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ET Server F|A NoQuarter Sound Pack Vsay List

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We just released new vsay sound pack for noquarter server (5.5MB), so just connect to server and you start downloading with new fast redirect


you can create your own config with all vsay you want, or you can bind with key for examples:


Bind <key> vsay baska "[n] ^2think that everyone hate this song "



it will show & play in game:



=F|A= Medic think that everybody hate this song



Shortcuts you can use with your binds

[a] - Last person who gave you ammo 
[b] - Last teammate who inflicted damaged to you 
[c] - The amount of damage that the last teammate inflicted to you 
[d] - Last person who killed you 
[h] - Last person who gave you health 
[k] - Last person you killed 
[l] - Your current location 
[n] - Your name 
[r] - Last person who revived you 
[p] - Teammate you are pointing at 
[s] - Your health 
[w] - Weapon you are currently holding 
[t] - Ammo for current weapon 



I added new !command available for all level :)


!head (with sound)

!owned (with sound)

!pwned (with sound)

!lag (with sound)

!bye (with sound)


!pizza (text only)

!beer (text only)

!coke (text only)

Special !command for admin:


!teams (level 2 +) will show waning text to even teams with annoying warn sound (5 seconds)

!even (level 2 +) will show warning text to even teams with sound

!speak (level 1 +) will show warning text to use english on main chat or PM (with notify sound)








the list of all vsays that can be bind are:


baska	"You'll be my only, no need to worry..."

blur	"Whoo hoo! Well I feel heavy metal..."

james	"WOW! I feel good..."

baby	"Baby rap..."

crazy	"Crazy! you're crazy boy..."

dontgo	"Don't Goooooooo..."

feeling	"I've got a feeling... hoooo.. hoooo.."

love	"Falling in love...!"

fkyo	"F### you!!! F### you very, very much"

gbye	"Good bye my Lover, good bye my friend!!!"

gipsy	"Volare oh oh... Cantare oh oh oh"

missy	"Get your freak on!!"

hate	"She F###ing hates me!!!"

come	"Come my lady! come come my lady"

likeit	"That's the way I like it!!"

nani	"Oh, you don't need nothing at all with me!!!"

nikoo	"You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals..."

ohlalala "Oh La La La... oh la la la!!"

pain	"Jump around!!!"

para	"Para pa pa pa pa pa pa pa!!!"

sera	"Que sera sera sera!!!"

scatman	"Pi pa pa para po..."

sexy	"Damn it's a sexy fish!!!"

tictac	"Ich Find Dich Scheisse..."

skully	"Begging... begging Put your loving hand out, baby!!!"

thunder	"ACDC - Thunderstruck"

u2	"Yeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhh...!!!"

banzai	"BANZAAIIIiiiiii..."


batman	"Batman!!! Batman nanananana!!!"

crybb	"is crying...!!!"

cryhome	"Don't cry here ok!!!"

cut	"You can do it. Cut his f***ing head off!!!"

duke1	"My guns bigger then yours!!!"

duke2	"Damn I'm Good!!!"

duke3	"What a pussy!!!"

duke4	"I got balls of steel!!!"

falling	"Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!"

farted	"Who the f### farted!!!"

f***you	"Who the F### are you?!!!"

halle	"Haaaaaaaallelujah..."


lesbian	"I'm sooo lesbian right now!!!"

jeffa	"Oh Jeff fa fa oh jeff fa fa..."

lag	"think LAG LAG LAG LAGI!!!"

laugh1	"HAHAHAHA hahahahaaaaa..."

laugh2		"HOHAHAHA HAaaaaaaaaaaaa..."

laugh3	"Huhuhuhuhuh hahahahaha..."

laugh4	"HEHEHEHE huh huh huh hahahahaaaaaa!!"

laugh5	"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wunderbar..."

loveyou	"I Love You!!!"


ninja	"Go ninja Go ninja go...!!"

pika1		"PiiiKaaachuuuuu!"



nice	"Nice shooting man!!"

stfu	"SHUT THE F### UP!!!"

stfu2	"Is it possible for you!!! to shut the f### up for 10 seconds!!!"

teams	"TEAMS A#######!!!"

thunderc	"-T-H-U-N-D-E-R-C-U-N-T->"

wawa		"Wawawa... wawawaaa!!!"


saygn		"Say good night to the bad guy!!!"

balls	"All I have in this world is my balls and my word..."

break	"Oh I'm Sorry-Did I Break Your Concentration?"

game		"I don't play this game!!!"

godzila		"is happy"


goodn	"Goooooood night ladies!!!"

man	"Who's the man? huh! who's the man?!!"

next1		"Just Don't kill me... please!!!"

next2	"Say another mother f###ing word and this shit is over!!"

next3	"Who lock the f###ing door! huh!!"

wars1		"You Don't know the power of the dark side!!"

wars2	"Don't failed me again!!!"

wars3	"I am your father!!!"

who		"Who the F### said that?!!"

baska2	"Ra Ra-ah-ah-ah...Roma Roma-ma...GaGa Oh la-la!!"

baska3	"I want your love and All your lover’s revenge..."

baska4	"I can't wait to see you again!!!"

baska5	"Girls, they wanna have fun!!!"

breath	"Take my breath away!"

chacha	"Everybody in the party do the cha cha!!"

clothes	"we don't have to take our clothes off!!"

confession	"I got a confession?!!"

dontstop	"Don't stop, make it pop. DJ, blow my speakers up!!"

hot		"Fly like you do it.. like you're high..like you do it..!"

jack	"Goo, left, go right, go pick up the step, go left, go right, go left!"

puerto	"Ai, ai, ai, ai, ai, ai Puerto Rico!!"

whoyou	"Come on now!!"

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Is it possible to merge the new vsays with part of the old ones? T.T   They were so many cool vsays like "GOOOD MORNING VIETNAM", "wazzuppppppppp", "HAHAHA Wunderbar!", "Say another moth****

We just released new vsay sound pack for noquarter server (5.5MB), so just connect to server and you start downloading with new fast redirect   you can create your own config with all vsay you want

I did it this new list for the "news" NQ1 vsays: NQ VSAY LIST angels applause badumtss planted coyote whip damnit

Hi guys ,

anyone knows what the abbreviations for the new sounds on Nq are? so that I can get my old sounded binds back :)


And btw much thanks to Medic and Baska for the sounds :yahoo.



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Very awsome thanks i can remember when i first started using binds, lmao! I use L for a bind before i started and realized that i couldn't get on a team. lol I learned after that :D

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Wow Nice Job!


I love them, and alot of cool numbers are in :yahoo


Hehe the first time i played fkyo with the name who killed me everyone was laughing :P


Agian Good job, and Thanks for It =)



By martijn195 at 2010-03-20

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