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  1. Ram: 2x4gb=8 kingston DDR3 pc 1333 Graphic card: Sapphire HD 6800 1gb DR5 Montior:1920x1080 Intrenet speed: 100mpbs Game Graphics: Preformance What Resoluion you play with in game: 800x600 Sensitivity: 2.06 Cross hairs: 5 Fov you want: 100 Windows7 home Cpu: i5-2500-s1155
  2. Thanks it works great ^^, Papito that was for another computer ^^ Trying something different
  3. OS: Windows7 Home Premium CPU: i5 2500-S1155 Ram:2 x 4GB = 8GB Kingston DDR3 PC 1333 Ram Graphic Card: Sapphire HD 6850 1GB DDR5 Monitor: 1920x1080 Internet: DSL Game Graphics: Its a little bright Resolution: 800x600 Sensitivy: 2.06 Fov: 100 Crosshair: 5
  4. For sure its a great sniper map, Nice Grave ^^ Plus being so dark +1
  5. Anti iv'e notice to about Breakout personal that maps alright.I think ppl just need to play it more,
  6. New map nice one Smoke +3 vote [yes] lets try
  7. Like my grandfather use to say, Never throw rocks at a man whos carring a machine gun ^^

    1. Mask356


      hahahahahahaha loool

  8. I play Black-ops sometimes, Only have xbox 360 thou, alot of ppl play with ps3? Name on server is brotherdove ^^
  9. Merry Christmas sir!

  10. Merry Christmas! =)

  11. Feliz navidad =)

  12. Welcome NippleSlip Thanks bro for helping me on server the other day, your going to be a great admin :0

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