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110 Factory ver 2.0.0


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Allied raiders must get ashore from their stolen U-boat, storm the Me 110 factory and grab the secret radar components being fitted to aircraft on the production line. The Allies start inside the U-boat and must assault the forward bunker using high-speed dinghies and weather balloons. Destroying the main entrance to the airstrip will give the Allies access to the Me110 factory and the radar components within. Allies can enter the factory via the north doors or the side entrance and will need to fight their way along the production line to the south end where the radar components are kept. The radar components must be brought to the American halftrack outside the factory for an allied victory.





We are planning to add this map on F|A 1. Feedback please ASAP.

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Played this map long time back .. got killed several time .. while trying to get into balloon rofl :lol:


gud map I say .. let see what other have to say :hmm only problem in this map is when allies try to get out of submarine.. and the small door + ladder gets block by rushing and afk players .. that's a funny part :P


P.S. hell if you add this map to jay1 then plz increase mines , will be helpful


18.2 mb file

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At first map seems huge but when you play it it isn't that large, with double jump getting across should be no problem, and 3 allied spawns also help. The first allied spawn could be bad as there are only 2 exits, and to get out you have to climb a ladder. Once you are outside you should be fine. Haven't noticed any lag, but map was empty so it doesn't count much. I think map could do fine.

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if yuo cant get out of the submarine you may as well get a cold brewskie and wait for a miracle. A good sk run by axis will kill all hope at the start. If though you get out, then thats a start. When it comes to the last part, its very important to not let Zxis take a stronghold in the hanger or else youll need a goddam good engi , and maybe some blind Nazis. Its a fun map ; i love 2 bit maps. Its one of the harder ones IMO but worth it for obj lovers .

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