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I love mines--do you?


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I just wanted to share my love of mines with you all. I believe that mines have a bad rep in many ppls eyes but that should not be the case. Mines, when properly used are an incredible asset to your team. They allow you to kill the enemy all over the map at the same time. If they are placed correctly they are sure to spoil some fools day.

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RAWR!!!! I like this topic already. I first started getting addicted to mines when my old clan members from TwC started trick jumping around on maps and tjing into places to get fast wins. I'm not much of a jumper so I got devious on them and know pretty much every tj on all comp maps. So I started placing mines in areas where people would land after a tj or bunny hop down hills. I can't tell you how many times I got fussed at for using mines and spoiling a good tj :yahoo After that I turned land mine placement into a science. Also, I've known of people to get accused of hacking nearly every weapon in the game and have seen almost every weapon used in some sort of hack or another. But Land Mines are truly an art of strategy and knowledge of where an enemy will pass.


Here's just a few of my favorite pics. Just check out the accuracy!!! :l33t






I actually got an 81 kill killing spree with Land Mines on Gold Rush here!!! :punk




And of course, my all time record and I have yet to see ANYONE break 100 kills with mines with out changing the map time.




Btw, don't tell anyone but I developed my very own, never released or shared, super top secret, eyes only, I'd have to kill you if I showed you land mine hax :P


Make way for Thor. He'll be in here shortly.


LOL, I was working on my post and digging through old screen shots when you made that comment .

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it can be anoying if a lv 5 engi with 2 comand posts up is spamming mines


Sorry, never heard of a lvl 5 anything in ET. ETPub only goes to lvl 4 and I have no idea what you mean by "2 command posts" :?: What map would that be that has more than 1 command post because I have never seen it. Also, all those screen shots/stats were taken on servers with Friendly Fire turned on (won't play on a server with FF off).

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I also love mines (mainly because I can't use anything other properly), but I never got so good with them. And I bet Thor made his enemies hate Minesweeper to the bottom of their souls.

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You shoold go on holliday to croatia .


Yep, we had problems with leftover landmines from war, but most of the areas are cleared, and complete clearing is planned (if that's what you meant on).

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Wow! I made this post last night and wasnt really sure if anyone would give much feedback.


Thor..., I am not worthy to bask in the glory of your landmine skills. I am still an infant fresh from the womb but with time I will be ready to snatch the pebble from the masters hand. I think that I should spec you sometime.


***Its hard for me to imagine actual landmines spread across the countryside. Where do you live Saizou? Croatia?

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I suppose that I forget how good I have it.


"It" being life in general. I am fairly certain that we have no landmines anywhere in the USA. Please forgive my lack of knowledge, but were the mines planted during the early 90s. Croatia went through a civil war did it not? Or more a more appropriate term would be a war or independence I suppose.


WOW! I just googled Croatia and the pictures that I came across were amazing. What a beautiful place. The coastal region looks amazing. I would like to vacation there.



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