers you will ever hear. Search them on Youtube, and thank me later.


@WarPeD - You have the best profile pic I've seen so far  :D

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I don't understand anything about drums, but talking about talent in general, I think that Japanese kid is amazing but when it comes to talent I guess it's like a road, some people start earlier to move along that path, some start later, but eventually after a certain number of years you stop improving. Many great musicians started when they were in their late teens.

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