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Found out there's a Poutine joint in my city. They only serve poutine. Seriously nothing else.


They have a ton of different styles from veggie to chicken to nacho. The chick behind the counter was telling me they even have off the menu options like the slaughterhouse, that has every type of meat in the shop.


They have 3 sizes. Small, medium and, 'WOW'. Yeah mang, WOW is now a size. Thinking the medium looked puny, I ordered a WOW bacon poutine. Holy. Shit. Balls.The thing weighed like a pound.  There had to be at least half a pound of bacon on this mofo. I am currently paying the price with crazy indigestion but g'damn it was worth it. I can'twait to see what they have next!


For those poutine lovers, what do you like on yours?


(For the confused, Poutine is French fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy. Unhealthy as shit, but so damn good.)







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First off, Canada represent! (poutine was created in Canada!)  :P

And since I live in Canada there are a ridiculous amount of different kinds, literally everywhere.

I've tried things from "taco" style poutine to butter chicken poutine, breakfast poutine (with like a poached egg and hash browns instead of fries), ect. 

Gotta say I like old fashioned gravy, cheese and fries the best, though it never hurts to add a little bacon, hehe. Looks tasty!

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